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Users who receive the “User Not Found” error on Instagram are either blocked by you, have changed their usernames, have deleted their accounts, have suspended their accounts, or have disabled their accounts.

When you attempt to visit the profile of a user who blocked you, you will receive the “User Not Found” error.

Additionally, a user’s profile will no longer exist on Instagram if they change their username, delete their account, or if their account is suspended or disabled.

You may have received an error message on Instagram for any of these 5 reasons.

1. The user name has changed

The username on Instagram has been changed, which is the first reason it says “User not found.”

Using an old username won’t help you find someone when their username changes.

You may encounter the “User not found” error when visiting someone’s profile with their previous handle.

The reason for this is that their old username no longer exists.

In order to find them on Instagram, you need to search for the person’s new username.

You won’t be able to find them on Instagram if you search for their old username.

You may get a “User not found” error if you find them using their old username on the search results.

If you want to find the person on Instagram again, you may have to get in touch with them.

You can search for their new Instagram username by asking them.

You should then be able to view their profile without getting an error message.

2. You have been blocked


Next, if the “User not found” error appears when you try to access someone’s profile, there is a good chance that you have been blocked.

The most common reason why you received the error is because of this.

It is most likely because the person has blocked you that you are seeing the “User not found” message.

Even if you’re able to access their profile, you will receive the “User not found” error if someone blocks you on Instagram.

You won’t be able to find someone who blocks you on Instagram if they block you.

You won’t see their profile in search results if you type their username into the search box.

If you have previously direct messaged them or if their profile is in your recent, there is an exception.

When someone blocks you while you’re direct messaging them, their profile is still visible.

The error “User not found” will appear when you visit their profile through direct messages.

Furthermore, if their profile appears in your recent search results, you will still be able to visit their profile.

In the same way that visiting their profile from direct messages results in a “User not found” error, visiting their profile from your recent does as well.

When you visit a person’s profile and see “User not found,” it is likely that they have blocked you.

3. The account has been deleted

Lastly, the account might be deleted by the user.

In the event of someone deleting their account, all their posts will be lost along with it.

You’ll see an error message “User not found” if you visit the profile of someone who recently deleted their account.

As a result, their username on Instagram no longer exists.

Thus, if they deleted their account, you would receive a “User not found” error if you visited their profile.

If an account is deleted from Instagram, it can no longer be accessed.

You can still visit their profile if you have a recent conversation with them or if you’ve sent them a direct message.

The “User is not found” error will appear when you visit their profile.

4. The account has been suspended

In addition, the account that you are looking for may be suspended or disabled.

Instagram permanently bans the account, meaning it will never be able to use it again.

Suspended accounts will not have profiles on Instagram.

A suspended account on Instagram will no longer have a profile.

One or more of Instagram’s policies have been violated, which is the most common reason for an Instagram account to be suspended.

A permanent ban might have resulted, for example, from posting inappropriate content.

A violation of Instagram’s guidelines or terms of use is rarely accompanied by a warning.

Accounts will be suspended if they repeatedly violate Instagram guidelines or if their AI identifies that they are violating them.

In that case, visiting a suspended user’s profile will result in an error message that says “User not found”.


5. Inactive account


The other reason you got the “User not found” error while visiting someone’s profile is that the account had been disabled.

Unlike deleting an account, disabling it is temporary.

When someone disables their Instagram account, it will be hidden until they re-enable it.

In the event that someone disables their account, their profile and interactions with posts will be hidden.

Until their profile is reactivated, it will be hidden from Instagram.

In other words, when you try to visit someone’s profile who just got disabled, you’ll see the “User not found” found.”.

Are you blocked on Instagram? How can you tell?

You won’t be able to search for a blocked person’s profile on Instagram if they have blocked you.

In any case, if you’ve got a direct message from them previously or if they’re in your recent, you can still view their profile.

If you have previously messaged them via direct message, you can still access their profile from their direct message list.

If you are blocked by them, you will receive the “User not found” error.

Additionally, if they are in your recent (in Instagram search), you can still see their profile.

In the same way, you’ll receive the error if you are blocked.

I can’t find any users on Instagram, why?

Because they might have blocked you, you can’t find an Instagram user.

You can use a different account to verify that you’ve been blocked on Instagram.

Start by searching for their username on your main account.

You won’t be able to see their account if you’re blocked.

Then, find the person’s profile using an alternate account.

This means your main account has been blocked if you can locate it.


Instagram users often experience the “User not found” error.

Throughout this article, you’ve learned five different reasons why you may have gotten the error.

In summary, the following reasons can be cited:

  1. The username of the user has been updated.
  2. There is a block on you.
  3. They have been deleted from the system.
  4. Instagram suspended their account.
  5. The user’s account has been disabled.

Make sure the person has the correct reason before jumping to conclusions.

Possible solutions

Before you can gain access to your account again, you may have to try several different solutions. Here are some of those solutions.

  • You should double-check the username and password you entered. The caps lock may have accidentally been activated. You may need to manually enter your login credentials if your browser is automatically entering them. Your browser may also have stored your credentials incorrectly.
  • You should check the browser version and the app version to see if the problem persists. Additionally, you should check your account on several different devices, as well as ask your friends if they are experiencing similar problems. You should wait a while before trying again if there’s a problem that affects many people.
  • If you are unable to log in, restart your phone. The problem may be due to incorrect data being sent by the app.
  • Just in case, you can try resetting your password by tapping the “Forgot Your Password” button.
  • The Instagram app may need to be deleted and reinstalled. Other problems unrelated to login problems can also be resolved by this method.
  • Contact Instagram’s user support and ask for assistance if everything else fails.

Having to deal with social media bugs is frustrating. You can see if you can get into your account again by trying these fixes. When your account is blocked or deleted, it may be extremely difficult to get it back if it was deleted due to a breach of the Instagram terms of service.