Every now and then, Instagram experiences login problems just like every other application. Any device can experience this issue, whether it is a phone or a computer.

These are the common Instagram login errors

Typically, when you have trouble logging into Instagram, you will receive any of the following messages:

  1. “We couldn’t connect to Instagram. Make sure you’re connected to the internet and try again.”
  2. “We can’t sign in to your account”.
  3. “Sorry, there was a problem with your request.”
  4. “Your password is wrong?”
  5. “Instagram username not found.”
  6. “The username you entered doesn’t belong to an account. Please check your username and try again.”

Logging into Instagram can be a daunting and downright frustrating experience because the error makes it almost impossible to contact Instagram, even for help.

The good news is that Instagram’s errors are usually self-inflicted, which means that they can usually be corrected easily.

Why do I see “We couldn’t connect to Instagram”

The error message “We couldn’t connect to Instagram” appeared. Make sure you’re connected to the internet and try again” is a common problem related to network connections.

There are however other reasons such as cache. This error can appear when you attempt to log into your Instagram account, as well as in other situations.

In cases of internet connectivity problems, you might receive an error message stating “An unknown network error has occurred.”  Regardless of whatever is interrupting your Internet connection, such as network configuration settings or app settings, you will need to make changes to these settings in order to fix this problem.

The first thing we’ll do is look at the causes of the “We Couldn’t Connect to Instagram. Please ensure that you are connected to the internet and try again” error on Instagram and then share effective troubleshooting tips.

1. The network connection is poor

As you can clearly see from the message, it says “Make sure you’re connected”; some hint has been given to you indicating there is a connectivity issue.

In most cases, it’s an internet problem, but it doesn’t always have to be. Perhaps you are connected but there are no signals, or perhaps your device settings are blocking data transmission, resulting in this error.

Although your network might start working well now, you should understand that your online connections might be blocked at any given time if the network is interrupted.

If you’re using mobile data, you may find that your subscription is exhausting without realizing it, and even though your device shows that it’s connected, you find that you can’t load any apps or websites until you renew your data subscription.

If something is causing problems with your network, it must be fixed before this error can be resolved.

2. You have Cache somewhere

By storing resources in the cache, loading times will be shortened and the performance of the app will be improved.

For various reasons, the wrong data can be stored in the cache, causing it to interfere with app activities, such as preventing the app from connecting to the internet or downloading data.

It is also possible that the cache files become corrupted and cause unexpected errors within the Instagram application. If you want to ensure that your apps run smoothly, you need to clear your phone cache and your app cache periodically.

It will help resolve the error “We Couldn’t Connect to Instagram” if you empty the cache folder. Check that your Internet connection is working and try again” on Instagram.

3. Your device is infected with malware

It is possible for malware and viruses to cause every problem on your device, and nothing will work appropriately if your device is infected.

You’ll find that your phone runs slowly and that settings are altered unknowingly causing a lot of programs to freeze and apps to crash, or even the entire operating system to crash.

In order to prevent malware and viruses from getting on your device, you should make sure you have an anti-virus app installed.

You will be exposed to viruses and malware if you are connected to the Internet and receiving files from other devices. On a regular basis, you should scan your device for malware to ensure that no harmful files or programs have been hidden.

4. APN settings are incorrect

It is necessary to reconfigure your APN settings prior to being able to connect online. In the event the wrong APN configuration is used, you will experience slow internet, which will result in network errors on various websites.

There are several ways to undo APN changes, including restoring APN settings to default if you have made changes to them or if the app made APN changes.

5. The data is corrupt

There is a possibility that data stored by Instagram could be corrupted. Almost every mobile app stores data. Data such as login credentials and app activity are stored in these databases.

If this data is corrupt, the information that is stored will be altered, your login credentials can be altered, and you will not be able to access the app.

In the event that app data becomes corrupt, the best thing to do is to empty the data folder. The app will constantly create fresh data files whenever it is launched.

6. There is a problem with the Instagram app files

Instagram’s app files should not be altered, but if they’re corrupt, the app no longer works. It will have trouble performing almost every function.

You will need to re-install the Instagram app if app files are corrupted or infected with malware, and you will need to delete the app when all data has been cleared. Even after reinstalling the app, you’ll still encounter technical issues if you don’t clear data.

These are some of the most common causes of the “We Couldn’t Connect to Instagram. Make Sure You’re Connected to the Internet and Try Again error on Instagram.” error.

In addition to server problems, app conflicts, etc., there are still other possible reasons. This network error can be fixed by taking a look at the possible solutions.

How to fix “We couldn’t connect to Instagram” on PC

if you are using browser to log in to Instagram, so better to follow the bellow steps. If these doesn’t work, you should wait for couple of hours.

  1. Check to see if Instagram is down: You can check this on downdetector.com
  2. Switch off and on your internet connection.
  3. Use different internet connection: If you have s smart phone, you can try using mobile hotspot, to see if you can login via different network connection.
  4. Clear cookies: You can clear cookies from the setting of any devices.
  5. Use VPN
  6. Try log in via mobile.
  7. Try log in using different browser.
  8. 8. Wait for a couple of hours.

