We are going to show you a few tips and tricks on how you can resolve the Instagram login issue. We’d like to take a moment to discuss a few possible causes of your Instagram app issues.

What are Common Instagram login errors?

There was a problem logging you into Instagram. Please try again soon.

instagram wont let me log in

Sorry, we couldn’t log you in.

instagram wont let me log in

Sorry, there was a problem with your request.

instagram wont let me log in

Why can’t I log into my Instagram?

You can check the list below to find out why you aren’t able to access your Instagram account if you are experiencing difficulty accessing your account.

#1 Instagram is down

A number of users report they can’t log into their accounts, when Instagram is down. To make sure, if it’s Instagram issue and not you, you can go to downdetector.com. If you see any charts there, when you look for Instagram, it means Instagram is down. You should wait a couple of hours for Instagram to get it fixed.

instagram is down

Instagram’s servers may be down, and they’re experiencing technical difficulties at the moment, which could be causing their login issues. The Instagram app will not be able to connect to the server if their main servers are down, so it can’t collect user login data.

Now that you know what could be the reason why Instagram won’t let you log in to your account, you can proceed to the step-by-step guide below that will show you how to fix this problem.

The login error on Instagram can be fixed in some ways. However, we included the most effective solutions in this guide to help you resolve the login issue on Instagram. You should be able to access your Instagram account without any issues by the end of this post.

#2 You logged out of Instagram

Again, a number of users report they can’t access their Instagram when they log out their accounts. once this happens, and they log out, they use forgotten passwords, to retrieve their passwords. but they won’t receive any SMS codes, or even emails.

This repetitive action will result in getting blocked by Instagram.

So, if you have logged out of your account, don’t press the forgotten passwords too many times. If you have not received the code for the first try, wait for a couple of hours. Or try to remember the previous passwords.

#3 The username or password you entered is incorrect

Make sure you double-check all of the login information you have provided to ensure that it is correct if you experience difficulties accessing your Instagram account. The username and password fields on Instagram are case-sensitive. The application will interpret too many incorrect credentials as an attempt to hack your account, and block your account if you do it too often.

#4 Accounts have been disabled or blocked

You may also experience login issues on Instagram if your account has been blocked or disabled as a result of a violation of Instagram rules, being reported repeatedly, or being inactive for an extended period.

#5 Your device’s Instagram app is outdated

If you’re using an older version of Instagram that Instagram doesn’t support, you might also have login issues. As a result, Instagram is no longer able to communicate with the servers which cause login problems on the app.

How to Fix Instagram if you can’t log into your Instagram?

1. Don’t press Forgotten password too many times

If you press Need more help or forgotten passwords too many times, you might get blocked by Instagram. After each try, you should wait a couple of hours. It’s better for you to check your device, desktop or browser to see if your password is saved somewhere.

2. Restart Your Device.

If you restarted your phone, you could ensure that you had enough system resources to run the Instagram app.

Following are the steps you will need to follow to restart an Android or iOS (iPhone or iPad) device.

3. Make sure Instagram’s servers are up and running.

Using Downdetector, you can discover all the problems Instagram has encountered in the past 24 hours and any information about the Instagram servers.

Additionally, it displays the topmost reported problems from users. The login issue is likely the widespread if you see it as one of the topmost reported problems.

4. Make sure your Internet connection is working.

Locate the router’s power cable and unplug it. Once it has been unplugged, allow the router to rest for 15 seconds. Wait for your router to complete its setup after plugging in the power cable.

The guide to fixing Instagram login problems on your device has concluded. Please share any other solutions that may be helpful to others in the comment section below, and we will be happy to give you credit once this article is updated.


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