If you have a business Facebook page and want to create a contest and specify one as the winner in the comments section, you need a Facebook comment picker. Some apps make it easy to pick one person in the comments as the winner of the contest. If you have more than a thousand comments on a post, you can use the Facebook comment picker to select the winner of the contest posts.

Commentpicker website

You can use the Commentpicker website for picking Facebook post comment winner. First, you have to log in with your user information on Facebook and copy and paste the post URL address, and then one of the post comments is automatically selected as the winner.

A newer tool on this website will respond to comments, add more entries, blacklisted users, filter the number of people tagged in the post, or filter specific text in the comments.


In Woobox, in addition to selecting one person as the winner among the comments of a contest post, you can create and publish different contests on your page. The procedure is very simple, and using this program is free. The app receives your latest posts on Facebook and allows you to select one person as the winner of your contest posts from the comments.

Fanpage Karma’s Good Luck Fairy

One of the easiest Facebook comment picker methods is the Karma’s Good luck Fairy Fanpage app. Just copy the link of your post from Facebook and copy it in the desired section of this website to select a person in the comments as the contest winner. One of the advantages of this application is the selection of the winner through the following:

  1. Users who liked your post
  2. Users who have commented on your post
  3. Users who both liked the post and commented on it.
  4. Among the people whose comments received the most likes

Contest Capture

Of course, unlike other applications that we introduce in this article, this program does not automatically perform the comment operation. Instead, it provides you with a CSV file that contains the information of people associated with your post. This file contains the following:

  1. User interaction type: Like or comment
  2. User username on Facebook
  3. User profile address
  4. Facebook user name
  5. Date of comment creation

Based on these statistics, you should choose one person as the winner from the post comments.


So you do not always have to read thousands of comments manually and choose one of them. You can leave this to the applications or websites that select the Facebook comment we introduced in this article and get the best possible result.


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