There was a time that the only prime application for just viewing videos and sharing them was the Instagram, but it has been over a year that a new brand of application took over.

Tiktok, a Chinese application that has been making noises since their development team came up with a newer and more desirable user interface and we shall not forget their monstrous marketing team which created major victories out of nothing for them. the main idea of entering and using these so called social media platforms, is to have to sort of things; attract attention or pass some time with your  favorite type of content.

But there has been a report of serious issue that violated the first need and idea of attracting attention, the issue is regarding showing likes and comments which defeats whole purpose of the need of attention.

In this article, we go over ways and reasons for this error and try to resolve the issue.

Why is this even a problem?

Like said, tiktok is a Chinese application which is taking over other countries made applications specially American apps such as Instagram.

So they won’t address many issues officially due to their marketing techniques, make it the

 “Best application” command is in effect so this will not be addressed and therefore won’t be patched. Therefore we have got to call it out and do it ourselves, the problem may be in side of servers, might be caused by your phone and its cache and maybe the internet service provider of yours have caused the problem.

Never the less, we go through them step by step:

Try cleaning your cache

The tiktok app like the other apps uses the data cache to understand what you like and personalize the videos that show up on you for you page, this algorithm uses the spoken data for that purpose.

Sometime built up cache may cause the harm to your phone or apps, so clearing them time to time may help the issue to resolve.

There are 2 ways to do so:

  1. Clear the cache within the app.
  2. Clear the cache within the phone.

Remember we are going through the phone first and initiate a step to step solution, so keeping the order is quite important.

Clearing the cache in the app

 In order to so you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Open the tiktok app
  2. Sign in and insert your info as required
  3. Go to home page where you can see your profile picture
  4. Click on the 3 dots on the top-right corner of the screen to enter the setting and privacy
  5. The  first item on the list will be “clean cache”, click on it and remove the current cache

This will work for both android and IOS phones.

If the problem still insists on existing, you must follow and clear the cache within your own phone.

Clearing the cache within the phone

Please note that clearing the cache from the phone itself, will remove the spoken patterns as well, if agreed please follow these steps.

For android:

  1. Scroll down your notification center and find the setting button at the top right corner or simply open up the setting app from the main menu
  2. Scroll down until you find the “apps” and click on it in order to open up
  3. Go further down until you find the tiktok app
  4. Open it up and at the 6th or 7th item depending on your permission for the web browser to be activated, you will see the “storage” option
  5. Open the storage and at the bottom of list you will see the “clear data” and “clear cache”
  6. Tap  on clear cache
  7. You can also clear the data as well, just in case

For IOS:

  1. Open setting app
  2. Find and select the general
  3. Find iPhone storage and click on it
  4. In the opened resulted list, you shall see the used space at the top. Scroll down in order to find the tiktok app
  5. Tap on it and enter
  6. Select offload the app; which means keeping the files but deleting the app itself if available in the apple’s market. For a cleaner way try deleting the app and reinstalling it.

Check tiktok servers well being

As it happens, tiktok is an internet based app which works only if you are connected to the internet and servers

And sometimes the mentioned servers crash or don’t work due to heavy incoming traffic or bad internet providing of the main frame or maybe the blockade in some countries may cause that.

In any case you should check the servers status to see if they are working properly and the problem is sourced from servers or not, because most of the times many errors indicate the servers crash.

Check your internet connection

As just said, tiktok works through internet protocols and it happens to work rightly or wrongly depending on the internet service speed as well.

Check if you have a good and solid connection, not having one will cause the problem as well.

According to the dev team of tiktok, slow connection will cause the problem of not showing the comments, likes, mentions and even cannot save videos to your own phone storage or in the saved section.

Update your tiktok application

According to the official website of tiktok, as the put it in their own sentences, the latest updates always work the best and older versions will face some problems.

It has become a type of policy to make users update their device or applications to the lastest version possible by either making and developing problems for the current versions or introducing new cool feature for the newest ones.

Tiktok doesn’t fall behind in this scenario; they will intentionally make your current version laggy or full of problems to make you update it as soon as possible.

Check if your app is up to date and if not update and see if it works

Log out and log in again

In many cases this would work, and has been one of the oldest solutions known to pro

 Or Un-professional users for any internet based problems.

Logging out and logging in again may do a solid work for resolving it by restoring the main principals and licenses to the app.

Reinstall the app

As said, any app would catch a problem or two in our smart phones which may be caused by the electricity of battery or a glitch of our phones.

Reinstalling it may solve the issue.

The safest way for it would be clearing the cache first and then try to uninstall it. The procedure remains the same as told before but this time for IOS click on delete app instead of offloading it.

And for the android click on clear data as well and then attempt for deleting the app.

Check for permissions

Sometimes due to glitches and bugs, our applications will be experiencing some changes to their licenses and settings; tiktok does not remain innocent to the matter.

Make sure your account is not private and you let others see your video but checking the privacy settings. Once again, you may have not changed a thing but the app may have glitched.

Check from a desktop web browser or mobile browsers

The problem may lie within your own phone and may not be able to be seen in the regular basis of procedures.

Try checking it from other devices to see if the problem still exists or not. Open up a browser and search the in the search box then login with your information.

See if the problem still is there; if yes check it on another phone which has a tiktok app.

Contact the help desk at tiktok

As said in the beginning, they won’t announce to the public that their application is going through difficulties in order to keep it in the market for a perfect app.

But if you see a problem that cannot be solved with your own hands, you always can refer to help desk of the tiktok and introduce the issue.

Due to their strong will of keeping the users happy, you will get an answer or fixes in a very little amount of time and luckily the problem will be solved in a matter of days.

Pro tip

Don’t panic if you face major or minor problems with your internet-based apps, these things happen and even sometimes the best solution there is , is to wait them out which has proven to be quite useful.

Written by A.M.S