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The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a festival in which artists in the fields of acting, theater, music, cinema, and radio are awarded. Winning a prize is always good! Especially among thousands of artists, you will be chosen as the winner. Among all the awards that have been given in this festival so far, one of the fictional characters has not received any starsL Join us in this article to introduce you to the star and this character.

Which fictional character does not have a star on the Hollywood walk of fame?

Darth Vader has never received a star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The Star Wars movie character has not yet managed to get his star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame until 2021. This does not mean that fictional characters can not get the star of this festival. Strongheart and Lassie, for example, won their stars in 1960. Rin Tin Tin won the star in 1963. Mickey Mouse received the star in 1978. In 1985, Bugs Bunny also starred in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Other characters such as White Snow, Donald Duck, The Simpsons Shrek Tinker Bell, and Pooh also won the festival star.

“The King of Monsters got a star in 2004. Godzilla is the only non-American fictional character to receive a star. It’s located at 6925 Hollywood Blvd. 11.”

Last Word

Art has always been respected. Acting and working in cinema and theater are always considered difficult arts. If a male character cannot win an award, it does not mean that he does not know the job! If a female character does not win an award, it does not mean that she is out of supply! It is better to give everyone a chance to show their abilities and admire them after finishing their professional activity.