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Sometimes you want to post an emoji on Facebook that shows how you feel at that moment or about that topic, But when you look at your message, those emojis become shapes that contain the letters “OBJ”.

You scroll through your feed and see that similar things have happened to others

In these cases, some of your friends will see those emoji’s and some will not

What is going on?

OBJ which is shown in Facebook posts as [OBJ] It may sound strange, but in reality, it is short for short objects. and at the same time, we call them  object replacement characters

Everything we see on the Internet is an object when we post OBJ on Facebook and even Instagram posts.

This means that there is a specific object that cannot be displayed on the screen

In other words, UBJ is nothing but a locator in Unicode


What is Unicode?

A universal character set or standard Unicode for displaying millions of different symbols. This software uses all common symbols, including emojis, to separate the reference for all Internet characters.

This program is designed so that all computers can easily understand each other even if they do not use their real language.

Why do we see Unicode?

Now you wonder how this happens, isn’t it exactly Unicode that was built to prevent this from happening?

Indeed, you should not see Unicode. This symbol only occurs when the software you are using fails to display certain characters for you, which is why it displays obj. This software has no idea about showing specific characters, so it fills the space with a placeholder.

here could be three reasons why this is happening to you:

  1. Using Voice-To-Text Function On iPhone

This problem occurs when iPhone users use dictation to write their comments or posts

These problems are mainly due to a software problem

Apple Translator uses characters that Facebook’s platform does not yet know how to display, so it displays code instead of characters.

  • Apple Updating Their Emoji Library

Apple often uploads a lot of new emojis, but sometimes other apps like Android and Windows still do not have the proper equivalent of non-Apple.

Only iOS users can view these emoji’s from the updated character library

  • Software Bug

If you are sure you are an Android user and still see these OBJ boxes, you are in luck, Because there may be a problem with your software that could damage your character or image somewhere along the way, such as when you post your emoji’s on Instagram

There may be a problem with your Facebook. Or your software font libraries have not been updated, You can update your system to see if this issue is resolved

OBJ means object

This object replaces Unicode characters on social media that do not know what to replace the character with, so it displays or the word OBJ is displayed.

What Do Empty Squares Mean In A Text?

Empty squares in a text that mean the software you are using do not recognize the character it’s asked to display.

 Because of this, the software uses other characters – like an empty square – to represent the specific characters.

How can this problem be solved?

Let’s start with the computer

  1. All you have to do is highlight your entire text Right-click and copy
  2. Now you need to paste it into the notebook
  3. if you are using a normal notepad, nothing will happen, you must use Notepad ++
  4. Right-click and paste the text
  5. At the end of the text, you will see the OBJ problem
  6. And all we have to do is highlight and copy it
  7. And then click on the search section in the menu section and go to the replace section and paste that OBJ in the find what section
  • And leave the rest blank
  • Click Replace All and close it
  • Then highlight the entire text
  • Copy that
  • Return to your post
  • Go to the edit section
  • Highlight the entire text
  • Paste and save the previous text

For the iPhone problem

  1. go to the text where you saw the OBJ problem on Facebook or other social media.
  2. Highlight it
  3. Copy that
  4. Close Facebook or any other app you have to create a new notebook
  5. Cross the line once and select the peats option
  6. After that Do the same on the computer again
  7. Highlight and copy the text
  8. Go to the desired program
  9. Click edit post
  10. Tap 2 times in the text
  11. After that, you can paste new text
  12. And save

All problems have many solutions and OBJ has many solutions, So no worries!

Your device is not working, no problem, no serious problem

Waiting for a software or platform update can be a great way to fix problems