Instagram is now one of the most popular apps, available for all age groups, which is sometimes challenging. Today, many Instagram users report that they can’t see Instagram pictures, and it shows loading icon only.

Here are the reasons, and how to fix Instagram not loading pictures in feed and in direct message.

Why Instagram not loading pictures?

The most common cause of Instagram pictures not loading is technical issues on the app, which can be very frustrating. There are also other reasons such as network problem, which will be discussed in this article.

Tweets showing Instagram issues “not loading pictures”

1. Instagram is down

One of the main reasons why posts or pictures are not loading is Instagram server. If you see a number of people on Twitter or Instagram say that Instagram pictures are not loading, so most probably Instagram app is down. So, what you need to do is to check if Instagram is down, then try browsing the app a couple of hours later.

Instagram is down

Instagram stores all its content on its servers, and every time you log in, data is retrieved from these servers. Instagram’s servers usually run smoothly, so this might happens sometimes.

It is also possible for Instagram servers to be unavailable at times over the year. Instagram usually responds to this issue directly through their Twitter handle.

Occasionally, Instagram will go down for several hours and if that happens, there is nothing you can do except wait until Instagram fixes the problem.

In the worst-case scenario, the site might be down for a few minutes or even several hours but don’t worry, the site won’t be down the whole day.

In addition, even if the servers are up and running, there may still be other technical problems preventing you from loading images on Instagram. No matter what the situation might be, simply be patient until the issue is resolved on their end.

There can still be other secondary reasons for Instagram pictures not loading, but in the end, they can all be classified as the causes above. The next step is to discuss possible solutions to the Instagram pictures not loading issue.

2. Your Internet connection is poor

If Instagram not loading posts or pictures, the main reason can be the poor network connection from your side. It’s most likely your internet connection too poor, especially if you can’t see anything in your feed. You might have encountered an interruption in your network after logging in to your Instagram account, which prevented you from loading pictures and videos.

3. Instagram app is not updated

Your app will not function properly if you do not install the right updates. So it is well worth trying it.

4. There is something wrong with cache

It is well worth trying to clear the cache. You can simply go to your mobile phone settings, or search cache. Find the option to clear the cache on the Instagram app.

5. Your storage is full

Instagram should download pictures to show you, so imagine once it needs to download the pictures there should be enough space on your mobile phone.

So, better to check your storage just by searching storage on your phone. Follow the onscreen instruction to empty some of the unused apps, or clear data on some apps.

6. You mobile phone is disconnected from Internet

If you are using WiFi, or even mobile data it may happen that you disconnected for a number of reasons. So, if you see any loading issues on Instagram, it’s better to check your connection once again. You can open a browser on your mobile phone, or if you are getting from Official Whatsapp, and want some new features in Whatsapp, Whatsappinstalling is always here for you.

If you could search anything using a browser, so your internet is working well.

How to fix Instagram not loading pictures?

Try to check all these solutions. If you still face the issue after trying these solutions, so better to wait for a couple of hours, then try again.

1. Make sure your network is working

The first thing you can do is to change the mobile data to WiFi or vice-versa. If you have only on mobile data, just switch it off/on.

fix Instagram not loading pictures

2. Check if Instagram’s servers are available

You can visit and type in the Instagram name just inside the search box. If there is any problems with Instagram server, a chart will appear there.

3. Re-Open the Instagram app

You should now focus on fixing technical issues related to Instagram after making sure there is no issue with instagram servers.

You need to restart the Instagram app after checking for updates and finding none, or after installing the updates but the issue persists.

It is important to restart the app to refresh the app settings, as incorrect settings may lead to the app malfunctioning. It is recommended to force close Instagram in the “Settings” section after you have closed the app and any instances running in the background.

You must force close the application to close the app completely when you close the app window.

4. Update your Instagram app

It is highly recommended that you have the latest version of Instagram, while using this app frequently. Many Instagram users report that their problems get fixed while they update the app.

5. Clear the cache

As we have mentionned earlier, clearing cache may help fixing this since it will open uo new spaces on your mobile phone.

6. Use Instagram on desktop

It is well worth trying to open instagram from desktop. You can do this on your mobile phone also, just use a browser such as Safari, Firefox, etc. Go to, and tap “Aa” just left buttom corner of the browser. Use a desktop version.

7. Re-Install the Instagram app

If you have any issues with updating Instagram app updates, you can simply delete and reinstall it. However, make sure you have got access to user and passwords, because you may lose your account forever, if you have no access to them.

8. Use VPN

sometimes these issues are related to your location, so better to use a VPN to change your address. You can use any free VPN app, and then try again to see if you still facing the issue.

9. Contact support

When Instagram won’t load pictures, you need to contact the Instagram support team to see if they can help. Create a ticket from your account and explain how things began once you use the app.

To contact Instagram:

  • Open Instagram app
  • Tap your profile picture
  • Tap Humberger icon (three-lined icon)
  • Go to help
  • Tap report a problem
  • Choose the most appropriate section
  • Submit


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