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Do you know the most extensive video streaming network in the world? For more than ten years, YouTube has been known as the most prominent video streaming channel on the Internet, with more than 300 million videos uploaded daily. By creating a network and getting started, you can show your videos to the whole world.

Every video on YouTube has a section as comments that you can send to the sender or creator of the video by subscribing to this network. Recently, some users worldwide have reported that YouTube comments not loading is an error message that is frequently shown to them and prevents them from reading video comments. In this article, we want to examine why YouTube not loading the comments and then see how this problem solves.

YouTube Comments Not Loading Error

So far, at the time of writing, it is unclear what the problem is with YouTube comments not loading. But there are ways to get rid of this boring message.

Reload Page

The first thing you can do is reload the YouTube video. If you are in a YouTube application, close the page and reopen it, or if you are doing this through a web browser, click the refresh button or press the F5 key on the keyboard to refresh the page. Either it causes the video comments you want to load for the first time, or you have to try a few minutes later to see if it works.

Poor Internet Connection

Sometimes YouTube video comments may not load due to poor internet data. So we have two methods. One is to change the source of the Internet. For example, if you watch YouTube videos with cellular data, change it to Wi-Fi or vice versa. The second method is to use a VPN to see if not loading YouTube video comments is resolved.

Disable Proxy Connections

You can also solve the problem by disconnecting the phone’s proxy settings. If you have a VPN enabled on your system, turn it off and on or disconnect it by entering the device proxy settings. Then open the YouTube video again and see if the comment problem is resolved.

Disable newly installed Extensions

You can find out if the problem is with a plugin installed on the browser. Sometimes new plugins that we install cause YouTube videos to not play properly or comments to load. You can use the Incognito Browsing Mode option to find out if the problem is with the plugin. In this case, first, open your browser and run an Incognito tab by pressing Ctrl + Shift + N in the Chrome browser.

Now when this tab opens, enter the YouTube address and open the video you want, in which case if the error YouTube comments not loading persisted, then the problem is not with the newly installed plugins, and you can follow the following steps Do it. Otherwise, the problem will be solved, and you can disable the latest installed extension by visiting the Chrome Extensions section.

Change Your YouTube to Classic UI

Another method that many users have used to fix the error message YouTube comments not loading and reported that this method is also effective is taking your YouTube to classic mode. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. First, go to the YouTube home page in your browser, click on your profile icon in the upper right, and open the YouTube Studio option.
  • Then you have to open the Creator Studio Classic option, which locates in the bottom menu
  • Here you will see a three-line menu at the top left, and when it opens, open the first option or Home. This will take you to the version of the classic YouTube interface. Most likely, you can read YouTube video comments without receiving an error message. YouTube comments are not loading.

Clear Browsing Data

Many web browsers store the information on each page as a data cache so that you can open the page more quickly for your subsequent browsing. There is a possibility that there is a problem with YouTube comments not loading the cached data. So by clearing this type of data on the web browser, you can solve the problem. But how to delete this type of data?

To do this, first, enter the Chrome browser and hold Ctrl + Shift + Delete until a new tab called Clear Browsing Data opens for you. From the menu that you see, you can clear the amount of cached data. After selecting the options, click Clear data.

In this case, you must consider the type of cached data you want to delete. For example, if you have saved passwords in your browser, you will probably lose them by selecting more options, so in this case, read the options carefully and choose the best one.

Delete junk operating system files

Suppose the YouTube comments, not the loading problem, only exists in the YouTube app or the Chrome browser on your laptop or computer. In that case, you probably need to delete the extra operating system files. This is a little harder on Windows than on the phone. Cleaning apps on Android are much easier to find and work with than Windows.

Problem with YouTube servers

Sometimes YouTube comments not loading may be due to errors on YouTube servers. In this case, you can work with YouTube and its comments again after a few hours. To do this, you can revisit YouTube a few hours later or the next day to see if the problem is resolved.

Hide Comments on YouTube

Most people who post useless and offensive comments on YouTube have become one of the biggest problems for parents to control their children when watching YouTube videos. In these types of comments, seduction, forced suicide, or rape of others is also seen, which a very disgusting and ugly behavior.

YouTube seems to have taken an extraordinary approach to such comments. Now all the comments are in the final part, below the video. By scrolling to the bottom, you can also see the options after the comments, so anyone can easily read the comments.

In the new system, the YouTube comments section goes to another section, and a Comments button places in this section, which makes it a little harder to see, and of course, the display algorithms are also different. But it is still unclear what kind of algorithm YouTube uses for racist, seductive, or malicious comments to provide users with a clean system.


As we mentioned, the root cause of the error is not yet clear YouTube comments not loading. Still, with the solutions in this article, you can quickly fix the problem and continue reading other people’s comments. If you have ever had a problem with YouTube comments not loading, write us your comments at the end of this article.