Today, many messaging and group chat platforms are available for gamers to communicate. Discord is the most popular messenger among these platforms. Everyone can use Discord, and it is not only for gamers. On this platform, users communicate with each other through video calls, text messaging, and voice calls. In this blog, we want to explain discord user lookup.

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What does the Discord lookup mean

To search for a user in Discord, you need to enter their username and Discord tag, which is a four-digit ID number. Stay with us to know how to search for a user in Discord using user lookup methods and access their information such as their profile pictures, name badges, creation date, etc.

How to find people using their Discord tag

In every social media, users have a username. So they can find other users and be distinguishable from each other. But in Discord’s sign-up process, users do not need to enter a unique username. They should enter their name instead. So, how can we find a specific user in Discord? Discord adds a tag at the end of people’s names.

This phrase contains a # and a 4-digit number. Therefore, with this method, people are distinguished from each other. If you have usernames and Discord tags of people, follow the steps below to find them in Discord:

For mobile phone

  1. Run the Discord app.
  2. Tap on the waving person icon. This icon is at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap the Add Friend icon in the upper right corner. Enter the username and tag of the person in the relevant box and press Send Friend Request.

For Computer

  1. Open Discard.
  2. Click on the Home icon. This icon is at the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Press the Add Friend button.
  4. Enter the username and tag of the person in the corresponding box and click on Send Friend Request.

How to find Discord users without their Discord tag

As mentioned, having the username and Discord tag of people, you can find them directly in Discord and send them a friend request. If you do not have them and want to find that person or see their information, you can do this using some methods and tools. Stay with us to introduce these methods to you.

Activate phone contacts synchronization

You can find your friends and acquaintances by activating the option to synchronize contacts in Discord. To do this, follow the steps below.

  1. In Discord, tap on the Friends tab.
  2. Tap the Get Started button or select Find your friends on Discord.
  3.  Click on the Find Your Friends option.
  4. Check the Allow Contacts to add me and tap the Grant permission or Get Started button.
  5. Permit Discord to access your contacts by pressing Allow.

Find people using the Nearby Scan feature

This feature helps you find Discord users within 30 feet of distance. In this method, you can see the users who have turned on their phone’s wifi or Bluetooth. Of course, you also should turn on one of these two options on your phone. To use this method:

  1. Launch Discord.
  2. Go to the Friends tab and press the Add Friend button.
  3. Tap Nearby Scan to start the search.
  4. If needed, give Discord any permission to access the microphone, wifi connection, location, and Bluetooth.

Use Discord ID Search

One of the best ways to search for people is to use the Discord lookup tool. With this tool, you can find information such as Username, User ID, Badges, profile picture, profile banner, and the user account creation date. Discord Hub, Discord Lookup, and Lookup Guru are among the best Discord lookup tools you can use for free and access the information of anyone by entering their Discord user ID or username.

Use the people search tools

Such tools help you to access people’s information. One of these tools is Social Catfish, which is free. You can use it to verify a person’s identity. It is a reverse lookup search engine to find them.


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