You may like to find the Instagram account of people whose phone numbers you have. You should know that you can’t do it directly. It means, you cannot enter the person’s phone number in a search box, then click on the search button, and expect Instagram to show you the person’s account. Stay with us to help you find the Instagram account of the contacts saved on your phone. Of course, Instagram shows the I account of people whose account their is connected to their phone number.

How to find someone by phone number on Instagram

The fastest way to find people on Instagram is to search for their usernames. But if you don’t have access to their usernames, or will be offered many people with similar names by searching their names, you can also use their phone numbers to find them. This feature of Instagram is called “discover people”.

By the way, before checking the available methods, make sure that the phone number of the desired user is saved in your contacts.

Method 1: Find a person by the Discover People feature of Instagram

  1. Enter the Instagram app and click on your profile.
  2. Now tap on the hamburger icon at the top right of the screen.
  3. Enter the settings.
  1. Select the account from the list.
  1. Look for contacts syncing and tap on it.
  1. Turn on the connect contacts toggle. By doing this, your phone contacts will be synced with Instagram and you will see the users’ Instagram account you have their phone numbers.

If you haven’t permitted your Instagram to access some features such as phone number, you may not be able to see the discover people section. So, you need to give Instagram permission to access your contacts.

  1. Enter your phone settings.
  2. Scroll to find Apps, then tap on it.
  1. Look for the permissions and select it.
  1. On this page, there is a list of accesses to this app. Select contacts and set their access to Allowed.

You may still not find the discover people section after giving Instagram this access. You can use another method.

To do this, open your Instagram and go to settings. Tap on Follow and invite friends. Then select the option to follow contacts.

If you are looking for specific users and you do not find them in the suggestions, it is possible that:

  • Those people have not created an Instagram account with the number you have saved or used another phone number for this.
  • They may have fake accounts, and you cannot recognize them.

Method 2: Use of third-party tools

Another way to find people using their phone numbers is to use third-party tools. Here are three examples of these tools:


By entering the information you have about the person or people you want, such as their phone number, email, and name, you can access other information on their social media.


It is one of the websites that you can use to get information about people. First, you need to determine how you want to look for someone. You should select the phone number. After doing the processes, if information such as the person’s Instagram ID is available on this website, it will provide it to you.


You can search for people and find their information through 5 methods using Spokeo. Phone number, name, social media username, email address, and address. This website will show people’s information, such as their phone numbers, email addresses, personal information, such as their age, and social media aggregated from offline and online sources.

The closest people to you are naturally those who have saved their mobile numbers on your phone. Have you just installed Instagram and like to follow your friends and relatives on it? Getting the ID of each of these people can be a long and time-consuming process. If there is a way that Instagram itself can find people who have joined Instagram with their phone numbers and offer you, it will be better. Do not worry. Considering that the purpose of social media is to communicate between people, such a feature is included in Instagram.

Use Instagram’s suggestion feature to find your friends

If you know the persons who have an account on Instagram, save their number in your phone book and find them. But what should you do to find those people?

1.     Open your Instagram and tap on the home section to enter your profile.

2.     On this page, tap the hamburger button in the top-right corner.

3.     From the menu that opens, select the option “discover people.”

4.     Now, from the available options on the page, select “Connect to contacts” to find people you know and tap on connect.

5.     Then on the screen that appears, tap on “Allow access.”

6.     If you get the “couldn’t load users” error, tap Settings.

7.     In the settings section, turn on the button related to contacts and go back to Instagram.

8.     Now that you give Instagram permission to access your contacts in the previous step, return to the “Discover People” page, and you can see Instagram suggestions. Here you can follow people you know as you wish.

The problem is that if you don’t have the phone number that the person has given on Instagram, and you have another number of them, you can’t find them.

If you can’t find your target person in this way, it is better to go for the second method.

Reverse phone number service

If the number you have from somebody is not the number they used on their Instagram, is there a way to find them? Yes. You can get information about people using the reverse phone number method. One of this provided information is all their social media accounts. So, where to start and how to use this service?

  • Intelius website

Intelius is a website that has public information about people and their connections with others.

You can find information about people, such as their names and their social media accounts, from its “reverse phone lookup service.” So you can find them on Instagram.

1.     Go to the Intelius website (

2.     From the top tab, click on Reverse Phone Lookup.

3.     Enter the desired person’s phone number and click on the search button.

The search result may be very surprising. You will get complete information about the person (if available).

  • BeenVerified

BeenVerified is also a people search website that gives you information about their personal information, contact, marriage record info, and social media accounts.

This tool is a way to search for and receive public information about people. To get information, do the following steps:

1.     Go to the BeenVerified website (

2.  From the tab at the top of the page, you can select how you want to find information about someone. For example, you can select the phone number option to insert a phone number and get information about a person with that number.

3.     Click on the search button.

4.     You can find the Instagram account of that person on the result page (if available).


Use other social media to find people on Instagram

What should you do if you don’t have information about people’s phone numbers and Instagram IDs, but are looking to find their Instagram accounts? Is there a way? The best way is to use Facebook to find a person.

1.     First, you should add that person to your friend list on Facebook.

2.     Open Instagram and tap on your profile icon.

3.     Tap on the hamburger button and select the “Discover People” option.

4.     Now tap on the search button available in front of “Connect to Facebook” and log in to your Facebook.

5.     Return to Instagram.

6.     Now you can find the account of the desired person.

Why didn’t I find my friends’ Instagram profiles with their phone numbers?

There are two reasons why you failed to do this:

  1. The first reason is that they have not added their phone number information on Instagram.

Some business pages add their number on Instagram to be seen more, and people can easily find and contact them on Instagram. But people who have private accounts or influencers don’t want to add their phone numbers. They don’t want their private numbers to be available online.

  1. The second reason is that you cannot search for a phone number individually on Instagram, and there is no direct way to do this.

It is possible to search for a phone number to find a person on Facebook, but Instagram does not have such an option. So, sometimes there is no way to find a person’s phone number or their profile by the phone number you have.


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