Instagram is filled with beautiful images and even more attractive people with interesting profiles. There have been times when I felt compelled to download an Instagram profile picture because it looked so stunning.

It’s not uncommon to want to download your Instagram profile picture for cross-posting or backup. In such circumstances, you can use a few handy methods.

If you want to download a profile picture from Instagram, you should know these things first.

  • If you edit those profile pictures, you shouldn’t use them anywhere else. You are not allowed to do so. If you are really interested in doing that, you should ask the account owner for their permission.
  • If you do not use any third-party apps on your PC, you should not expect to get good quality.

How to download Instagram profile picture

You are probably among those who have failed after trying to see people’s profile pictures or download them on Instagram. As you know now, the profile picture on Instagram displays in the form of a small circle on the top-left side of people’s profiles, and you cannot zoom in and see that picture in a larger size.

Many people are looking to solve their question of how to download Instagram profile pictures for reasons such as curiosity. There is also no ability to zoom the profile picture on Instagram, but you can always find a way to solve your problem with a simple search.

If you enter Instagram using the mobile app, you cannot download your profile picture or view it in a larger size by clicking on your profile picture on your profile page; but you can only change or delete it. On the other hand, if you enter this platform using the desktop version by right-clicking on the profile picture, you can only save a small version of it on the computer, and the saved picture will have poor quality.

So what is the solution? What should you do to see the Instagram profile picture full size?

What does “ig pfp” stand for?

Instagram profile picture. You are reading this article because you are now looking for a way to learn more about ig pfp, such as how to download Instagram dp or how to save Instagram profile picture.

Why do we need a tool to enlarge Instagram profile picture?

  1. If a person with a private account requests to become your follower and you can’t recognize it from the name it has chosen for its profile (considering that some people do not write their real name), the best way is to identify the person from its profile picture.
  2. Sometimes people who are not among your followers send you direct messages. If their account is private and you can’t see their posts, check their profile picture to see who is messaging you.
  3. Sometimes you like someone’s profile picture and want to get ideas for your profile picture. Especially if you have a business page, by seeing the photos and logos of your competitors, you can get ideas for creating your own logo or show them to others as an example.

How to download Instagram profile picture online

There are many tools you can use to download and view profile pictures in large sizes. In the following, we will introduce some of them:

Instadp online tool

One of the top online tools for downloading and viewing Instagram profile pictures is Instadp. Other services such as downloading posts and stories are possible on this website too.

You can access people’s profile pictures by copying their Instagram link or entering their Instagram ID. The quality of the picture you receive is not the same as the original size. Considering that when the user uploads his profile picture, the original size changes, and the reduction in quality is normal. Now let’s talk about how to download the profile picture from this website:

  1. Go to using your PC or mobile browser.
  2. From the tabs on the main page, select the section related to the Instagram profile photo downloader.
  3. Enter the Instagram ID of the user you want in the corresponding box and click on the Get button to see the picture.
  4. Click the download button to save it on your device.

Inflact is one of the other websites where you can easily download the profile picture of the desired person. Other services such as downloading photos and videos in users’ posts and stories are provided on this website. The Instagram profile picture downloading steps on this website are the same as the Instadp. Just copy the ID of the user you want in the relevant field and download its profile picture.

Another tool that we introduce to you is Save-insta, which has a completely similar process to the two mentioned tools. You just need to go to this website and click the profile tab and download the photo by entering the Instagram username or the url of the person’s profile. Before downloading, you can zoom it by clicking on the zoom hd image button.

How to download Instagram profile pictures on Android

In addition to the above methods that helped you download profile pictures using websites with online tools, there are also a series of Android apps to do this.

Insta Profile Pic Saver

You can view and save people’s profile photos on Instagram on this app. First, enter the name of that person’s profile in the corresponding field. Then tap on the “get profile picture” button. This app searches the Instagram space and fetches the profile picture. After seeing the photo, you can tap on the save icon on the top-right corner of the page to save it.

Insta Big Profile Photo

As mentioned earlier, you may not recognize people from their profile pictures. Insta Big Profile Photo is a suitable app for enlarging Instagram profile photos.

  1. Open Instagram and copy the profile image URL.
  2. Paste it into the app.
  3. Then click the “load it” option and see the profile picture in the large size.

Online apps for downloading Instagram profile pictures

1. Instadp

Instagram Profile Picture Downloader (Instadp) is an impressive and free web application that lets you download an Instagram profile picture in a few seconds. This tool has the advantage of giving you a high-resolution profile picture. However, you can find the image in its actual resolution, even if you don’t get a 1080p version.

Enter the Instagram account’s username after that. There is a list you can choose from, where you will find the exact profile.

The profile picture should appear on your screen within a few moments. You can expand the profile picture by clicking on it. It can later be downloaded to your computer.


Although it has the same name as the aforementioned tool, it does a completely different task. In addition to the profile picture, you can also download all the pictures from an Instagram account using this simple and free tool.

Enter the username of the profile and click the Search button to start using the web app. You can then find all the images associated with that Instagram account along with its profile picture. The profile picture can then be downloaded to your computer or mobile device.

3. Izuum

You can also download large versions of Instagram profile pictures with Izuum, another free web tool. However, the profile picture can be downloaded in high resolution and not 152 x 152 pixels. This is very simple and does not take a great deal of time. Start by clicking the ZOOM button and entering the username in the white box. Within seconds, you will see the profile picture.

Regarding speed, however, the first tool appears to be the best among these three web apps.

4. Insta Big Profile Photo

If you look at Instagram profile pictures in small sizes, it is often difficult to recognize known faces. Hence, you should use an app like this one to enlarge your photos.

5. Profile Picture Download for Instagram

This Android app has a 4.7-star rating in the Play Store, and it’s probably the most clutter-free way to save Instagram profile pictures.

It is free to download and takes up 3MB of space.

6. Qeek

Using Qeek, you can zoom into the Instagram profile picture of any Instagram user. Like the aforementioned app, the image can be downloaded. This means that any Instagram profile can be searched for and the profile picture can be downloaded within seconds. As opposed to Insta Big Profile Photo, you can search for Instagram profiles by username. By searching, you can find the profile picture, which can be zoomed in and downloaded. You can open the profile picture in high resolution before downloading by using the Fullscreen option.


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