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What is the operating system of the phone

Second- and third-generation phones were invented long ago when electronic devices such as radios, music players, cell phones, and computers wanted to be smaller. To do this, they created a hardware platform that could perform the tasks of a computer on a much smaller scale than a computer, and even perform better in some respects. This led to fierce competition between handset manufacturers. The operating system transmits all the commands that the user gives to the phone to the hardware and the hardware on the user’s phone responds to those commands. One of the best companies that could move the operating system was Microsoft. Two of the most popular operating systems are android and ios.  IOS is for iPhones, which we will discuss here.

What is iOS

First, before we get into how to edit video on iPhone; It’s better to know why video editing is different on the iPhone and what makes the iPhone different.

IOS was introduced in 2007 by Apple. The operating system is based on Mac OS X and Unix. This operating system was developed by the Unix kernel.

This operating system has advantages such as excellent screen image quality and supports high resolutions. It also develops games and graphic applications.

But the thing about this operating system is that it is a little harder to work with than other operating systems, and all users have problems in the first days of working with it.

Here we are talking about how to edit video in this operating system.

How to edit our videos on iOS

Apple has introduced new video editing tools in iOS 13, making it easy to edit and share video directly. Now you can do all the editing work without any other program.

Learn to separate part of the movie

Trim or splitting a video is one of the main issues in editing. Previously, you could fix this before sharing the video on social apps like Instagram, but now you can do it in the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad.

Just do the following steps

First, select the video you want. Now click on the Edit option in the right foot corner. After that, click the Play button and watch the movie timeline. You can use the left arrow to change the starting point and the right arrow to change the endpoint. You can preview the video before saving it. All you have to do is tap Play.

If you are satisfied with their editing, just select the Done option and then click Save Video or Save Video as New Clip. Just as easily.


How to crop and rotate videos

Follow the steps below to rotate the video

First, select the desired video and click Edit. Now select the Rotate  Crop option at the bottom of the page. Now in the upper left corner, select the 90 Rotate option. You can click on any option as many times as needed until you find the right aspect ratio. Now you can select the Done

How to integrate videos

Previously, it was possible to do this with a separate application, but today Apple has made iMovie available to users so that they can easily merge two or more movies with it. To do this, follow the steps below

Download iMovie on your iPhone. Enter this program and the Projects page. Tap + to create a new project. Select Movie to select and import the video you want. Select the movies you want to merge with the sand. After selecting the videos, you can select the Create Movie option.

Now the clips you selected will be placed in the video timeline one after the other.

You can tap on the videos to arrange them, select them, grab the edges of the frame, and drag as

If you like to rearrange your videos and arrange them in a certain order, tap and hold one. Then drag it left or right to move back or forward in your timeline.

You can also change the video transfer between each clip. To do this you have to tap on the option to transfer between movies in Time Linton. After everything is according to Milton, click Done. You can use the Play option to preview and then use the Share option to export the video.

You can select any application you like to share the video you want with your friends or save the video in your phone memory using the Save Video option.


How to apply or remove image filters

With the Photos application, you can put filters on your photos. Now, in addition to your photos, you can do the same for movies. You can change or delete any filter anywhere you want.

To add, remove or change the filter, do the following

Select the video you want. Select Edit. Then select the Filters option at the bottom of the page.

You can scroll to preview the filters and then select one. If you select Original, all filters will be removed. Click Done at the bottom right and wait for the filter to apply.


Numerous factors such as video size, device model, etc. determine how long you have to wait for the filter to be applied.

How to adjust exposure, contrast, and more

To set the above, you must first select the video and click Edit. Then select the Adjustments option. You can scroll between different features and move the slider to adjust the image. Click Done whenever you are satisfied with your edit.


You can set all the following options with this feature

  • Exposure
  • Highlights
  • Shadows
  • Contrast
  • Brightness
  • Black Point
  • Saturation
  • Vibrancy
  • Warmth
  • Tint
  • Sharpness
  • Definition
  • Noise Reduction
  • Vignette


With iMovie, you can create great videos and short trailers.

One of the best free Apple video apps is iMovie, where you can use the linear edit features to make the editing process easier.

iMovie has a very easy user interface with which you can put your videos, photos, and even your music in a timeline and combine them. You can even record your voice and add it directly to your timeline, or import other files from your phone’s memory or your iCloud.

When you open the iMovie project, tap Movie to create a professional-style video trailer.

For movie mode, tap + to add media to Time Linton. Tap a clip to edit it, add text, and more. If you want to make precise settings such as exposure on a movie, you must do so in the Photos app before adding it to your timeline.


Upgrade your editing level with Lumafusion.

iMovie is very useful, but the range. With Lumafusion you can edit your videos more professionally. It is currently the best application for professional video editing in iOS. In this program, various effects and effects of sound and video are provided to you.

This program includes the following features that are only available in very professional movie editing programs

  • Ability to link or disconnect clips
  • Keyframes for music or panning
  • Audio filters and equalization
  • Layering effects
  • Ability to copy and paste the features of each clip
  • Custom aspect ratio
  • Wide range of supported frame rates


This app is not free and you can get this app in the App Store for $ 29.99. This can be expensive for an iOS app, but it is more affordable than other professional video editing software.

Capture, edit, and share.

For people who make money this way, such as professional cameramen, journalists, or YouTubers, editing and sharing video projects is one of the most important issues and they try to do it through devices that are easier to move around.

If you want to go this route, your biggest hurdle can be your battery life and hard drive memory.

If you plan to edit your videos, be sure to do so next to an electrical outlet.

You can also enable iCloud Photo Library to upload your media memory here. If you want to use the videos stored online, you will need a high-speed and powerful internet connection. We hope you find this article useful. Please share your comments and suggestions with us.