Facebook Marketplace is one of the attractive features where you can buy and sell goods. When you intend to purchase an item on Facebook Marketplace, you can buy it directly, and you don’t need to coordinate and negotiate with the seller. Just click on the “Buy Now” button. By doing this, you will be referred to a page where you should enter information such as shipping address and payment information. After completing the transaction, the seller must send the product to you.

The sellers should enable this button so that users can buy their products. In addition, the buyer must also have the conditions of purchasing the item in the same location as the seller. The “Buy Now” button is only available for eligible items. For example, such products that are illegal or hazardous or violate Facebook policies cannot be bought and sold.

Why is the “Buy Now” button greyed out on Facebook Marketplace?

Sometimes you like an item to buy it, but the “buy now” button is disabled. Why does this happen? 

  • Someone else has purchased that item, and it is no longer available. When an item is purchased and is not available for sale, the Buy Now button will be greyed out.
  • It is possible that the item is not suitable and eligible for sale. For example, if it is hazardous, illegal, or against Facebook policies.
  • When the sellers have set the price of their items before, they activate the “Buy Now” feature so that buyers can purchase it with one click and without negotiation. But if they want to receive offers, they don’t activate this feature. So buyers can call them and agree on the price. In this situation, this button will not be available.
  • If your account is restricted, this button will be disabled for you.
  • Sometimes a bug and a technical issue can cause such problems for users. First, message the seller. If you find out the “buy now” button is not working due to technical issues, you can contact Facebook support.

How to Fix the “Buy Now” Button Not Working

If the “Buy Now” button is greyed out on Facebook Marketplace, you can try the following methods to solve this problem.

  • Make sure that item is available. For this, you can check the details of the listing. After an item is sold, the Buy Now button will be greyed out, and the listing will be removed.
  • Check that your account is not restricted and it is not the reason for not working the Buy Now button.

Can you safely buy from Facebook Marketplace Shipping?

Since you want to buy from a stranger, it is better to consider some things to avoid fraud.

  • Before you buy, check the seller’s profile. You can check the reviews to make sure that person is eligible.
  • Contact the seller and ask about shipping details and return policy.
  • Use secure payment methods such as credit cards and PayPal to purchase.
  • Don’t be surprised by very cheap items below market value. There is probably a problem in most cases, and the seller may be a fraud.
  • Keep records of seller information, item descriptions, and shipping details.
  • Facebook does not take responsibility for transactions. It does not provide any protection for sellers and buyers. Therefore, you should be careful in buying items that need shipping. Try to purchase items that you can pick up in person locally.


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