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Apple CarPlay, after a great deal of research and trial and error, was finally released in 2014 by Apple for some cars. But what is Apple Play Bridge and what features does it have? In short, thanks to Apple carplay, you will be able to easily access the content of your iPhone and many of its applications in your carplay without the need to touch and use your mobile phone. But the important and attractive features of Apple CarPlay did not end here.


Review of Apple Carplay features and reviews

According to Apple, according to statistics and polls, Apple CarPlay has eliminated a lot of the usual distractions for drivers and has provided a lot of safety for the driver and passengers. The smart assistant, which for years featured in fictional movies and responded to actors’ voice commands, is now available on many smart platforms. The smart assistant that responds to commands on iPhones is called Siri. Siri works as a state-of-the-art application for iOS and responds to your voice commands. One of the great advantages of Apple carplay is that in Apple Carplay, Siri is with you to make the driving experience with Apple CarPlay more enjoyable by responding to voice commands.


Check the performance of Apple CarPlay

With Apple CarPlay, you can easily turn your car screen into your iPhone screen. Apple carplay allows you to do many of the daily activities you do with your iPhone easily and without the slightest distraction while driving. Among the most important ones: calling, navigating to the desired location, listening to music, podcasts, etc. In addition, Apple has created a lot of fans with its attractive, easy-to-use interface and large icons.


How to use Apple CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay will accompany you with Siri and voice command, car touch screen and other buttons on the steering wheel and center console so that you can easily use Apple CarPlay manually or by voice and meet your needs. Of course, to use Apple CarPlay audio system, it is necessary that your car is equipped with voice recognition technology; otherwise, you need to use the screen or buttons created on your car console or steering wheel to use it.


How to connect iPhone to Apple CarPlay


As we said, in the first meal, your car should support the Apple Play feature. Then you need an iPhone 5 or higher. Your Siri also needs to be on. To make sure Siri is on, go to Settings and then Siri and check that it is on. You also need to connect your iPhone via a USB cable. But there are some models that also support the wireless system. But it is not common yet. From now on, you will be able to do almost everything you do with your iPhone while driving, with your carplay.


 What iPhones do Apple CarPlay have?

As we said, all iPhones above iPhone 5 as well as iOS versions above 7.1 can use Apple carplay service.


Check out Siri and Apple CarPlay

To call Siri (your smart assistant) you need to hold down the virtual Home button for a few minutes or press the voice button on your steering wheel or console. Just as easily! Some of the voice commands you can use are to say, for example: Call a specific audience, or play the desired music.

You can also use voice command to navigate, for example, by saying: ((move to home)) you can easily navigate without distraction; or order it to show the route of a cafe. Of course, it should be noted that voice commands in apple carplay must be expressed in English; For example, to send a text message to your recipient saying, “I’ll be there in ten minutes,” you need to say: Text Ali that I’ll be there in ten minutes. (Ali, for example, is the name of the contact you want.)


 What cars (brands) have Apple carplay?

Many reputable car brands now offer Apple CarPlay services for some of their models. Since 2016, Apple Works has boomed due to outstanding services. Currently, brands such as Audi, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Citroen, Lamborghini, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Peugeot, etc. support Apple CarPlay services. Interestingly, some brands, such as BMW, offer a free Apple CarPlay subscription for only one year for some of their models. Among those models that have only one year of free Apple CarPlay subscription is the BMW i8 Roadster; you have to pay for it for the second year onwards. This is while brands like Ferrari offer apple carplay services for free for all years


How does Apple CarPlay work?

With Apple CarPlay, you can easily use iPhone applications. You can play with your phone in another way in the music machine or use your phone directly to use applications, but these methods have many disadvantages. Your smartphone notifications may distract you while driving. In addition, the small screen of the phone is not very convenient to work while driving and you can not take full advantage of the features of the application. But with Apple CarPlay, you can play music, reply to text messages, find your destination on a map, and get new information from Siri. Thanks to the giant icons and voice commands, you can easily perform these actions while driving.


Do I need to install a special application to use CarPlay?

You do not need a special program to connect iPhone to CarPlay. If you have supported devices, your iPhone will automatically connect to CarPlay. You can simply connect your compatible iPhone to the car audio or video system. Later, of course, we will discuss how to connect the iPhone to the Apple CarPlay. When you connect your iPhone to CarPlay, the CarPlay logo is displayed on the screen. To activate, you have to touch it to exit the car default app and run Carplay. Below you can see the image of Carplay.


Install Apple CarPlay

You can play or pause music or podcasts with voice commands using online music streaming programs. You can play Now Playing in CarPlay to open playing music or podcasts. Subscribers with iOS 12 or higher devices can use third-party router apps to map their spokesperson. As a result, if you do not want to use Apple Maps, you can use Google Maps or Persian Wise. In general, Apple is more sensitive to car player-compatible apps than Google (Android Otto). As a result, most of your iPhone apps may not be compatible with CarPlay.


How to connect iPhone to Apple CarPlay

You need iPhone 5 (or higher) and iOS 7.1 (or higher) to use Apple CarPlay. And you must have Siri enabled for CarPlay. To activate Siri, first go to Settings and then Siri & Search to make sure this feature is turned on. CarPlay also only supports some cars.


To get started, you must first turn on the car and connect your iPhone to it with a Lightning-USB cable. Of course, some cars have a wireless car, but there are not many of them. Go to Settings> General> CarPlay and pair your iPhone with CarPlay; to do this, press the voice button on the steering wheel and hold for a few seconds. If the CarPlay device does not open automatically for you after pairing, you can run it by tapping the CarPlay icon on the screen. If this is the first time you have done this, you will need to unlock your phone. Confirm the message displayed on the phone and the pairing process is complete. In iOS 13 and above you will see a page called Dashboard with a map, music playback settings and Siri suggestions. In older versions, you will see several icons, such as iOS.


Install Wiz on Apple CarPlay

Swipe from right to left to view Carpool apps and close the Dashboard. Each page contains 8 programs and you can see other programs with each swipe. The left bar shows you the Wi-Fi signal and time, as well as a shortcut containing the last three apps you used. The map app is always at the top, the media player app in the middle, and apps like Phone, Messages, and Settings at the bottom. At the bottom of this section is the Dashboard button. Touching this button will take you back to your Recent Apps Dashboard. Of course, in older versions of CarPlay, the physical Home button is used for this.


Download Apple Work Poly

You can use it on the car screen by touching the app. However, you can not use all the features of an application on CarPlay. For example, by touching the Messages app and selecting one of the conversations, the text of the message will be read aloud to you. Instead, for security reasons, you should voice your message. Now, if your car is moving, some apps will have more restrictions. Touch the list of CarPlay apps to return to the car default system. In some cars, you can listen to the radio, get weather news, and use other features for the default system with the CarPlay app. However, not all cars have this capability, so you have to leave these tasks to CarPlay.