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Incident coordination has different aspects. A person can be an incident coordinator who specializes in this task. He carries out continuous and coordinated activities so that we have maximum safety in case of accidents. Join us in this article to get acquainted with this person and his related activities.

Which one of the following activities is not an example of incident coordination?

“A. Establishing priorities among incidents.

B. Directing, ordering or controlling.

C. Synchronized Public information messages.

D. Resolving critical resources issues.

Directing, ordering, or controlling is not an example of incident coordination.”

  • Collecting information as well as analyzing it
  • Trace resources and determine the right source
  • Sync messages that are part of a public service
  • Set priorities for potential incident classification
  • Coordination between different departments between different shareholders and agencies

Last Word

In this article, we saw that Incident coordination activities require different coordination. The person in charge of this coordination must be aware of all aspects of it. In this article, we said that Directing, ordering, or controlling is not part of Incident coordination activities. We also explained the reason for this to you.

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