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Almost everybody nowadays is using Instagram or has been viewed Instagram at least once.  In 2016, Instagram introduced the “Story” option, in which users can upload their preferred content. With this feature, users can now upload their beautiful moments or occasions on Instagram and vice versa to view other people’s stories.

The point is watching your story at tech outlets “The Tab” and “IG Reviews” will be breakdown into two groups.

One: If the number of story viewers is less than 50, the list will be shown in sequential base, and the viewer who sees your story first will be on top of the ranking.

Two: If the number of story viewers is more than 50, Instagram will make another ranking system based on DMs, comments, and views.

So what should we do? Well, the good news is you can see the stories anonymously, and this post will introduce the twelve best ingramer story viewers for you.

Top twelve ingramer story viewer

Now let’s see what we have as the best ingramer story viewers on our list.

Number one: Qoob Stories

You can use Qoob Stories to download whole Instagram media for both public and private accounts. Furthermore, you can bookmark your favorite posts on this app. The excellent news about Qoob Stories is that it has a bulk downloading feature, which you just need to set the updating period and wait for uploading of fresh content by the Auto-save option.

You can use Qoob Stories based on three plans;

One: free version for testing

Two: Pro version by paying $7 per month

Three: Professional version by paying $25 per month

Number two: InstaDP

InstaDP is so fast and relaxing app in which you only need to paste the option and your username in the search bar to get redirected to Instagram. With this platform, you have parental control over your children and are capable of watching your friends’ or relatives’ accounts.

All features of the app are free.

Number three: SmiHub

This application is one of the best options to analyze Instagram accounts. The best feature about SmiHub is being clutter-free and immaculate interface. With SmiHub, you can both view Instagram stories and posts and download the content you need. SmiHub is free to use.

Number four: Instalkr

If you want to view Instagram without leaving any trace, try Instalkr. With this platform, you can visit Instagram anonymously, like comments, and exit the app without exposing your identity. More after, you have access even to removed stories or posts, and there is a downloading option to view and save posts simultaneously.

For Instalkr, you can use a free subscription or the Pro version for more features.

Number five: Instastories

If you are looking for an application with no registration form, you can use Instastories. With this tool, enjoy watching any kind of post or story on Instagram secretly. Furthermore, Instastories is compatible with all types of devices such as Android, iOS devices, windows, or Mac. This app is free of any charge.

Number six: Stories IG

If you are looking for an environment with a user-friendly and comfortable interface, Stories IG is for you. All you need to do on Stories IG is enter your username, click on the “View” option, and wait to load the content. You can also download the content you like. This app offers free services to its users.

Number seven: Dumpor

On Dumper, you only need to simply enter your username in the text box and start watching any type of content you want on Instagram. Dumpor is free, and you can analyze any Instagram account with this platform.

Number eight: mSPY

Historically, mSpy is a parental control phone tracker, but you can use its Instagram viewer to have an eye on your children’s accounts. This platform displays incoming and outgoing calls, call duration, and even more.

Number nine: IGStories

Developed by Upleaf, you can enjoy end-to-end Instagram services on IGStories. Any photo, video, or profile is available with IGStories. This platform can be integrated on PCs, and you cannot use it directly on iPhone or Android devices.

Number ten: Instasaved

You can use Instasaved for downloading content on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. This app is 100% free, and you can save any photo, video, and text on Instagram. And the good news is; Instasaved requires no sign-in or account registration.

Number eleven: StoriesDown

StoriesDown can download users’ desired photos, videos, and profiles on Instagram with all-device capability. You can use the app for personal and professional use, and it is totally free. On the other hand, StoriesDown only shows public pages, and you cannot track private accounts.

Number twelve: Anonymous Instagram

As its name can understand, you can track all photos, posts, and stories on Instagram with Anonymous Instagram. On this free app, you will find a text box to paste or enter your username and get access to any public account. However, you are only able to see Instagram content, not to download them.


Thank you for reading this post. All of the mentioned applications on our list are safe, and without any Malware, so you can easily download or track Instagram content. If you think you need more information, you can visit each app’s official website and view its features, capabilities, and possible fee for premium usage.