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You might have heard about a new Instagram feature and gone running to try it out, only to find that it wasn’t available to you. This is a common issue we face as well, so in light of our website’s goal to help users use all the new features on all platforms, we decided to create this guide.

Here we’ll help you not only figure out why some new Instagram features aren’t working, but we’ll also give you some tips on how to correct the problem. Keep reading to find out what we recommend!

How come some new features on Instagram are not available to you?

Before we can figure out how to fix this, we must first understand why Instagram’s new releases do not appear on its blog as soon as they are announced. The most common reason is that Instagram very rarely launches a new feature at the same time for everyone.

Small group tests are usually conducted in the United States or some other regions such as Canada or the United Kingdom. The country of India is yet another example of an area where these platforms receive a lot of testing.

Nevertheless, the releases are not simultaneous. In the days and weeks following Instagram’s launch, other regions get access to the missing features, but American users are usually the first to get access to them.

This release is done by internal app updates – meaning you don’t need to act or update the app – or external app updates, meaning you need to update your app on Google Play or Apple App Store.

Depending on your operating system, you may get some features first, then later be able to get them on Android, and vice versa. Instagram’s new features typically arrive first to those with the latest Apple OS.

Despite this rule not being set in stone, it is possible for your Android device – even if it’s an older version – to get Instagram updates before iPhone or iPad, leaving those devices behind.

The following are the most important things you can do so that you don’t miss out on the new Instagram features.

1. Update the application manually

Some of the new Instagram features are simply not available due to an outdated app, as mentioned above. Although some of them are automatically updated, sometimes the updates fail when you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection or are not connected to the Play Store or App Store.

On Android, you just need to find a Wi-Fi connection (you can even find the Wi-Fi password by using an app) and go to the Play Store to update your Instagram. Simply search for Instagram and click on the “Update” button if there is one!

 2. Restart your smartphone

Some internal updates – ones you don’t have to go to your smartphone’s app store to download – aren’t automatically downloaded. You can also try rebooting your phone if there are any new features on Instagram that are not working on your app (and it is up to date).

If you open the application again, this issue, and many others, should be resolved quickly.

There are a few internal updates – that don’t require you to update the app manually – that aren’t very automatic. Try restarting your phone and opening the app again if any new features haven’t appeared in the app and you are sure that it has been fully updated. You don’t need to wait long for this to work.

How to restart your Android device?


  • Hold down the power button until a popup appears on the screen to turn off the phone.
  • To turn off your phone, press the power off option.
  • You can restart your phone by long-pressing the power button again.


How to restart your iOS device?


For iPhone 8 or Earlier
  • Long-press the power button for 3-4 seconds to turn off an iPhone 8 or earlier model.
  • Shut down the phone by swiping the power-off bar.
  • You can restart the phone again by holding down the power button for 3-4 seconds until the screen appears.
For iPhone X or Later
  • Hold down the power and volume buttons together to turn off the iPhone X or later model.
  • The slider bar for turning off will appear on the screen.
  • Turn off your phone by swiping it.

3. Check that you are going in the right direction

When the new Instagram features are not available, we can get confused and mix things up. A while back, Instagram Shopping was released, letting you tag products from your online store in your posts.

Before you can do that, you need to create a Facebook fan page, convert your personal profile into a business profile on Instagram and create a store (with a catalog) so that you can finally tag your products in posts.

4. Log off and then log on again

You’ve already rebooted your phone, updated Instagram, and made sure all the other steps were followed, but these features don’t appear? Do not get desperate yet.

Logging off and back on again is another very simple solution. You can do this by opening up Instagram’s app, going to your profile on the right side of the screen, pressing on the settings icon on the right side of the screen, then pressing the log off button. Enter your email and password again to log in.

How to log out of Instagram on your mobile device:

  • On your iPhone or Android phone, open the Instagram app and click the circle at the bottom right corner – it will be your profile picture.
  • Select the three parallel horizontal lines in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Tap the word “Settings” at the bottom of the popup menu.
  • You might have to scroll down slightly to reach “Log Out” at the bottom of the next screen.

5. Install Instagram again

The only thing left to do is to uninstall this app and reinstall it after you’ve tried all the previous alternatives to get the new missing Instagram features. By doing so, all internal and external updates will be fully downloaded.

Maybe this will work for you since a download error can prevent the feature from showing up on your profile. In case you are still unable to access this feature, try this tip.

6. Make sure you meet the requirements

You need to meet some requirements before you can see where each new feature is. It is required to have at least 10.000 followers to be able to add links to your Instagram Stories without creating ads.

7. Certain features may not be available to everyone

The new Instagram features might not be available to everyone, so you might miss them forever. Instagram metrics, for instance, are only accessible to users with a business profile.

Get the blue sign on Instagram by having a full bio – make sure to check out the best Instagram bio ideas – and by sending some personal documents. Nevertheless, the platform’s team may decline your request to have an account verified.

Your smartphone can also have an impact on this. New features are sometimes available only on smartphones with certain capabilities.

8. Be patient (and don’t lose your mind).

Do you still not have any results after trying everything we mentioned above? If this is the case, it means the feature is simply not available in your region or for your operating system, and it is likely independent of your Android or iOS version.

As a result, there is not much we can do other than wait. It might take days or even weeks for the new feature to reach your device, so it is recommended that you check daily to see if it shows up, and also keep an eye on the Play Store or App Store for updates.

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