It is true that Instagram could help us to solve thousands of issues, but sometimes its bugs are frustrating.

Recently a number of users report that Instagram won’t send the security code to their email or mobile phone. However, it’s not Instagram all the time, and sometimes there is something wrong with the users too. So, here we would first check the reasons why won’t you receive the code, then we will go through how to fix it.

Instagram not sending security code to Email & SMS

In this world of technology and chances as we have a tendency to speak, Instagram app is attracting a lot, and more than you think, users per second by presenting options that has never been put to use or introduced in the other applications and for obvious reasons, it’s changing into the foremost widespread app in social media class and it’s worshipped principally by young generation and therefore the youth.

However this beloved app is additionally utilized by elder folks, organizations, universities, companies, governments, businesses so on. Every one of these spoken about people, use this app for his or her own sensible or their own method of gaining profit or informing people regarding bound news.

However, one amongst the most attention-grabbing and probably most significant features of this app, is that folks are creating a living out Instagram application and you are best to believe that this application is one amongst the most effective ways to introduce your services and advertise them.

Advertising your product has never been easier, simply imagine by few clicks , such a big amount of people can see your product and although they search it up, they will be potential customers that have an interest in your service or product , therefore you’re halfway thorough making.

Why should Instagram send a security code at all?

As told, many people and so called entrepreneurs are making a living from this app and truth to be said, it is not a living. Some people are buying houses with only 2 or 3 years going through Instagram and they pretty much even do not sell anything, just doing business!!!

For ,not only the one, sake of security to protect indivuals from hackers or even not hackers, and by that we mean people who accidentally have a user name very similar to you and in the moment of entrance , one again, by miss input the your user name and enter your account.

And about the hackers you should be advised to transact very carefully and treat your password and safety passes gently, and even more, you never know how hackers get access to them as they grow smarter by day. As for sake of security, Instagram require entry by providing passwords and has certain measurements for your arrival at the account of yours.

First things first, you need to get in the app. If you have an account you can sign in by simply entering your user name and password and gaining access to your account. And if you do not have an account, you can easily create one by providing required information.

At first you are required to provide your first name and last name, birth date, gender, and then to the security measurements. As you make and confirm a password, the app asks for a phone number or an Email address in order to make the account and relate it to them regarding to prevent making multiple accounts by a single phone number or email.

As you complete the sequence, the Instagram will grant you entry under one critical condition, you must confirm that this your number or email that you are trying to make the account with.

Regarding that, you will be receiving a code that app required you to type in in order to verify your account. And the code will be sent to your provided phone number or email address.

It is seen that a major problem for users which they face it early in experiencing the app, is that Instagram is not sending security code to phone number or email address. Therefore we will provide the reasons for this error and how to fix this issue.

How to fix Instagram not sending verification code?

This problem is seen in two ways, not receiving the code that is sent to your phone number, and not receiving it which is sent to your email

Your sim provider’s server is down

There are various reasons that Instagram is not sending code to your phone number, maybe you are in a spot that the sim-card services are limited in that area, maybe the app itself has found some issues or maybe it is the fault of your sim-card provider servers, and if you live in certain countries that Instagram is not co-operating with or better say it, your IP may be banned in such countries as Syria and Iran and etc.

Never the less, we try to resolve these issues with the following solutions:

Check if you have a stable internet connection

Many users face this problem because of not having a stable internet connection. Check first if you have a stable connection, you can check by some apps in the market which determine your connection speed and connectivity.

Check if you have entered your number correctly

Mistakes do happen so often, does not matter if you are a pro technology user or you are not.

Sometimes fingers slip and a number or two are miss-placed; therefore this is a common mistake we all make.

Make sure if you have entered it right.

Check if you can receive SMS or calls at all

Sometimes it is not your neither Instagram’s fault, maybe the issue is within your phone or provider of your service. Check if you can receive or send calls.

Restart the phone

As spoken before, our smart phones run through electricity and electricity is making things happen, all of it.

There are times that our phones get an issue within itself all caused by battery not being balanced or not working properly for a split moment, and because of not being a major problem, usually smart phones ignore them. Restarting your phone may resolve this problem.

Check your IP

As spoken, some countries and regions may be banned by Instagram; therefore changing your IP address can resolve it.

(Pro tip: use DNS)

Use another device

Check if your sim card works and gets the code in another device. It has been spotted to work by many users that experience the same error.

Update Instagram app

Using an old version of the app causes this problem as well.

Try updating it by checking if any are available in app store or google play.

Try clearing cache

If you have used the app before, there will be cache still in your phone.

Try clearing them which has proven to be an effective solution.

Give it a few hours and contact help desk

Sometimes technical issues happen at the Instagram headquarters, give them some time. Maybe the problem is not on your behalf. After some time try again, if the problem still is intact, try and contact help desk to get things sorted.



  1. I am currently in another country, so I am not receiving messages. They ask me to confirm a code through the phone number and I don’t have that option. My account is not working, what can I do?

    • Elma Reply

      It’s a bit difficult if you have the 2 factor authentication on! If not, you should use email option to login, or use the forgotten password option. Make sure you have the access to email, otherwise you lose the account forever. And remember, to login from a device you mostly used to login before. In this way Instagram will realize that is you.

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