How to Fix “We Couldn’t Connect to Instagram” on Mobile

Here are the simple ways you can fix the issues.

#1 Start by restarting the app

Consider starting with a simple fix and restarting the Instagram app before you spend a lot of time trying to solve the issue.

Occasionally, even minor technical problems can cause problems in the app and prevent it from connecting to the internet. In those cases, restarting the app fixes the problem. You can try restarting your Instagram app to fix it.

#2 Restart The device you’re using

Trying to restart the app won’t work, so you should restart your device instead. You can also try restarting your device to help fix the “We Couldn’t Connect to Instagram” error.

Check that you’re connected to the Internet and click “Try Again” fast without applying any lengthy fixes.

Switch off your device and restart. By restarting your device, all settings, including your network settings, will be refreshed, and there is a chance that this error that prevents you from accessing your Instagram account will be fixed.

#3 Check your Internet connection

Having an active network is one thing, but then you will discover you cannot connect online. This has happened multiple times to our network. The modem or router can sometimes be restarted to fix network problems.

It is best to check your connection status by conducting a random search on your browser or by visiting any website and observing how quickly it loads.

When it loads slowly or not at all, you need to either switch to a different network or restart your router/modem. As soon as you are able to fix your network, the Instagram app shouldn’t present any issues.

#4 Fix problems with Instagram

When the Instagram application is corrupt, especially when the app files are affected, it’s not possible for the application to work properly. There are a few steps you can take to fix the Instagram application. Let’s take a look at them briefly;

#5 The Instagram app needs to be updated

App updates can fix problems such as bugs and other technical issues. You can update the Instagram app by going to the app store and searching for Instagram.

By clicking on the app when it appears, you’ll be able to see the “Update App” option. If no updates are available, you will see the message “Installed”.

Try signing into your Instagram account without receiving an error message after you update the app.

#6 Delete the app data and cache

The next step is to clear the app’s cache and data if updating the app doesn’t work. A corrupt cache or app data will make the app inoperable, as mentioned previously.

You can clear app data and cache by tapping on “Settings” and then “Apps” or “Application Manager”.

Regardless of the device, you’re using, you simply need to select “Instagram” from the app list. When you tap on the screen, you will see options such as “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data”.

Each folder’s content should be cleared by tapping on it. Next, restart Instagram to verify that the error has been resolved.

#7 Install Instagram again

Updating or clearing the app data and cache might not be enough to fix the app when the app files are corrupt. As a result, the only option you have is to reinstall the application.

When you reinstall the Instagram app, you now have new setup files that are free of malware or viruses, so there is no need to worry about technical issues within the app.

Just long-tap Instagram and choose “Uninstall”. Make sure to clear the app data as well. After that, you need to download and install Instagram again from the play store or app store.

#8 Maintain a clear storage area

You may have junk files on your storage that are causing problems with your app or affecting your entire device.

By clearing storage, you will be able to get rid of unwanted files and junk that have been hiding for some time, allowing your device to run faster and free up more space.

The first step should be to clear app storage. We already talked about clearing app data and cache, but if the app has another storage, it needs to be cleared as well.

It’s best to use a phone cleaner app to clean up your phone storage by analyzing your device and removing unnecessary files.

These are files and apps you haven’t used in a long time, which means they’re no longer useful. Most cleaners will let you choose files and programs you don’t use, but are taking up a lot of storage space on your device.

#9 Reset the preferences of the app

If you’re still unable to fix the “We Couldn’t Connect to Instagram” error, you should have cleared any technical issues with the Instagram app.

A reset of the app preferences is necessary if you receive the “Make Sure You’re Connected to the Internet and Try Again” error on Instagram. You can reset the “App Preference” settings by going to Settings, Application, and Apps, and then tapping “Three dots.”.

When you tap the option “Reset App Preference”, the app preferences on your device will be reset.

#10 APN settings should be reset

An incorrect APN configuration setting can lead to internet connection issues, as stated in the causes. By resetting your APN settings, you will restore them to the default settings that came with your device.

This can be accomplished by tapping on “Settings”, selecting “Wireless & Network”, followed by selecting “Mobile Network”. Select “Access Point Names (APNs)” and select “Reset to defaults”. After the reset, restart your phone and launch Instagram to see if you can connect without any errors.

#11 Make sure the date and time are accurate

When apps and websites detect incorrect dates on your device, they block connections. The date on your device may change in a way that it’s not synced to the current date if the device’s date isn’t set to automatic.

If you’re using a smartphone, you need to ensure that the date is set to “Automatic”. That way, the time will always be fixed by your mobile network provider.

To enable “Automatic” date and time, go to “Settings” and select “Date and Time”.

The mentioned points are the best ways to get rid of the “We Couldn’t Connect to Instagram. Make Sure You’re Connected to the Internet and Try Again” error on Instagram, and we hope you are able to resolve it.


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