Microsoft (MS) Word is the application that serves as the industry standard and is installed on most personal PCs used for word processing. It allows you to create documents and do a wide range of other operations related to word processing. There are several advantages to this application and you are free to use them. Sometimes, however, important word files can get corrupted, and this must be addressed immediately.

Online MS Word repair tool online

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Due to COVID-19, almost all elements of life have been shifted online. However, the most significant change was the move from office to remote working. This has its advantages and drawbacks, the most significant of which is the need for data sharing. A rise in data sharing has led to an increase in issues linked to security gaps, cloud sharing, and damaged Word files. In this article, we’ll discuss how to repair Word documents.

How to repair doc files online

There are several ways a Word document might get corrupted, making it impossible for you to access the file. This may result from damage to the document or the template upon which the document is built. Most of the time, however, it is a laptop or computer that has gone to sleep, a faulty hard disc drive (HDD), or the improper recovery of deleted data from the Windows Recycle Bin.

How to repair doc files online? Just submit your file online to our service and we’ll have the recovered text ready for you in no time. Recovery Toolbox for Word offers an easy-to-use user interface (UI), making it an acceptable solution for Online MS Word repair for users unfamiliar with the process of repairing Word documents after an accident involving file damage.

1.   Use the Microsoft Word Repair tool

The document repair program incorporated into Microsoft Word was first made available with the release of Microsoft Word 2007. Users of this program can recover files that have been deleted and repair those that are not functioning properly. Since it is a proprietary piece of software, using it involves the fewest risks.

The details on how to utilize the tool are as follows:

  • Start Microsoft Word
  • To open any file, either press the “Ctrl” key and the “O” key simultaneously or go to the “File” menu and choose “Open”.
  • Locate the corrupted file and click on it to make it visible.
  • Click the “Open” button, then the button with the arrow pointing down, and finally choose the option that says, “Open and Repair”.

      If the attempt to open and repair your file using the Microsoft Word program is unsuccessful, you may move on to the next solution.

2.   Recover unsaved documents

If the AutoSave function was activated before the file was infected, the file may be included in earlier Unsaved Files. This functionality is included in all versions of Word from Office 2003 onwards. This is the procedure you should follow:

  • Launch Microsoft Word and choose “Info” from under the “File” menu.
  • Navigate to the “Manage Versions” menu and choose the “Recover Unsaved Documents” option.
  • Take note that all your previous Autosaved Word files will be shown here.
  • Select the appropriate document and then use the “File” menu to save it in a different place, using the “Save as” option.

Please bear in mind that the file may not reflect the most recent modifications. It’s possible that this step won’t work if you have just shut down your computer or restarted it.

3.   Restore text from any file

There is a special function in Microsoft Word that allows you to retrieve text from any file, even damaged versions of Word documents. We recommend that you take advantage of this built-in solution. You will not, however, be able to retrieve any of the photos included in the file or the formatting. This is how it is done:

  • Launch the Microsoft Word program.
  • To open a document in Microsoft Word, go to the “File” menu at the top of the screen and choose “Open”. You can also hit the “Control” key and the “O” key simultaneously.
  • Use the arrow keys or the mouse to go to the damaged file and click it to highlight it.
  • Choose from the options shown in the combination box. Click on “All Files” to bring up a drop-down list, and then click on “Recover Text from Any File”.
  • If you click on the “HTML File and the Open Word” button, the file will be processed and all of the textual information will be shown. You might come across a few incomprehensible sentences; disregard them.
  • After moving the file to a new place and making the necessary changes, you may resume your work.

4.   Open with Notepad

If none of the options mentioned above were successful, you might try using Notepad instead. Since it is a simple processor, Notepad can circumvent the document structure to access the textual information inside a corrupted file. This means you will lose all of the formatting as well as the photos. When this information is lost, it is simple to retrieve it using Notepad by following the steps below:

  • To highlight the corrupted Word file, click on it.
  • Open it in Notepad by selecting “Open With” from the context menu that appears when you right-click on it.
  • To see all available programs, scroll down until you reach the “Other Programs” section and then touch on the arrow that indicates downwards.
  • To access Notepad, scroll down.
  • Make sure that all the written boxes have their checkmarks removed and always utilize the software chosen to open this sort of file.
  • Click “Ok”.

