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It seems Instagram doesn’t let you drop comments on posts or stories, so you’re wondering why! You’re not the only one experiencing difficulties commenting on Instagram posts and stories.

All the limitations and restrictions you face on Instagram have their reasons, of course. Instagram’s algorithm has the potential to judge your account incorrectly and place blocks or restrictions on your account.

Our team can tell you that if you are blocked from posting comments on Instagram because you’ve violated their rules multiple times, it’s because you’ve broken their rules.

The Instagram algorithm may detect such accounts quickly and accordingly block them, especially for new accounts. New accounts will probably be under action block because they have performed actions so quickly.

The purpose of this post is to provide you with all the possible reasons why you cannot comment on Instagram, as well as give you some tips to avoid getting blocked and recover your account, if possible.

Why Am I Not Able to Comment On an Instagram Post Made by A Certain Person?


You have exceeded the daily comment limit

You have probably reached your comment limit for the day if you have been commenting on other posts and stories and suddenly you cannot post anymore.

Once the limit is reached, no more comments can be added until the next cycle. Each account has limitations on how many comments it can make within 24 hours.

Similarly, every action you take on Instagram has a limit, and you are restricted to a certain number of likes and follows every day.

When you exceed this limit, you may get a temporary block, and in most cases, your account will be suspended.

You should wait for at least 24 hours before adding more comments if you have been commenting during the day. It is even better to pause all Instagram activities until after 24 hours have passed.

Automated commenting is what you’re trying to do

When you don’t comment manually from your account and you’re using a tool or a service, I’ll tell you that the tool or service you’re using is blocked. APIs are used to connect these tools with Instagram, and they can be blocked at any time.

This means they won’t be able to connect with your account and execute the action that you want. Instagram dislikes automation especially when it crosses their borders like trying to run actions that aren’t supported.

You can still find some good services that allow you to manage your Instagram account and automate certain tasks on the platform in a reasonable manner.

Nevertheless, a lot of Instagram automation tools available on the market can result in your account being permanently banned without any possibility of recovery.

Using automation tools to comment on posts is a bad idea, so you should get rid of them and start commenting manually instead. When you don’t have the time to do the comments and other tasks, it’s better to hire someone to do them for you.

In your comments, you use the same text

On Instagram, there are internet marketers who visit every post and comment without even reading the content or watching the video.

It turns out the comment is just promoting a product or service; once the Instagram algorithm detects that the same message has been posted more than once, you’ll be blocked from adding further comments.

Initially, a temporary block will be applied to your account, and if you continue to post duplicate comments, you’ll be suspended, which can only be lifted if you contact Instagram’s support team and prove you didn’t do anything wrong.

Commenting on the same thing over and over again

If you keep using the same text over and over again without changing its emoji, your comment will be blocked. You will receive the comment block error if you keep copy-pasting under one post or under several posts, more often than usual. Be careful not to do so.

The number of hashtags in your comment exceeds 30

Commenters are allowed to use hashtags in their comments, but abusing the feature will prevent you from posting. Instagram comments are limited to 30 hashtags for accounts older than one year. Commenting on posts with more than 10 hashtags is not advisable for new accounts.

There aren’t many benefits to adding many hashtags. In fact, it will cause action blocks to be placed on your account. Simply add a few relevant hashtags to your post and you should be able to attract the attention you desire.

The number of mentions in your comment exceeds 5

There might still be people who are unaware of the fact that Instagram only allows 5 mentions (using the @ symbol along with the username of the person you want to see that post) per comment. One of the most common reasons for not being able to comment on Instagram posts is because of this. You will need to leave multiple comments if you wish to mention all your desired accounts under a particular post if you wish to mention more people.

The words you’re using in your comments aren’t allowed

It is a good idea not to use certain words or phrases in your post comments. Instagram will scan every message it posts on its platform before it is published. If the wrong words are detected, the message will not be posted.

Instagram can scan images and video content, as well as text, to find out what it’s talking about.

When nude pictures or videos are placed on the wrong profile, they will block the content from being published. Artificial intelligence has made it possible to scan almost all digital content to identify its content.

Most of the time you’ll be notified to remove the incorrect words & phrases in your comments. After removing them, you will be allowed to publish your comment.

There’s a problem with your Instagram app

You may be unable to perform different actions on Instagram due to technical issues within your application. You can experience difficulties with your Instagram application for many different reasons;

An app can be corrupted when the setup files are incorrectly altered, which means the app is corrupted.

The function of the app is controlled by these files, and if any of them change, the application has been reported as corrupt.

You may also have not updated your Instagram app if it isn’t working properly. To use the app effectively, new updates must be installed. New updates are released to fix bugs and other technical issues users are experiencing.

Additionally, Instagram is also known to crash due to issues with cache files. Your device’s cache files store temporary app resources, helping to speed up program openings.

Cache files can also cause issues, as they can become corrupt and cause your Instagram app to malfunction.

You might have trouble adding comments when your Instagram app is experiencing technical difficulties. It is best to reinstall your Instagram app if you are experiencing technical issues.

You now have new setup files that are bug-free, and you have the latest version of the app that works smoothly after you reinstall.


