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We can assume that if you are reading this, you ran a Google search to find out how to fix an Instagram blocking issue. There is a very high probability that you have received a message from the application that you have been blocked from using the liking feature because you accidentally misused it.

You may experience this if you start liking or commenting too often or too quickly. The problem is widespread, and many users are experiencing this issue with their accounts. Until Instagram’s developers can fix this problem, you need to know what to do and how to behave in this situation.

Is there a reason why Instagram blocks likes?

There has been a lot of talk about Instagram actions being blocked. Using Instagram is indeed blocked, including liking, commenting, sharing, and following and unfollowing. As a result, if you are using an Instagram bot, have just opened Instagram, are looking forward to getting more followers, or have just opened Instagram, you might get blocked.

You’re going to find out why Instagram has blocked your actions now, aren’t you? Is it just your liking posts that has been blocked?

Your account was identified as a fake one for a simple reason: it has recognized that you do not exist. How did this happen? There could be several reasons for this:

  • You have just created your account
  • The number of posts you have made over and over is astounding
  • Many of your liked photos have been liked simultaneously
  • There are several users who follow you
  • There is no Instagram history for you. As a result, your account has no data
  • Several of your comments have appeared at the same time
  • Multiple users have been unfollowed simultaneously by you

Fortunately, Instagram doesn’t permanently block you if it blocks you. Getting blocked by Instagram is temporary, while getting deleted by Instagram for no reason is permanent.

Therefore, the type of block depends on the account and the action. The time when the block ended is sometimes shown on Instagram. There are also times when the warning is all that is shown.

Trying again after a couple of days should do the trick. Try it again in a week or two if you didn’t succeed the first time. You had about two weeks to complete the action block.

How do I fix Instagram blocking likes?


Don’t panic. That’s the most important thing. Instagram users encounter this issue very frequently and it doesn’t have any major implication on their profiles and future usage. Instagram has become a highly popular social media platform for hundreds of millions of users, making such an occurrence very common.

You are not alone, as I mentioned above. There are numerous bloggers and users experiencing the same problem. You can use the blocked feature again soon enough if you carefully read and follow the instructions below. If Instagram temporarily blocks your ability to like posts, you should do the following:

1. Put an end to all activity for a while

If you have been blocked, the first thing you should do is stop being active. Even when the liking ban is lifted, you should remain quiet for some time. In reality, Instagram’s security systems will keep an eye on you for the first seven days after you get blocked. During those 7 days, any activity can cause alarms to ring, and you may be blocked once again or even worse. One user claims to have liked only four photos after their block was lifted, and being banned once again.

For that reason, you should make sure you use the application’s features as minimally as possible for the first week or so. We don’t want anyone getting blocked too many times without justification.

2. Make Instagram aware that you are not a spammer

You do not have to cease all your Instagram activity because of the previous point. Rather, put your account on hold for a while. Your security systems need to know that you are a typical user, not a spammer, to ease the pressure on you. After the third day, you can resume your activities cautiously, liking and commenting on four to ten posts. During the first few days, do it to make it seem normal.

You can also help your Instagram account by uploading a post, which means you are an active user. So, you are able to show the AI that you are a normal user going about their business, not an anomaly.

3. Be careful not to like too much

In other words, Instagram’s heart will reset to its previous position. Your post liking streak is getting a bit out of hand, as this is a subtle indication from Instagram.

You must stop liking the application immediately and let it return to its normal mode of running. Despite the fact that it may irk you to stop liking because of this, it turns out to be a necessary mode of action.

As opposed to regretting not being able to like posts at that point in time, you should take steps to avoid being barred from liking posts in the future. Since so many bots and spammers have been trying to use the application recently, their security restrictions are as strict as ever. In this regard, following their requirements and guidelines is the most sensible course of action.

4. Take your time

In order to regain standard access following a block, it takes time. Instagram begins to “trust” you again gradually, and gradually all features of the application will become available to you. Although it can be frustrating, you will have to wait until that happens. The application and all of its features can be enjoyed by having patience and making sure you don’t make the same mistakes in the future. Following the block, users with similar experiences describe not being able to like 5 posts a day after they were blocked, but gradually gaining access to all the features a user is used to.

5. Keep a short gap between all actions

It is important to transition between actions gingerly during the first week or two. This can be accomplished by leaving a small gap between activities. It’s perfectly fine to like another photo after liking one, but wait 10-15 seconds before liking another. This is true for comments and posts as well. Changing actions is also an option. If you alternate between waiting and alternating, the security system will consider you a spammer. In spamming, the same action is repeated multiple times, so by not doing that and waiting between actions, you can demonstrate that you are not spamming.

It can be frustrating to not be able to access the like function. As long as you are patient, wait it out, and follow the guidelines, you can regain access to it. Getting this done ensures future access to all features without any further checks.

In conclusion

Getting blocked on Instagram is not something you should take lightly. Keep from repeating the unnecessary actions, because Instagram may permanently delete your accounts if you do so. Your email address may no longer be valid for registration.