Proceed to the Notepad window, which should have opened automatically at this point; you might see a warning message indicating that Notepad cannot show formatting and pictures. You will also see the text you had on your Word document. To start the project, please create a new Word document and copy and paste the contents into it.

In these ways, you can recover any file by using  the Microsoft repair tool, recovering an unsaved document, restoring text from any file, or by opening with Notepad.


You can repair any damaged Word file without even downloading any software. We provide an online MS Word repair tool where you can upload your corrupted file and we’ll send the repaired file to your email address.

Online MS Word repair tool online

Follow these steps to recover a corrupted Word document:

  • Click the “Select File” button and choose a text file to open.
  • Enter your email address and click “Next”.
  • Wait for the file recovery process to finish before downloading the recovered Word document.

Texts salvaged from corrupted Microsoft Word or Rich Text documents are saved to a new file with the extension “.docx.” Microsoft Word currently supports this most recent file format. With the assistance of the Online MS Word repair tool, it is now possible to retrieve Microsoft Word or Rich Text documents of any size and version on any device with a browser. This is the case regardless of the device’s operating system.


Submit the document to the service if you are unsure how to fix the data in the Word document you are working with. By analyzing the document, our Microsoft Word DOCX corrupt file recovery tool will be capable of conserving and repairing as much of the original content as possible.

 How to repair corrupt Word file 365

How to repair corrupted Microsoft Word documents online:

  • Select corrupted Word (.doc/.docx) file
  • Type in your email address
  • Upload file
  • Download fixed (.docx) file


This online version of the Microsoft Word repair tool is a perfect solution for How to repair corrupt Word file 365. It does a thorough study of the underlying structure of the damaged file using a variety of specific algorithms.

How to repair corrupt Word file 365

The following steps need to be taken to recover a damaged Microsoft Word file:

  • Launch the online repair wizard by going to this link: It will take you to the first page.
  • Please upload a Microsoft Word document that is corrupted. Enter your email address manually or copy and paste it from another location.
  • Enter the characters shown and click the option labeled, “Upload file for recovery.” Wait while the file is recovered.
  • View some sample pages from the corrected manuscript.
  • You can pay for the document repair using PayPal, a credit card, or any other mode of payment.
  • Download the fixed document for Microsoft Word.

An Alternative Solution to Word file recovery

You can repair damaged and corrupted files with reliable offline licensed software without any wait. Move from random repairs to licensed software and save time and money. The pricing is $39 USD for the offline tool, $10 USD for one file up to 1GB, which is a competitive price compared to others such as Stellar Info or DataNumen.

How to recover corrupted Word 365 document file

Our Recovery Toolbox for Word is the perfect online word repair tool to assist you in How to recover corrupted Word 365 document files and all other types of typewriting files. This software can recover text from corrupted doc and DOCX files and repair documents encoded in ASCII or Unicode. It is a more effective and convenient Online Word repair tool than any other available resources. The recovered text may be imported onto Microsoft Word or saved as plain text (*.txt) files using the Word doc repair tool.

About the company:

Recovery Toolbox is a software developer, independent software vendor, and distributor firm with its headquarters in Varna, Bulgaria. The company has been active globally since 2003. The company’s worldwide software developers work together to create and provide simple and effective methods for regaining and repairing data. Over the previous two decades, more than 100,000 clients have approved Recovery Toolbox‘s data care solutions. Our online data recovery/repair and offline data recovery software can repair all corrupted and damaged files. To maintain our position as one of the world’s most reputable data recovery services providers, we are proud members of the International Standards and Data Engineering Forum (ISDEF).


When recovering corrupted DOC files, the contents of a damaged and/or standard Word document, Recovery Toolbox for Word is an extremely user-friendly program that can open all DOCX and DOC Microsoft Word documents. You can use the program to examine DOCX files, even if you haven’t installed Word or Office. The program allows you to access and examine any DOCX files whenever you want. Recovery Toolbox for Word provides a comprehensive glimpse of the text in Word/Rich Text files for Word. Even damaged DOCX files can be viewed this way. In addition, you may use it as many times as you like for free.


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