Roblox is an online gaming platform that has attracted many users to play and earn money. Roblox is free, but users should pay for a paid membership to access certain features and areas. Some users think of using Fake IDs to access these features for free. In addition, Roblox does not provide certain services to users under 13 years old. Some features on this platform, such as voice chat, require age verification. Therefore, users under 13 may seek to use Fake ID to access these features and locked areas on the map. It is necessary to know that using these IDs is illegal and against the Terms of Service of Roblox and may cause users to be banned.

How to find Roblox fake ID

You can buy a fake ID online from related websites. But keep in mind that not all websites are valid. It is better to choose the ones that guarantee to refund your money if Roblox doesn’t accept your ID.

Pay attention to the following points to buy and use Roblox fake id:

  • When entering your information on the Roblox id sales website, double-check that you have entered the information correctly. Because if you enter incorrect information, Roblox will reject your ID.
  • If Robox finds out that you have a fake ID, it will ban your IP, and after that, you will no longer be able to use Roblox using that internet connection unless you use VPN or other methods to change your IP.
  • You must enter your information to purchase on the sales website. As a result, these websites will have your personal information. So they may use it for other purposes.
  • Now that you know the risks of using fake IDs, you can correctly decide whether to buy it.

Reasons for users to use fake id for Roblox

Users tend to use Fake IDs for various reasons, such as age restrictions or trying to have multiple accounts.

  • One of the reasons for users is that they like to have multiple accounts in Roblox. For example, they want to use one account to play or create games and another for chatting.
  • Some users are looking to have two Roblox accounts with different appearances. For example, they want more Roblox accounts to put different usernames or avatars for each of them.
  • As mentioned, Roblox has placed an age restriction to protect people younger than 13. For example, some items in the Avatar shop are not available for people younger than 13. Or these people cannot use some words and phrases in their chats. Therefore, some people want to buy Fake IDs to bypass these age restrictions.

How to use Roblox fake ID

There are many methods by which you can create an account with a fake ID and bypass the restrictions. Most teenagers look to buy Roblox Fake ID by searching the internet or getting help from friends who have managed to access age-restricted areas using this method.

The methods of using Fake ID are:

  • Creating a new Roblox account using a fake name and a different email
  • Using other people’s accounts to play Roblox
  • Using other people’s credit cards to pay for membership
  • Use a Roblox Fake ID Generator like to create fake identification information
  • Using third-party tools to hack an account

After purchasing the fake ID, you should wait a few days to receive it. After you get it, go to Roblox and log in.

  1. Go to the Create page.
  2. Click on Upload an image and upload the Fake ID file.
  3. After uploading, Roblox allows you to create more than one account.


Users with paid memberships can access certain features, such as locked areas. Users can get these benefits without buying a membership using a fake Roblox ID. You can purchase these IDs from physical stores or online websites. One of the points in buying fake IDs is that you should look for a reliable source to avoid wasting your money. It is worth mentioning that using a fake ID is against the terms of service of Roblox and may cause you to be banned.



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