What is Visual Branding and How It Can Help Your Business

Visual branding consists of design elements such as colors, materials, shapes, fonts (typography), and functionality. Visual identity is not the same as branding.

Branding includes the entire suite of branding elements that a company uses such as brand awareness, user profiles, videos, social media posts, logo, content strategy – literally everything.

Visual identity or visual branding, on the other hand, is what visually communicates a company’s values and personality. The goal of a visual identity is to make an emotional connection between the brand and consumer through the colors, shapes, and fonts that are used in the company’s logo design, website, and business cards.

Successful visual branding creates a memorable experience for the consumer, makes them trust the company, and encourages referrals and repeating business if the experience was great. Visual branding is one of the best tools you have to communicate with your customers.

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Why is visual branding important for your business?

We all know that first impressions are crucial, and the reality is that potential customers will see your visual branding before they see anything else. Potential customers need to be immediately attracted to your visual identity so they feel connected to your brand and want to learn more.

An effective visual identity will attract your ideal clients, explain what your company is about, show the value of your business, and use the right brand voice. But it’s important to create a brand strategy before creating your visual identity.

If you try to create a visual identity without first considering how it fits in with your overarching brand strategy, you risk wasting time and money by creating an ineffective and unmemorable visual identity that doesn’t resonate with your target. A poorly-created or irrelevant visual identity could backfire and hurt your business.

For example, I could have an amazing octopus illustration as a logo for my branding company, but why? How would that octopus illustration position me a professional brand strategist and designer? And how would that communicate that my company is a serious and professional company that works with business owners?

It probably wouldn’t. Your visual identity is a reflection of your company, and it’s worth putting some strategy and care into how you want customers to perceive you.https://quiz.tryinteract.com/#/5eab351747765b00145293a4?embed=5eab351747765b00145293a4042c702eed0385f2cedcc52d657548fa&mobile=1&auto_resize=1&origin=https%3A%2F%2Faventivestudio.com

People create thoughts around your brand based on what they see. If they see something that looks childish, but your company should be serious and professional – they will think your company is childish. When you see Apple’s logo, you don’t think it’s a kid’s store — you get a sense of the company right away.

Your visual brand needs to precisely reflect your company’s value, promise, personality, and purpose. This may sound complicated, but it’s just a matter of using visual design elements to accurately express what your company already is.

Fonts are a major part of your visual brand – the fonts you use will instantly make a first impression on customers and give them a sense of what your business stands for. Click here to learn the 10 best fonts for health and wellness brands, as well as bonus font pairing ideas!

How to make a visual brand that stands out

Your visual branding needs to be:

  • Attractive – makes people want to interact and learn more (Apple)
  • Consistent – makes people trust you and see what you stand for (Starbucks)
  • Unique – makes people choose you over competition (Nike)
  • Memorable – makes people remember your visuals in order to come back (Amazon)

Are you ready to create a vibrant visual identity that resonates with your target audience? Aventive Studio can help you create a strong visual brand.

Whether you’re rebranding or starting a new brand entirely, our expert team can design breathtaking logos, websites, business cards, print materials, labels, and more. See examples of our past visual design work here, and contact us to see how we can work together to grow your business through a powerful visual identity.


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