Most of the time, Instagram users publish a video with its background sound on Instagram. But sometimes, they prefer to use the background sound for various reasons, such as unpleasant or poor video sound quality or removing the original sound to add music or another sound. Fortunately, Instagram has provided users to publish their videos without sound. We will explain how to remove the sound of Instagram posts and stories before publishing.

Remove sound from Instagram posts

Let’s say you want to post a video on Instagram that doesn’t have a good sound or has noise. A video without sound may indeed be boring for the followers. But a video without sound is better than a video with annoying sound. For example, hearing the sound of cutting wood in a workshop will make the viewer nervous. By the way, Follow the steps below to drop sound from an Instagram post:

  1. Open Instagram.
  2. Tap on the Add icon, which is in the form of a plus.
  3. Select the desired videos. Then choose the type from the tab below by pressing the post.
  4. At the top of the screen is the loudspeaker icon. Tap on it to mute it.
  5. Tap the arrow at the top of the page and publish your post.

Unfortunately, you can use this method when you select more than one video to be posted. So, if you choose only one video to share, the loudspeaker icon will not appear, and you cannot mute it. To select multiple videos, press and hold the first video until multiple selections be activated.

It’s worth noting that if your video is longer than a minute, there is a workaround. Instagram allows you to display this video in several separate slides, so you should split it into several sections (at least 2).

Removing sound from Instagram stories

If you want to share the video in the story, you can mute its sound before sharing it. The method of muting stories is as follows:

  1. Click on the plus icon located in the Home section.
  2. Select the desired video.
  3. Tap on the Story from the tab at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Record your video or select it from the gallery.
  5. At the top of the screen, you will see the loudspeaker icon. Press it to mute the video sound.
  6. Tap on the arrow at the bottom of the screen and publish your story.

How to add sound to posts on Instagram

One of the new features offered by Instagram is the ability to add sound to posts. Of course, this feature is not available in some regions. Follow the steps below to add a voice to your Instagram post.

  1. Tap on the Plus icon.
  2. Select the Post option from the tab at the bottom of the screen. Press the video or photo you want to post.
  3. Tap on the arrow icon to go to the next step.
  4. On this page, tap on the Add Music option. If this feature is not on your account, update your Instagram to the latest version. Now check to see if this option appears.
  5. Now, choose the desired music.

How to add music to Instagram stories

You can increase your stories’ appeal to the audience by adding music. Do this using the following simple steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app and tap on the plus icon. This icon is in the middle of the bottom of the page.
  2. Click on the story from the tab at the bottom of the screen and select. Then choose the video or photo you want, or you can take a new photo or video.
  3. Tap on the sticker icon from the top of the screen.
  4. Tap on the Music option and add your favorite one from the list.
  5. Select the part of the song you want to play on your story using the slider.



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