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In today’s world there are many media to communicate between people, including email, sms, telegram, WhatsApp and Instagram. Most people today use and communicate with each other depending on the use of each of these messengers.

But sometimes, for various reasons, such as sending a wrong message, we want to delete the message bilaterally (that is, both from our own phone and from the other party’s phone). There is no possibility of two-way deletion in some media, but Instagram is one of the social networks that has put this feature in its direct section.

In this article, we are going to teach you how to delete a message on Instagram Direct. Instagram is a giant social network, many marketers tend to take advantage of this platform. Imagine there are no restrictions on sending private or direct messages, every day when you check your Instagram you see so many promotional messages in your direct that you can not see the messages sent by your users.

Putting restrictions on direct is the best way to protect users and become a safe platform to the right place, marketers really do not like the restrictions on their accounts, because they want to promote their advertising messages to as many people as possible. , Including those whose target market is to send.

What happens when you unsend a message on Instagram?

If you unsend a message on Instagram, the notification disappears from their notification bar. Though, if they open the notification before you unsend, they can see the message. Even if they have preview of the message activated on their mobile phone, they can see the message only before you unsend it.

Sometimes, it may happen that they receive the notification, but if they open it, they see no message.

So, there is no guarantee if the person not see your messages. They may open it before you unsend. So, better to act fast, before they get the notifications.

If I unsend a message in the Instagram group, will other members see it?

If you unsend a message in an Instagram group chat, no one will be able to see it. Unsended messages will not be archived, these messages will be completely deleted by you and other people. On the other hand, deleting a group will not delete it completely, ie if you delete a group in your browser, this group will be deleted on other members’ phones. Will not and chats will remain.

This message usually appears in phone notifications, which means that the person who sent the message to you has unsended it because they did not want you to see it, and in fact there will be no trace of your message anywhere. As you know, to unsend the message, you have to hold your finger on the message to select the Unsend option when the pop-up opens, but if you do not see the Unsend option or the message is not deleted, there are certain reasons that we will examine. .

The main reason for preventing unsending the message is that you do not have full access to the Internet or that Instagram has banned you from doing so. The first thing you can do is change your internet from data to Wi-Fi or vice versa. If there is a problem with your Wi-Fi internet this change of internet will help you to unsend the messages.

How to delete messages on Instagram

Currently, Instagram has the ability to delete two-way direct messages only to its users individually. To do this, you must do the following:

  1. From the Home section of Instagram, click on the plane icon to enter the direct section.
  2. Click on the username you want to delete the message from.
  3. Put your hand on the message you want to delete and wait a few moments.
  4. A new window will now appear with two messages. To delete the message, click on unsent Message. Now your message has been deleted from your direct and the other party.

How to delete all Instagram messages

If you want to delete all the messages of one person from your direct message, it is possible for you, but the important thing is that using this method, you can delete all direct messages one-sidedly. This means that all messages will be deleted from your direct but remain in the other person’s direct. And if you message that person again later, old deleted messages will not be displayed to you.

To do this, you must do the following.

  1. As above from the Home section of Instagram, click on the plane icon to enter the direct section.
  2. Put your hand on the username whose messages you want to delete from your direct mail, and hold for a few moments.
  3. A new window will now appear.
  4. Click Delete.

As mentioned above, to date there is no way to delete all of a person’s messages all at once on Instagram Direct. But with the help of a number of sideways, this can be done.

The first way is for both you and the other party to delete all of your direct messages unilaterally. The second way is to delete all of your messages one by one from Direct, then remove the person’s PV from your Direct. In this case, only the messages of the other party remain direct.

The third way is to block the other side. This will delete all of your and his messages from both of you directly until you unblock him.


Sometimes we send the wrong message to someone or sometimes for various reasons we decide to delete our messages directly. In this article, we have tried to teach you ways to delete messages one-way and two-way. We hope you find this article useful.