An artist-painter who was depressed! - Wepicker

Painters display their art in their world. They have created beautiful images of the past and have a very special language for expressing their inner worlds. But this language is not enough to express all their words! Painters are depressed like all other human beings! They cry and grieve like everyone else. Join us in this article to tell you a sad story of a sad painter and a sad work of art.

Who was the subject of a painting titled “self-portrait with bandaged ear”?

“Painter Vincent van Gogh

On December 23, 1888, Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh, suffering from severe depression, cuts off the lower part of his left ear with a razor while staying in Arles, France. He later documented the event in a painting titled Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear.”

Vincent van Gogh was born in 1853 in the Netherlands. He had a difficult time in his life and chose painting as a way to relax. He died in 1890 when he was only 37 years old. There are valuable works of art by him all over the world and his painting style has been modeled for interested people.

Last Word

He had drawn his sad painting after cutting off his ear during a difficult period. He was severely depressed at the time and had his lower left ear amputated. His painting depicts this event and will make you think for hours! However, the paintings are all valuable and have been used for many years. Painter artists have created a special language for their world, just as musicians have a special language.

We hope no one gets so frustrated that they get depressed. Find yourself and live happily, it is very valuable to live even one more moment.