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As you have worked (and maybe you are just a newbie!) with a lot of drop shipping patterns on your business, you may also have heard about the term “CBD dropshipping.” As humans fear unknown creatures, we will talk about this phenomenon more in this article.

What is CBD dropshipping?

To start our journey, let’s talk about the basics. CBD is a short form for cannabidiol. It is a compound found in the cannabis plant and is extracted from the popular plant’s marijuana and Hemp.

Okay, I know this information is not something beneficial. CBD is a naturally occurring substance used in goods like oils and edibles to impart a feeling of relaxation and calm. One of its derivatives is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is psychoactive. Some studies point out that CBD has powerful anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving properties.

Does CBD dropshipping beneficial?

Like many other dropshipping processes, this method also has advantages and disadvantages. Apart from money, there are also other positive points about CBD dropshipping you should know about them.

Number one: CBD dropshipping is growing fast

Experts predict the sales of CBD goods will exceed $20 billion by 2024, and the market size is increasing year by year. So, why not try to place a CBD dropshipping store on Shopify or other platforms.

Number two: Lots of freedom

CBD dropshipping is much easier than other types of dropshipping; you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars. All you need is a laptop and a good internet connection. Thus, you work anywhere and anytime.

Number three: CBD dropshipping is cost-effective

The process of CBD dropshipping is too easy. In addition, Hemp is remarkably less expensive than cannabis, and Hemp also contains more CBD than cannabis, making the extraction process inexpensive. If you want to get more profit, you can partner with a CBD dropshipping company. You can make use of their existing business arrangements with warehousing.

Number four: Work pressure is low

Because the process is highly cost-effective, you have no pressure to make standard money. Furthermore, the loss will be a lot less than starting an in-store business, and you don’t need to worry about circumstances if you lose your position.

Number five: The potency of repurchasing by customers

Never forget that CBD has a powerful capability in healing ADD, ADHD, back pain, insomnia, migraines, and panic disorders. So it is clear that customers try to buy more and more from you.

Number six: Narrow focus

The main principle in dropshipping is: the narrower your field is, the more is your efficacy. This feature is precisely the thing we have in CBD dropshipping. All your precious energy is given to marketing your business and making the most money out of it.

Number seven: Unlimited potential

CBD dropshipping is new on markets, and competitions haven’t developed properly yet. As a result, you can enter this business and quickly make your position.

As we can see, interest in CBD and its derivative products is rising due to its numerous benefits and high potency. Although many states and their government, just because of Hemp’s resemblance with cannabis, control the selling of CBD, there is plenty of difference between the two plants, and few people understand it.

In fact, CBD is a highly controlled substance that comes under the United Nations Drug Convention. However, we are going to discuss rules in the United States, Europe, Asia, and some countries;

One: The United States

First of all, it is legal to grow Hemp in all 50 states in America. It is workable to legalize these products in the country. However, cannabis or marijuana is not legal in all parts of the USA because of the psychoactive compound THC.

Two: Europe

To be honest, different countries have different laws in Europe. But generally speaking, only 0.2% THC concentrate CBD oil or products can be sold in these countries. However, the limitation will be brought down to 0.1% in the near future. If you were planning to start dropshipping in Europe, this would be awful news for you.

Note: Many reports have been conducted that PayPal has frozen the funds and accounts of CBD stores that sell legal items in the UK. All different goods such as CBD vape liquids, capsules, and oil are included.

Three: Asia

Many Asian countries prohibit selling CBD products in their country due to culture, politics, and laws. But remember that countries that have legalized CBD are China, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, and the Philippines. 

Four: Australia

CBD dropshipping is abandoned in Australia, and if you want to buy marijuana or CBD, you must have a medical prescription. Australian government legalized marijuana only in 2016, and hemp & cannabis products are very strictly controlled here.

Five: Canada

Cannabis is legal in the entire country, but you are not allowed to dropship CBD simply, so the whole production process and Hemp are under the control of the Canadian government. You can only buy cannabis in Canada but only in very limited quantities as a medicinal herb in the country, as in the USA.

How does CBD dropshipping work?

Now it is time to talk about the mechanism of making money via CBD. First, I want to explain the process of CBD dropshipping to understand it better;

Step one: A customer will visit your online market and look for all the products on it

Step two: You convince your customer to buy that product by marketing, and you receive a notification for it

Step three: Next, after clicking on on this notification and getting all of its details, all you have to do is forward them to your Dropshipping partner.

Step four: Your Dropshipping partner will see those details and pack the product you asked them.

Step five: Finally, the customer receives their package

What are the CBD products?

As we mentioned above, CBD usage is rising all over the world, and there are many manufactured products related to CBD. We can split CBD products into different categories;

One: CBD Topical

You can use CBD in the forms of gel, sprays, and bath bombs if you have any aches or pain or you just want to have a brilliant substance for your massage sessions.

Two: CBD capsules

CBD is also available in the form of solid capsules. Note that CBD capsules are the same as CBD edibles but more compact. These forms of CBD are for people looking for a straightforward way to ingest and those who like to stay away from CBD edibles.

Three: CBD sublingual Topical

This category is the best way of ingesting CBD into your body. You can use the dropper to ingest one drop of the oil below your tongue straight into your bloodstream. This category is also the most popular form of CBD. 

Four: CBD edibles

This category is the best form of CBD you can find on markets. The best CBD edibles are full of natural ingredients and free of additives like artificial flavors and corn syrup. You can also dropship CBD edibles in the USA, which is legal.


Thank you for reading this article. Just keep in mind that everything has its own pros and cons, and so does CBD dropshipping. All this information can be confusing at first, but you will understand more once you enter the business.