Why can’t I add someone on Facebook?

Facebook is the largest and most visited social network in the world. In this program, you can send friend requests to other people, and they will allow you to see their posts or pictures by confirming your request. Sometimes, you want to send a friend request to someone in any situations, but you are not allowed to do so, or the option is gone. What should we do in this case?

The person may have blocked you or otherwise disabled their account. But exactly why you can not add someone to your Facebook? Here are some ways to solve this problem.

Their Privacy Settings

The first and foremost reason for this problem is Facebook’s security system. Some Facebook features allow users to block friend requests from users with no mutual friends or who do not know them. For this reason, you can not add a friend to your friend’s list if they have close friend requests through someone other than their mutual friends.

Of course, you can still send them a friend request or even a message asking them to accept your request and add it to your Facebook friends list if they remember or know you. Of course, your message will not be sent directly to that person and will be added to the message request list.

Deactivated Account

Most users deactivate their Facebook account for some time. That’s why Facebook does not allow you to add that person to your friend list. Of course, this account will remain the same until the original user returns and activates it.

If that person logs in to Facebook again with their account, it will be activated, and you can send them a friend request. This way, you can add that person to your Facebook friends list. You can even send him a message and get a reply.

You Have Been Blocked

If a specific user on Facebook blocks you, there is certainly no way you can add that person to your friend’s list. You can no longer even see that person’s profile page and send them a friend request. In this case, you can not even send him a message. You can ask a mutual friend to send you a message and ask on your behalf to unblock you. From now on, you can send a friend request.

They are blocked

Note that even if you block someone on Facebook, you will not resubmit a friend request. This is one of the reasons for blocking so that other users can access the account either in terms of different actions or sending messages.

To find out if you have blocked someone on Facebook, first, go to the Settings & Privacy section and find the Blocking option. This section shows a list of all the users that you have blocked on Facebook. You can send a friend request to a specific person by not blocking them.

Reach Friend Limit

One of Facebook’s limitations for its regular users is that they can not have more than 5,000 friends. If this number is reached, they can no longer accept your friend request and add it to your list. Of course, Facebook will send you an error message to let you know that the person in question has reached many friends.

Also, if that person has reached 5000 friends, if they send you a friend request, you can not confirm it. To resolve this issue, you should ask a friend who has an inactive account to delete it and confirm.

You Already Sent a Request

If you have already sent a friend request to the person in question, you will not be able to do this again. Each friend request is saved in the user’s Facebook request list for that user to approve.

If the user has not yet approved your request or has not seen your request for any reason, you can text them and let them know that you have sent a friend request.

Denied Request

If you once sent a friend request to a person, and you see the Request friend button again, it is because the user has rejected your friend request, so you can try your luck and ask for a friend again. Of course, it is possible to block your user by sending many requests. So you have to concentrate.

Restricted Account

If a user encounters Facebook restrictions over some time, you will not be able to add them to your friend’s list. Sometimes due to violations or compromising the security of others on Facebook, this social network automatically restricts users’ profiles for a certain period. If this happens to a user, you can no longer send them friend requests.

In this case, you have to wait a few days and send your friend request again after the specified time. You can even send them a message asking them to approve your friend request.


One of the main processes of a social network, especially Facebook, is making friends with other people. If you have trouble sending a friend request, you can use the tricks discussed in this article to send a friend request to other people or communicate with them. Have you ever encountered such a problem on Facebook?


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