TikTok is one of the most popular and fun platforms among users where you can share the video content you produced with your friends. So before you post any content, you need people to view and react to it. When you enter TikTok, most likely, the first thing you are looking for is to find your friends and the people you know.
If you have their username, you can quickly access their TikTok account by searching for it. But getting the usernames of everyone you know and searching for each person may be time-consuming. The fastest way to shorten the process of following friends is to let TikTok help you know them. The best way to connect and access your phone contacts and find people who have created their TikTok accounts with their phone numbers. So, How to find people on TikTok using their phone numbers?

How to find someone on TikTok by phone number

If you are looking for people you don’t have their usernames on TikTok, you may encounter many people with the same name by searching for their names. But some people may have created their Tiktok account with a fake name, and you won’t find them by searching their names on TikTok. The best way is to use their phone number. TikTok has a section called “Find Contacts” that you can use to find your phone contacts on TikTok. First, you may be concerned about TikTok accessing your information and avoid allowing TikTok to access your personal information as a third party. But you should know that TikTok protects your privacy and keeps your information confidential.

Step 1: Save the person’s number in the phone book

If you want to find the account of your contacts, TikTok needs access to their list stored in the phone book. So, if you haven’t saved the number of the person you are looking for on TikTok, the first thing is to add it to your contacts and sync your contact list with TikTok.

Because you cannot find a TikTok account by searching the TikTok user phone number, you should save the numbers first.

Now you can go to the next step.

Step 2: Allow access to TikTok

  1. Open your App TikTok, and tap on your profile icon at the bottom right of the screen.
  2. Then tap on the icon of find friends, which is in the shape of a person and has a plus sign next to it. This button is on the top left side of the screen.
  3. By clicking on this button, a new page will open for you. From the options in the menu, click on the Contacts button.
  4. If you have not allowed TikTok access to your contacts before, it will ask you to give this access. So, click on the allow button.

Now you can see the contacts have created their Tiktok account with their phone number.

How to disable Your contacts access to your TikTok account using your phone number

In this article, we taught you how to search TikTok by phone number. You can do this if your friends have created their account using their numbers.

Now you may think about your friends and reletives who have your number and can also find you in TikTok using this method. If you don’t like this to happen, you can prevent your account from being shown in the suggested list of your contacts using the following method:

  1. Open TikTok and enter your profile.
  2. Tap the hamburger button at the top of the screen.
  3. Select the Settings and Privacy option.
  4. Tap on Privacy under Account.
  5. Now go to Suggest your account to others and disable the contacts button.

Final words

TikTok allows users to find their contacts’ accounts easily. It is enough to give TikTok access to your phone contacts and leave the rest to TikTok. We hope that by using the method we have explained to you in this article, you can easily access the TikTok account of your contacts using their phone number.


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