Sometimes Instagram direct messages can be disappeared for no logical reason. Maybe the user you are chatting with has not disabled the account at all, you may not have an internet problem, and you may not have a problem with your phone at all.

Instagram DMs not working

Instagram buttons disappeared

If Instagram direct message button or any other buttons on Instagram is disappeared, it means that you are blocked to do further Instagram actions. This can include share to story, comments, like, or sending direct messages. A number of users reported that their buttons on Instagram disappeared, and some of them reported that they are already notified by Instagram on this matter.

However, this can be an Instagram bug also. It’s better you wait for a couple of days, though it’s really frustrating.

instagram direct message button disappeared

In early but not prime days of this app, there used to be only for sharing photos, then after some time they decided to add new feature which included sharing videos as well. After a year the development team showed up with a new idea that insisted people can now tell other about their opinion under the post in a section called comments.

Then this was decided that they could expand the app and make it a platform where you can message people as well and you don’t actually have to communicate with them under their posts anymore. So they added a direct way for people to talk about things and communicating with each other and not having to use other third parties such as WhatsApp for their conversations.

As well as talking, then you could share stuff privately and with the others in confidence and potential customer could ask about your business directly. They called it as the way it was built, “DIRECT”. The direct provided a whole new story to the app, but ever since users are experiencing errors and glitches and the DEV team has been working tirelessly to resolve the issues.

From then more and more features are adding up to the app but there still is one problem which remains intact, the direct messages disappear from time to time. In this world of technology and opportunity we love to talk about, the Instagram app is pulling in a lot more users per second than you think by presenting options that the other apps have never used or presented.

And off for obvious reasons, it becomes the most widespread application in the category of social networks and is especially loved by the younger generation and therefore by the youth. 

However, this popular app is also used by seniors, organizations, universities, corporations, governments, corporations, etc.  Use Instagram application and better believe that this application is one of the most effective ways to view and promote your services.

Instagram chat disappeared but not blocked?

If you sent a message on Instagram and it disappeared, the main reason is disappearing message, the person has blocked you, they have deactivated their accounts, or Instagram disabled their accounts. You need to check all these, and if you are sure non of them is the reason, so it’s Instagram down status. Though, there could be a number of reason for Instagram chat history gone. Many Instagram users reported that their Instagram DMs not working, and they can’t receive or send any Instagram messages. The main reason why Instagram DMs not working is Instagram down status. So, you should wait for a couple of even hours or days.

Why did my whole Instagram DM chat with a person disappear?

If all of your direct messages (DMs) are gone, so it might be an Instagram bug or Instagram down status. If only one conversation or chat is gone, sender has blocked you, deactivated their account, or they unsent the message. There are also other scenarios:

May be Instagram has disabled their account, or it is just a bug. Most of the messages you send on Instagram, even if they are deleted, remain on the platform’s servers for a long time.

If you face this issue after refreshing the direct messages, it is because some chats are stores in your account (which will be disappeared after some times or after you refresh the DMs).

Main reasons why Instagram DMs or group chat disappearing

If your Instagram not showing old messages, it is better first to try to check the problems of the application, including the application cache, its update, and changes in the phone’s IP, and then follow the steps mentioned above to get a better result.

  1. Instagram is down or is adding some new features
  2. That was a disappearing message (new Instagram feature)
  3. The sender or owner has deleted it in the DM section completely.
  4. The sender has blocked you.
  5. The sender has temporarily deactivated their account.
  6. Direct message has been moved to the Primary section.
  7. Instagram has disabled their account.

1. Instagram is down (if all messages disappeared)

You can check if Instagram is down through online tools such as . It shows clearly if Instagram not working at the moment. If you could see the down sign (a red chart) is upward, you should wait for couple of hours or days. Then it will be fixed automatically when everything is as usual.

instagram dms not working

2. You are blocked (if only one conversation disappeared)

The main reason why Instagram direct message disappeared is you are blocked by the person you were chatting with. However, this can be true if it happens for one conversation, not all of DMs on Instagram.

3. The message is unsent by them

If a user unsend a message on Instagram, you will get the notifications, but when you open the direct message, there would be nothing.

As it happens, Instagram app has added a new feature for a while which is unsending messages. If you ever regret sending a message or a false and wrong one has been sent to someone that is not supposed to see them, now you can unsend them by a simple click.

If you had a conversation with some one and all of a sudden you cannot find it anymore, there is a chance of removal of the messages by the other party. Maybe they have decided that it is better to unsend it and they have deleted them.

4. It is an Instagram disappearing message (new feature)

In the newest version of Instagram, they have introduced a feature, which could disappear messages. However, this vanish mode is not activated in all the Instagram direct messages. Therefore, to make sure that your disappearing messages is because of this function, you better check other reasons carefully too.

5. Sender deactivated their account (or deleted)

If someone deactivate or delete their account, all of their messages will disappear also. However, if you want to make sure that they have deactivated their account, you should check via a anonymous story checker (if they have shared any stories in the past 24 hours), or use another accounts.

Sometimes it happens that user for known and un-known reasons deactivate their account or get deactivated by the app itself.

Like the block problem, deactivation also makes the removal of the messages happen too often.

Try searching their name or go to their account, if you could not find the user or did not happen to see any photos in their account, they are probably deactivated.

6. Your Internet Connection is lost

Some of the Instagram bugs can be due to unstable internet connections, so it’s better to check it or switch between WiFi and Mobile Data.

There are too many fields to cover, but mainly they fall into two major categories: problem on your own side and problem from the Instagram app. In this article we try to cover as many as we can and go through all of them one by one.

7. The person is not in the followings

First things first, you see a notification pop up on top of your screen; you see someone is trying to message you.

You click on it and enter the app and reply or transact as you must and then get out.

When you want to check on the answers or the person for some reason, you open the app and get to the messaging area but cannot see the person or the messages.

What happened? Did something happen? The first scenario is that they have requested to send you a message and they are still there in the request area.

The first time you answered you had failed to notice the request and thought of it as a regular direct, so check the request box to see if they are there.

8. Check again if you are blocked

The other reason for the matter of disappearing messages could be being blocked by other parties.

Maybe you have said something offensive or they might have felt insecure about the conversation and decided to end the connection by their own ways and rules.

Consider being blocked as a reason for your messages to be disappeared. To see if you are blocked or not, try searching username of the other person in accusation in the search section within the related area.

If you are being blocked, Instagram will automatically remove the conversation from your messages and you won’t be able to get in touch with them anymore and cannot see them as well.

Although there are ways to unblock yourself but there are risks of getting banned from the app because those ways are actually illegal.

9. Error from the servers

As it happens for the Instagram app, being one of the major platforms in social category will cost you millions worth of servers and those servers run with two important factors; electricity and internet.

In the case of disappearing chats and messages, there might be a glitch or an error caused by disruption of the internet or the electricity that has caused damage to the spoken servers and made the chats go away.

There is not much to do in that case, Instagram is unlikely to give promises for the chats because their first priority is the photos and videos that are shared in the platform.



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