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Emergency operations must be planned quickly and carefully. In this regard, a concept called Operational Period Briefing is expressed. This concept determines what principles are to be told to individuals so that we are least harmed by incidents. In this article, we want to answer a question that may have occupied your mind as well. Follow us to tell you all about Operational Period Briefing.

Which of the following best describes the Operational Period Briefing?

“A: Helps keep the public and media informed about the incident status and operational accomplishments

B: Sets forth the specific tasks, reporting relationships, and expectations for support staff

C: Presents the Incident Action Plan (IAP) for the upcoming period to supervisory personnel

D: Provides an orientation to individual resources at the beginning of their assignments

The correct answer is option C. The operational period briefing presents the Incident Action Plan for the upcoming period to supervisory personnel. So the correct option is C.”

The operational period briefing is given at the beginning of each operation to the persons who are to carry out the operation. This can include information that, while concise, provides the utmost care in executive personnel.

Last word

We were with you in this article and defined The operational period briefing. We have said what is a part of it and we have chosen its exact definition among 4 options for you. This concept will be better understood with the progress of countries. It will also lead to more countries progressing during the disasters.

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