Interruption in the network or slow internet

You won’t be able to add your comment if your network is too slow or was interrupted while you tried to do so. There is a possibility that after watching or reading the post, you have suddenly encountered network failure, which is why you cannot comment.

In this scenario, people using mobile data will exhaust their browsing data instantly, so they will be unable to post comments without subscribing to a new data plan.

Before you can comment on Instagram posts, you need to figure out what’s stopping you from connecting online and fix it.

To switch from mobile data to a strong Wi-Fi connection, try switching to a strong Wi-Fi connection. You may need to use another Wi-Fi connection or use mobile data if it is available if you are using Wi-Fi.

If everything seems to be working fine, restart your router to refresh the device.

Neither you nor the user you’re trying to comment on are following the account you’re trying to comment on

If you follow private accounts, you will not be able to interact with them unless they approve your following. You will not be able to like their posts and comment on their stories. Despite not having their account set to private, some users may decide to block you.

You will not be able to comment on any of their posts in such a case as well. To comment on their posts, you will need to send them a follow request. After they approve it, you can comment on their posts.

You might have been blocked by the original poster

You are most likely blocked by that person if you are unable to comment on only their photos or videos. Try leaving a comment on another post, and if you are able to comment without any issues, then this guess is accurate.

There is an action block on your account

Blocks are put on accounts that violate their guidelines repeatedly. Action blocks are one of the leading causes of inability to perform most Instagram tasks, so we’ll cover them in detail so that you understand how they affect your account.

If Your Account Is Blocked, What Does That Mean?

As a result, you cannot interact with Instagram in any way. You cannot comment, follow, send links, or interact in any way. Action blocks are similar to temporary suspensions.

Suspension can be lifted by contacting Instagram’s support team, while an action block expires within the given period. Each Instagram action block has an expiration date, which can range from 24 hours to a week to 30 days.

Your account will be restored automatically when the action block expires, and you can resume account activities.

What Does Instagram Mean When It Places Your Account Under Action Block?

Your Instagram account has been suspended due to abuse of one or more features. Anton blocks are usually placed on new accounts, as they do a lot of actions as soon as they join, such as following a lot of users, liking a lot of posts, and commenting a lot.

An action block is placed on their account before they are aware of it. When you perform actions frequently and excessively on an Instagram account, even if the account is older, you can encounter an action block.

The use of automation is another major factor that leads to the Action block. The majority of marketers use tools to send likes, followers, and comments to random Instagram users.

When Instagram detects an account is using automation to take random actions, they block the account or, in the majority of cases, they permanently ban it.

Your IP address and device will be blacklisted so that you cannot access the platform with the feature.

How Do You Deal with an Action Block on Your Instagram Account?

  • You will have to wait until the action block’s time limit expires if it is noted. In the absence of a specific timeframe, you should wait at least 24 hours before taking any action.
  • Secondly, you should remove any software or tool you are using to manage your Instagram account.
  • Finally, you should know the rules; each action on Instagram has an hourly, daily, and monthly limit. In other words, you need to know how many likes, follows, and comments you can send every 24 hours or on a monthly basis.

With these three tips, you will be able to recover any account that’s under action block without needing to contact support and will be able to prevent your account from being put on action block again.

What is the solution to Instagram not allowing you to comment?

Being blocked from doing any of your actions on Instagram is a disconcerting experience, especially commenting since it is one of the most effective methods to interact with others and gain followers. You need to avoid the things that lead to this issue if you want to avoid this issue, but if it happens despite your best efforts, there are a few things you can do to get out of this trap and have your comments unblocked.

Try changing your IP address

Instagram blocks you by blocking your IP address when it blocks you. So to remove this block, you can try the steps below, and I assume that at least one of them will work for you.

Switch to a different device

It is possible to change your IP and access your Instagram account with a different IP by logging into your account from a different device than yours.

A VPN can provide you with the help you need

To be able to change your IP and access your account safely, you could also utilize a VPN. Instagram may not be able to determine your IP address if you change it in this way.


Use mobile data

There are two types of IP address for each device connected to the Internet: a public and a private address.

The router in your home connects to the Internet using your public IP address – assigned by your ISP. You also have a public IP address on your mobile device. Check out how that works with your phone’s data instead of a Wi-Fi connection.

Using all the steps above together would be the most effective method. You can now log into your account with a mobile data connection using a VPN on another device.

Wait for 24 hours and be patient

If in your case, the block is temporary and won’t last forever, most blocks are also temporary and would last for a maximum of 24 hours. You just need to wait until the 24 hours are over and maintain your patience.

Connect to your Facebook account

For most types of action blocks, this has been the best way since it proves to Instagram that you are human, allowing you to connect to your other social networks, undoubtedly the best of which is Facebook. Simply link your Facebook account, close your app, and restart your phone for the changes to take effect. You should be able to comment again shortly.

Final thoughts

In case you have encountered the issue that Instagram will not let you comment, you can try these steps to try to unblock your action. As a first step, you should be cautious and avoid taking any action that will result in these types of blocks, because if this happens to your account usually, you need to shut down your account soon in the future since you will be permanently blocked.