Reddit Video Downloader

Reddit is a social network for sharing links or textual and visual content. In this network, there is a Vote for each post or link sent, which other users can rate. Based on the received Vote, Reddit will also place the sent post in a particular place on this network.

Of course, there are many videos and GIFs on Reddit. But how to download GIF videos on this social network? We will first examine ways to do this and then the different Reddit GIF downloaders.



Download Reddit video and GIF


You must first be able to download Reddit videos. There are two different ways to download videos on Reddit that you can see in the list below:



2.     RedditSave

One of the most accessible Reddit video downloaders is the app. Through this program, you can simply save the video you want on your phone or computer by copying the post link and pasting it in this program.



The RedditSave app is also one of the most reputable web apps for downloading videos from Reddit. Users who want to download Reddit videos via iOS must first go to the Documents by Readdle section, copy and paste the URL, and then click the download button.



Convert Reddit video and GIF

Once you have downloaded a video from Reddit, you need to convert it to GIF. To use Reddit GIF Converter, you can try the following:





1.     FlexClip Converter

2.     EZGIF Converter

3.     Online Convert


FlexClip Converter

Any video you have or any video you download from Reddit can be converted to GIF for free in this app. This application accepts many video formats such as MP4 or M4v, WebM, and others. There are even video and GIF editing options in this program to adjust your video or put special music on it. You can even customize the video size or aspect ratio in GIF mode.



EZGIF Converter

Another web application used to convert video to GIF and download GIF from Reddit and convert it is the EZGIF Converter application. This program can resize the video, rotate it, and convert GIF to mp4 or vice versa. There are other options such as crop, cut, or video optimization in the program. All you have to do is upload the video you downloaded from Reddit and convert it to GIF or MP4.



Online Convert

Another tool used to download and convert Reddit videos to GIFs or vice versa is Online COnvert. This program does not have annoying ads, and all you have to do is give it the video URL to convert it to GIF or mp4 for you.



Edit Reddit GIF

Some users want to make some edits after downloading the GIF from Reddit and converting it to video. There are programs in this area that are very useful. For example, FlexClip offers many possibilities for editing or audio on the video. You can even add text to your GIF, split it or rotate it.


1.     To use FlexClip, first, click on the FlexClip application link and enter it

2.     From your phone or computer, select and import the video you want to convert from Reddit.