Safe Reddit Video Downloaders to use in 2022

Reddit is a social network for sharing links or textual and visual content. In this network, there is a Vote for each post or link sent, which other users can rate. Based on the received Vote, Reddit will also place the sent post in a particular place on this network. 

Of course, there are many videos and GIFs on Reddit. But how to download GIF videos on this social network? We will first examine ways to do this and then the different Reddit GIF downloaders.

What Is a Reddit Video Downloader, and How Does It Work?

Reddit downloader is a web-based program that may be used to save Reddit videos with audio (or without), animated GIFs, or transform Reddit media content to mp4. Reddit is an online platform that publishes user-created material. People can add a video to a blog or remark by uploading it or attaching it. The website doesn’t allow you to grab videos from Reddit because the website doesn’t let you do so. So, it’s the Reddit video download tool that will enable you to download or store a Reddit video to your PC or phone so that you may watch it at any time without having to visit the Reddit page.

Why should you use Reddit Video Downloader

In a matter of seconds, you may download videos from Reddit.

Only two fast steps are required: taking a video URL and entering it into the insertion box on the Reddit upload page.

It Is Entirely Free to Use.

There are no fees to pay. All you need is fast internet access to utilize the Reddit video downloader and effectively extract videos from Reddit.

It Delivers a High-Quality Option.

You can choose the most acceptable video resolution to appreciate viewing it in its entirety on a platform in the future.

It Is Not Required to Be Installed.

The Reddit download mechanism is accessible via the internet. As a result, no app download (or even log in) is necessary.

What Is the Best Way to Download Videos on Reddit?

Reddit is a fantastic and easy-to-use tool. It is straightforward to apply and navigate. As a result, we thought that Reddit to mp4 generators should be as simple to use as possible. As a result, you can get movies from Reddit regardless of your gadget or degree of skill. You may use a Reddit downloader to save videos from that website by following the simple step-by-step instructions below. This method can also assist you in converting Reddit videos to mp4 format.

The download Reddit video software has a simple structure, so you have to do two things to get the movie.

  • Insert a link to a piece of the media material.
  • To capture the link of a video or GIF on Reddit, right-click on the video URL bar (click & keep the video if using a phone) and select “Share” then “Copy link” or right-click on the video URL bar (touch & save the video if using a phone).
  • To download the mp4 video, copy the link and paste it into the Reddit mp4 downloader.
  • To save the video to your device’s “Downloads” file, open the video downloader in any browser, enter the URL into the input box, and press “Download.”

These software will be explained thoroughly as follow:

Best (and Safe) Tools to Download Reddit Videos & GIFs

You must first be able to download Reddit videos. There are two different ways to download videos on Reddit that you can see in the list below:

  • RedditSave
  • RedV
  • Keepvid
  • Keepsaveit

One of the most accessible Reddit video downloaders is the app. Through this program, you can simply save the video you want on your phone or computer by copying the post link and pasting it in this program.


The RedditSave app is also one of the most reputable web apps for downloading videos from Reddit. Users who want to download Reddit videos via iOS must first go to the Documents by Readdle section, copy and paste the URL, and then click the download button.


The most incredible and most dependable web tool for downloading Reddit videos is RedV that is for free. It allows you to save videos from v.reddit to your device for watching and posting later.


Keepvid can save Reddit videos with or without music, simply the sound or transform it to mp3, and get animated gifs and Reddit video inserts from other websites, among other things.


Downloading public videos is simple. Select the latest button after you’ve pasted the URL. You will be allowed to choose which downloader URL you need to keep. It is entirely accessible, and there is no need to register.

How Can You Use Reddit Video Downloader on Your Phone to Save Videos?

The procedure of transferring Reddit movies to your smartphone is quick and easy. With the Reddit Video Downloader, complete the instructions below to get the same result.

Step 1: The first step is to upload a Reddit video. To begin, use your mobile device to access the Reddit website.

Step 2: Now press the share icon to get the Reddit video’s URL. You’ll find it at the bottom, where the video’s views and likes will be displayed.

Step 3: At this point, you should have a link to the video you like to save. Enter the copied link into the Reddit to MP4 converter, click the download button, and your Reddit movie will begin to upload in the download tab.

