Every day, problems may arise between two people who are related to each other, and a fight may take place. This communication can be a work, emotional, friendship, or family relationship. In this case, one of them may block the other person to prevent that person from calling. You are reading this blog probably because someone has blocked you, but you insist on calling that person. Stay with us to learn how to contact someone who has blocked you.

Don’t forget to respect the privacy of the blocker

Knowing that someone blocked you may be difficult and annoying. Bear in mind that there must be a reason why that person has blocked you out of anger. So it is better not to rush and let that person calm down. Try to understand that contacting someone who doesn’t want to talk to you is considered harassment and can sometimes get you into trouble. The solutions presented in this blog are for someone with a compelling reason to call to resolve problems and misunderstandings. By the way, here are the methods to call a person who blocked your phone number.


Method 1: Call using your number

Hide your number on the recipient’s phone using your phone settings

In Android and iPhone, some settings help you call them so they don’t see your number. For this, you need to go to the Caller ID settings.

For Android

  1. Open the phone app.
  2. Tap on the three dots icon and select Settings.
  3. Click Supplementary Services.
  4. Tap on Show your caller ID and turn it on
  5. Set that option to Never.

For iPhone:

  1. Go to Phone settings in your settings.
  2. Tap on the Show my caller ID.
  3. Toggle it off.

Change the dialing method

If you enter *67 before the desired person’s number, your number will not be shown on the recipient’s recipient’s phone screen, and instead of your phone number, they will see Unknown or Private number as the caller’s name. So you should type the number as *67-972-737-****, for example.

Use apps that assign you a phone number

Some apps help you to call others using a virtual number. If you have a smartphone, you can install one of these apps on your device. These apps randomly assign you a phone number, and the recipient does not realize that the person who called them is you. One of the advantages of these apps is that the Code area it gives you is separate from where you live.

Call the person’s landline phone number

If someone has blocked your number in their phone and your communication is disconnected, you can call that person’s home phone. Many land-based devices cannot block numbers.

So if you have that person’s home number, you can call them this way.

Change your number

One of the ways you can call the person who blocked you is to call using another number. So, you can contact your service provider and ask them to change your SIM card number. You may need to pay a fee for this. Don’t forget that person can also block your new number.

Method 2: Use another phone to call

Because that person has blocked your number, you cannot communicate with your SIM card. So, you can use another device to call.

Communication through public telephones

One solution is to use public phones. For example, payphones, hotel phones, or your workplace can be a good option.

Using other people’s phones

You can explain the situation to your friend and ask them to let you call the person who blocked you using their phone. Of course, if you call that person several times using your friend’s number, you may disturb that person, and they will block that number too.

Ask a mutual friend to help as a proxy

If you have used different methods to call, but the person hangs up when they hear your voice and refuses to listen, ask someone else to help you contact them if this person is a mutual friend. It is much better if the blocker trusts that person. This person can convey your words to the blocker and resolve misunderstandings.


Sometimes you may be noticed someone blocks you for some reason, and you cannot contact that person. If you think that person thinks wrongly about you and has a misunderstanding, use the solutions provided in this post and talk to that person to solve the problem.


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