What to do when an eBay buyer is not paying? - Wepicker

Imagine you have started your business as a newbie on eBay, and not too long after the beginning of your sales, you are receiving emails with the subject of “item is sold.

You are excited and waiting for money, but the fact is that the buyer has skipped from the transaction, and you soon will be surrounded with eBays’ fees to pay them. What should we do now?

In this article, we will discuss the increasing phenomenon on eBay because it is easier for a buyer to walk away from a transaction on eBay than in a brick-and-mortar store; so, we have to know our following action to prevent the disaster.

What is “Unpaid Item Assistant”?

“Unpaid Item Assistant” is an automatic setting in which the seller can determine against the buyer within a set number of days. There is a period -which can be arranged- between purchasing a product and making payments. When the designated deadline has been over, the buyer will receive an email notification that an Unpaid Item Case has been opened. They must pay for their item within four days to avoid a strike against their account.

If the buyer does pay, the Unpaid Item Case drops off, and the seller receives an email that the case has been closed. Otherwise, the buyer will be punished, as discussed later.

New rules on eBay

There is a concept on eBay that to reduce the number of non-paying buyers, eBay has established that any eBay user who has three non-paying buyer alerts filed against them is suspended indefinitely. Note that you must file the alert no earlier than seven days and no later than forty-five days after the auction has ended.

If the user tries to register by new ID, there is a possibility that they are being referred to the United States Attorney General’s Office for criminal prosecution. You should know that eBay has its sellers back, and it will send emails to buyers who have not paid.

Furthermore, eBay has a feature called “Immediate Payment,” where buyers must pay via PayPal before the sale is completed. Because the item remains for sale until the transaction becomes completed, any person rather than the primary buyer can purchase it. The bad news is that Immediate Payment doesn’t work on auctions or when the best offer is accepted.

Sometimes it is just a misunderstanding

Before filing an unpaid-item dispute, give the auction winner a second chance to send payment. Some buyers have also forgotten to pay because they have purchased from many merchants in a short time. It could also be due to lack of time. In this case, first, you have to act peacefully and contact them to ask about paying the item’s price.

The top solution to avoid “unwanted free auction” on eBay

The next step is to classify the most important actions to prevent “not paying” on eBay or at least tell the server what is already happening. Here we go;

Number one: always remember to check the “Sold” section of your My eBay page and look in the Awaiting payment column. By this panel, you will find out whether the buyer has paid or there is a problem.

Number two: the next step you can take is to click the “Contact buyer” link on the My eBay page and send an invoice. You can also write on the “Notes” section something like “Please pay the chosen item to avoid being reported and possibly losing your account” or “you haven’t paid for the item yet.” All of these notes are stored within your eBay account and help create a paper trail.

Number three: if you are using a PayPal account on your eBay store, you can check your balance by logging in to the site. Also, you can check emails and PayPal stating to see if the payment has been received or not.

Number four: you can write some notes to eBay about what is happening between you and the buyer. You will soon receive from eBay a summary email about status, as well as any messages from the buyer or payment notices.

Number five: if you haven’t received any payment yet, then navigate to the eBay “Resolution Center” and click the “I haven’t received my payment yet” radio button under the “I sold an item” section, then click the “Continue” button. Note that you have only 48 hours to do this after the item closes through 32 days later.

Number six: Finally, revisit the “Resolution Center” by the 37th day (as the deadline) after the auction or listing ends. Until this deadline, eBay will acknowledge you about the “not payment receiving” case. If you lose this data, eBay will automatically close the case and assess any associated fees.


I hope this article can help you with your eBay business. In general, non-paying customers regrettably do online business, so don’t take it personally. Most of the customers are punctual and pay quickly, thus being optimistic about the process. However, remember that you also have the option of blocking that buyer from participating in your sales. You can learn more information from eBay’s official website.