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Many followers are now using Roku to surf on YouTube channels. Like many other web-based platforms, Roku also can face many problems linking to YouTube.

The article you are reading will discuss the main reasons for these errors and how to fix the problem quickly.

Main reasons for YouTube Not Working on Roku

Before discussing the main reasons, note that in May 2021, YouTube and Roku disagreed on terms of service, and since then, YouTube TV has been pulled from Roku. However, we will discuss more this in the last section.

There are always some simple causes that can put you in trouble while working. Keep in mind if YouTube is down, the YouTube channel on Roku won’t work at all. Furthermore, if your Roku device hasn’t received any update since a long time ago, this could also cause issues with launching apps like YouTube.

Here we have collected a list of possible reasons which contributes to more than %80 of all cases;

Number one: No efficient internet connection

Never forget to check the internet connection when you are faced with these kinds of problems. You can test your hypothesis by trying to connect other devices (rather than Roku) to your local network. If you have confirmed other devices can’t connect to the internet either, then your Wi-Fi network doesn’t have internet access.

Number two: Your Roku cannot connect to the internet

If you find out that other devices are connected to the internet, but you can’t see the Roku channels, your device has a problem. Find your Roku’s IP address in the Roku’s settings menu. If it doesn’t have an IP address, you will need to reconnect your Roku to your Wi-Fi network. In this case, your device will be linked correctly.

Number three: Restart your Roku

Sometimes restarting the Roku device will clear those errors. You can either use the Restart option in the menu, or just unplug the Roku, wait a few seconds, and plug it in again. If restarting Roku doesn’t resolve the problem. You can use the resetting method. However, you will lose all of your personal preferences.

Number four: Check if YouTube is down

It is not a usual issue, but maybe there is a severe problem with YouTube itself. We recommend it to check if YouTube is down on status websites such as DownDetector.

Number five: Check to see if your YouTube account is still active

Check and see if you are using the correct ID and password. Furthermore, if your YouTube account has been deleted or blocked, it would explain why the YouTube channel on Roku, so your account won’t be connected.

Number six: Update your Roku

If the firmware on your Roku is out of date, it can cause issues with launching the YouTube channel. Although the Roku device automatically updates itself, you can do it manually to be assured. Follow these steps;

Step one: Select the “Home” button on your Roku remote

Step two: After that, select “Settings” and then “System Settings”

Step three: Now, press the “System Update” icon

Step four: On the System Update screen, click on “Check Now”

Step five: Finally, your Roku will download the latest updates

Remember that when you have launched the update process, don’t interrupt it or turn off your Roku. In this case, you could corrupt the firmware and cause severe issues with your Roku.

Number seven: Lower your video quality

You can also try to solve the connection problem and bandwidth requirement by lowering your YouTube video quality. To lower the quality;

Step one: Open your Roku home page

Step two: click on “Settings Menu”

Step three: Now, you can find the “Display Type” section

Step four: Finally, lower the resolution settings to 720p or even less.

Number eight: Uninstall and add YouTube to your Roku again

If any of the above solutions do not work for you, try this one. Sometimes they are several glitches which reinstalling the app will clear those issues.

YouTube TV Not Working on Roku

Although YouTube has pulled support for the YouTube TV channel on Roku devices because of mutual terms of service disagreement, you can still find a way to forget the problem.

Until now, the best way to continue using YouTube TV on Roku is to launch YouTube TV on your mobile device and then mirror your computer display to the Roku. You can do this with your mobile screen as well.


Thank you for reading. Detecting the prime problem on Roku is not too difficult, and in most cases, the issue will be resolved by one of the above seven solutions. Otherwise, you have to wait (if YouTube is down) or ask for help from Roku servers. YouTube’s help page might also offer some assistance too.