What happens when you block someone on Instagram? - Wepicker

On Instagram, you can use the block option. You may be wondering what happens when you block a user on Instagram? Simply put, when you block someone, they will not be able to see your posts and stories. But what happens to comments, likes, messages, biographies and more?

If you block someone on Instagram can they see your profile

No. Sometimes due to a cache problem, the person is blocked or you may be able to see each other’s profile through a search, but this stops after a few days.

Even if you open the username through the search bar, you may see the profile but you can not see the posts or stories, it shows empty numbers.

If you block someone on Instagram can they see your comments

No, when you block someone on Instagram, likes and comments will disappear immediately. You cannot see their comments, likes, and direct messages any more. You even cannot access their profile, unless you have them in the search bar history. This will also disappear after a couple of days.

Can the blocked person tag you?

Surprisingly, the blocked person can tag you anywhere on Instagram using their username. However, Instagram will not inform you about it. But if you change your username, they will not be able to tag you because they do not have your new username. So you can tag the blocked person, but Instagram does not show them.

What happens to Instagram (DM) messages when you block someone?

You may have noticed that the block option is also available in Direct Messages. However, unlike Facebook, blocking messages on Instagram is different from blocking Facebook, here it is the blocking feature that can block the whole profile and not just the messages.

Can you see the old messages of the blocked person?

No. A person block hides your personal chat directly. This means that you can not see the messages (unless you unblock them).

Can the blocked person send you a message?

Yes and no. While the old chat topic disappears from each other’s profile, as mentioned above, you can use the Send Message option in the profile to view past messages and even send new messages. To do this, open the profile of the person who blocked you using previous tags or comments, and then click on the three dots. From the menu, select Send Message.

Note: This method can also be used by the person who blocked the person to view previous messages. However, doing so is useless. Because Instagram does not inform the other person about the received messages. But when you remove the person from the block, messages appear in the chat subject.

Can the blocked person see the DM online status?

If the person is blocked and you are a member of the group chat, blocking will not remove you from the group. You will still be able to send and receive messages. However, unlike WhatsApp blocks where group messages are not affected, you will not see each other’s new messages in the group.

  • If someone blocks me on Instagram, will the comments I left for that person be deleted?

No. After blocking a page on Instagram, the comments you left for that person will not be deleted and you will have to delete the comments manually.

How can I delete the idea of ​​a person I blocked on Instagram in the list of blocked people?

Unfortunately, you can not delete the list of people you have blocked on Instagram unless you unblock the person to remove them from the list of blocked people.

After blocking a person on Instagram, can that person see our comments below other people’s posts?

No. After you block someone on Instagram, that person no longer has access to your profile, and not only can you not see your stories and posts and the comments you put under other posts, but you can not search at all when searching on Instagram. Does not have your page.


Can the blocked person read direct messages?

By blocking, the blocked person will not be able to see the messages you have sent to them and will only be able to see your messages if you remove them from the block.

How do I retrieve or view blocked messages?

By blocking, you can not see the profile of the blocked person in the direct section, but you can go to that person’s profile and select the Send Message option by tapping the three-dot button. Now you can see the direct messages of the blocked person and even send a new message, but the message you send will not be received as long as the person is blocked.

What happens to Instagram chat groups by blocking?

If you are a member of a chat group with the person you have blocked, blocking you will not remove that person from the group, but unlike WhatsApp, where you can still chat in the group by blocking, this is not the case on Instagram. Any messages and even old messages from the blocked person will not be seen. By unblocking, you can see all the messages of that person in the group.

Is it possible to block some people who inserted a comment?

The answer is yes, it is possible on Instagram to have good management of comments so that you can specify which users are allowed to comment and which users are not allowed to do so. You can also specify that if there is a phrase in the comment, it does not publish comments. On Instagram, go to Settings> Privacy and Security> Comment Controls.