Everyone would like to view a private Instagram account without facing any difficulties, but nobody wants to let others view their account. People are more concerned with their data security from anonymous sources these days.

What is a Private Instagram Account?

Private Instagram accounts are owned by people who wish to keep their pictures and videos private or do not wish to share them publicly. The name of the account suggests that only people following it will be able to see the pictures.

People who don’t follow his/her account won’t be able to see those photos. All they can see is the profile picture. I need to follow someone on Instagram to see his Instagram account. Therefore, I will request him to follow. My photos will be available to me if he accepts my request. 

The difference between a private and public Instagram account

Private Accounts

Other Instagram users can’t see the photos on a private Instagram account until and unless the user follows him/her. A personal account is usually a private account.

Public Accounts

Instagram public accounts can be viewed by anyone, regardless of whether or not they follow the user. Usually, people who wish to gain more followers or want their posts to be seen by people around the world have public Instagram accounts.

Is it possible to view private Instagram accounts without following them?

No, that’s the straightforward answer. Instagram account photos cannot be seen if the account is private and you are not following the user. However, there is an indirect way to see the photos. The same process will be explained in this post.

How to View a Private Instagram without Human Verification?

Here are a few methods to view private Instagram profiles. All the information is provided for your convenience.

#1 You can use Instagram account viewer online

To view an Instagram private profile, you can use many different software products on the market. Before I write any more about any of this software, I want to emphasize that I do not recommend or promote any of these programs, as they might cause problems for you.

It is very popular to view private accounts on some of them. Taking a look at the private profile is as simple as using any tool. Viewing private Instagram profiles with the following tools:

Private Insta

You can view a private Instagram account’s photos without having to follow the user or get approval using PrivateInsta if you know someone who has a private Instagram account. You can view the private Instagram photos of any Instagram user by using PrivateInsta, a service that is unique in the world.


Instagram does not allow users to download their images as it violates their terms. An online tool, Instagram, lets you view anyone’s Instagram profile pictures without any hassle.

#2 Create a fake ID

This method can be very beneficial, but it’s also time-consuming and sometimes doesn’t work. It may or may not work, so there’s no guarantee. Although it is not a genuine method, there is no authentic way to view a private Instagram account.

Make sure you include these things in your new fake account so that your account won’t be declined.

  • You need to write a decent description
  • You should make your account private so that the other person feels you are real. Additionally, this may make the person curious about your photos, and he/she must approve your request to see them.

It doesn’t require you to fill out surveys or download 3rd party apps to prove you are human.

#3 Go to Google and type in the person’s username

The person may find this useful if they had shared their photos elsewhere without privacy. However, it can only be used by people with some popularity. It is unlikely to work in most cases.

This is another option. It will take no more than a few minutes. If you search for the person’s username on Google images, you’ll see whether you found the photos or not

#4 Through a friend, see a private Instagram account’s photos

It might be quite easy to do, but you might have trouble finding the person who follows the one you want to see pictures of.

Just look for someone who follows the person you wish to view photos of and ask him/her to show you the pictures.

#5 Treat your friend as a child

That’s how you can spy on your friends’ private Instagram accounts. Do you know what it means to treat your friend like a kid? The simplest way to follow someone is to treat them as if they were kids (as a child would treat his/her mother).

You can access private Instagram photos with apps like Kid Guard Pro, which is what I use. Apps like this are primarily designed for kids, but you can easily use them on another person’s phone as well.

Ask your friend for a while to use your phone before installing this app and starting it. The data will show you everything the person (your friend) visited, and then you can see what they did on Instagram, what they posted, etc.

As well as Instagram, you can see his/her activity on other social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Google, etc.

This app is a paid app, which is a major con! To access this app, you might need to spend a couple of dollars. However, I think it is worth it. 


None of the methods listed above are recommended. In that case, you can look at personal information more authentically and perfectly.

Any of the above-mentioned methods are not recommended or promoted. We recommend that you do not use third-party software because of the high risk of being hacked.


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