Sometimes, your Facebook username is the only chance for you to catch up with your mates, customers, and others. If you need to know your Facebook username or ID, I must tell you that these are definitely not the same.

We are in the social media years, and catching up with friends or talking to customers is much more effortless than it was 20 years ago. Yet, knowing how to look up our Facebook username and ID or find someone else simply by using their Facebook ID can be challenging.

With over 3 billion active users, Facebook is a huge social network! It gives people millions of usernames to choose from, and we can pick the one we like best. In comparison, Facebook IDs are somewhat forced, and the app randomly gives them to you. It is exclusively for you to share with other apps and comprises unique numbers.

Let’s tear into the blog to discover how to get our Facebook ID or username on different devices:

How do I find my Facebook username?

Picking a username for a Facebook account is so easy. A username is the public address of your profile or page, and you pick it yourself. So, it would usually be made up of your real name or brand name. You can modify this later if you are fed up with your old public address and want to start over with a mint one. Now, look at the methods:

1.  By utilizing a web browser on a desktop (PC)

  • First, we go to the official Facebook website, tap on your profile pic, go to the Settings and Privacy page, and then tap on Settings.
  • Look for the username under General Profile Settings. Your account’s username is at the end of the link, as shown below in bold:

If you haven’t made a username yet, you can make one or change the one you already have by hitting the “Edit” button.

Note: You can see your username by looking at your profile’s URL, as shown below. Simply select your profile in the top-right corner to reveal the address bar:


2.  Through Facebook Messenger

Before all else, launch the Facebook Messenger app on your phone and tap the symbol of the parallel line at the top left of the screen. Then, touch the setting icon. So, in front of the username row, you will see your public address, as I have shown below:











3.  Through Facebook’s mobile app

No matter what phone type you have, you first need to launch the Facebook app and click on “profile picture.” Next, tap the three-dot sign and keep going till you get to the floor of the page. You’ve found your Facebook username, which is the unique portion of your profile’s link:







How do I see my Facebook user ID?

As I said before, your Facebook ID differs greatly from your username. Unlike your username, you cannot change your Facebook ID. It’s unique to you and usually looks like a string of numbers followed by “fbid” in the URL. This identifier is generated automatically and is distinctive for every submission.

  • Anyway, open the Facebook app again and tap the parallel lines button (the hamburger). Press Settings and Privacy, then tap the Settings item.
  • Now, it’s time to scroll down to the bottom and open the Apps and Websites item.

Your Facebook account is linked to these apps and websites, so by selecting one of them, you might view your unique Facebook ID. You can willingly share it with anyone you want.

Note: There is a shortcut to getting a Facebook ID number. Just open a browser on your tablet, smartphone, or computer and, via your profile link, go to your Facebook account. Next, open one of your images and note the full URL again. You can see your Facebook ID number after ”fbid”:


With these tips, you can use a brilliant, cool nickname on Facebook if you want to make an impression. It adds an extra layer of protection, defines your personal brand, and could help your business.

  • I’ll repeat: Your Facebook username is a public address, and your Facebook ID is the only way to identify your account.

Your username could be so critical in terms of business or something like that. So, try to pick the most fascinating name possible. Luckily, you can change it as much as you want to get the best one.


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