Step 4: Go to your cell phone gallery and look for your Reddit video.

Convert Reddit video and GIF

Once you have downloaded a video from Reddit, you need to convert it to GIF. To use Reddit GIF Converter, you can try the following:

1.     FlexClip Converter

2.     EZGIF Converter

3.     Online Convert

4. RedditSave

5. Viddit. red 

FlexClip Converter

Any video you have or any video you download from Reddit can be converted to GIF for free in this app. This application accepts many video formats such as MP4 or M4v, WebM, and others. There are even video and GIF editing options in this program to adjust your video or put special music on it. You can even customize the video size or aspect ratio in GIF mode.

EZGIF Converter

Another web application used to convert video to GIF and download GIF from Reddit and convert it is the EZGIF Converter application. This program can resize the video, rotate it, and convert GIF to mp4 or vice versa. There are other options such as crop, cut, or video optimization in the program. All you have to do is upload the video you downloaded from Reddit and convert it to GIF or MP4.

Online Convert

Another tool used to download and convert Reddit videos to GIFs or vice versa is Online Convert. This program does not have annoying ads, and all you have to do is give it the video URL to convert it to GIF or mp4 for you.


Use RedditSave to transform a Reddit video into a GIF.

RedditSave is a freeware online video downloader for Reddit. It may be employed to extract Reddit videos with audio and animated GIFs from Reddit. It’s only suitable for downloading videos that people post on Reddit. This program does not allow downloading videos from third-party platforms like youtube (check the most outstanding online YouTube downloader – MiniTool Video Converter to get YouTube videos).

Viddit. red

Use Viddit. red to transform Reddit videos into GIFs. is a Reddit downloader that works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and other browsers. This utility can extract Reddit movies and GIFs and transform Reddit videos into MP3. Excellent video clips are uploaded. In addition, allows you to keep the video thumbnail.

How to Edit Reddit GIF

Some users want to make some edits after downloading the GIF from Reddit and converting it to video. There are programs in this area that are very useful. For example, FlexClip offers many possibilities for editing or audio on the video. You can even add text to your GIF, split it or rotate it.

1.     To use FlexClip, first, click on the FlexClip application link and enter it

2.     From your phone or computer, select and import the video you want to convert from Reddit.

3.     Then you can edit your video with different options.


You might think that there is no tool to download GIFs from Reddit. But most of the websites that provide video download services from this social network easily allow you to download GIFs. Just follow the methods mentioned in this article and use Reddit GIF downloaders and the video to GIF converters or vice versa.

How to get a Reddit video URL?

We are a bit old school, so we like to read and participate in Reddit using the old proven method: computer + internet browser. Simply open Chrome, Firefor or Safari, whatever your favorite browser is, navigate to and find the video post, click on it. Now there are 2 ways of getting the Post Link.

One – you can Right Click (mobile – tap & hold) on browser address bar, then select COPY in the menu that shows up.

Two – find the  share button below the post, click on it, then click Copy Link. Both ways achive same exact result – Reddit Post Link is copied to your device Clipboard. Here’s info-screenshot on that..

how to get reddit post link on pc

Now this covers steps 1 & 2, so what’s left is to Paste the link into the box on top of this page. This can be done similarly by Right Click in the box (or Tap & Hold until Menu pops up), then select Paste to insert the link from Clipboard to the input box. And SUBMIT! =) easy? we think so! And what about mobile?

The Reddit App, that they are pushing upon the users? Well, it’s even easier there. All we need is to find the  share button below the post, no matter solo or in the feed, and tap it. Standard Share Menu appears, where we simply tap Copy to Clipboard.

And the known part – open in a browser, tap in the white box and hold your finger until context menu shows up. In the menu select Paste and the link is in the box! Then submit and download.. Check out this illustrational screenshot if things aren’t yet crystal clear.


Selecting the best video downloader for Reddit videos isn’t easy; however, a few variables can point you in the right direction. These characteristics distinguish the Reddit video downloader tool and assist you in making an appropriate decision.

Before deciding on a forum, think about the cost, the installation required to run it on any computer, the user interface, which should be simple, the websites it covers, and the export possibilities it offers. These characteristics enable you to thoroughly examine your options and quickly narrow down your choices to the best Reddit video downloader.