Today, social media has become very popular among people. These platforms are developed to help users communicate, share information and interact with people. One of the popular social networks among young people is Instagram, where users share their photos and videos and communicate with friends and community members. One of the errors you may encounter when using Instagram is the “sorry, this page isn’t available” error. You may face this error when you try to see a post, link, photo, or profile. Many people feel bad when they see errors on the screen, but if they know how to fix them, they will not have a problem. Therefore, in this blog, we want to explain how to solve the “sorry, this page isn’t available on Instagram” error.

Reason for display “Sorry, this page isn’t available right now”

When you click on the bio of an Instagram page, Instagram blocks you from accessing the link. In this situation, the link may have a problem. Before you know how to solve this problem, it is better to check the cause of this problem. There are many reasons for this error, which we have listed below:

  1. That person may have blocked you.
  2. The content of that page may have been removed.
  3. That user may have deleted or deactivated their account.
  4. That person may have changed their username.

Methods to solve the error Sorry, this page isn’t available

Now that you know the causes of this error, let’s talk about how to solve it. Sometimes a person decides to deactivate his account for a while. By doing this, all the posts and content related to that page will be removed, and if someone wants to access one of that person’s links or posts due to the hidden content, this error will be displayed. You can determine if the reason for displaying the error is that the account is deactivated by going to that person’s page using another account to check its status. If that page isn’t available with another account, you can doubt that the page is deactivated. The solution is to wait until the page is no longer deactivated.

You have been blocked

One of the features of Instagram is that it allows users to block others to avoid them seeing the content of their page. If you encounter the error “Sorry, this page isn’t available right now”, use another account to search for the ID of the page owner. If you find that page using that account but can’t find that with your account, it means that you are blocked. You can ask the owner of the page about the reason for blocking you and if possible solve it.

The user is banned

Instagram deactivates users who violate Instagram rules by sharing criminal, nudity, hate speech, and graphic violence content. In addition, if they try to increase their followers with fraudulent methods, their page will be disabled. If you encounter this error, it may be because the user you want to see their content is banned. To make sure the user’s page is deactivated, try to visit that page with another account. If you face that error again, it shows the page has been deactivated. After some time, the user will get rid of the ban state. So try again after a week.

Use a desktop browser

If you receive such an error in the Instagram app, open Instagram using the desktop browser. If the problem is fixed, it shows that your Instagram app has a problem. If the version installed on your phone is not up to date, update it to fix it.

Link verification

If a user is associated with inappropriate or anonymous feeds, Instagram closes that person’s account. If you want to click on a link related to that account in an app or somewhere outside of Instagram, that link will not be available. So by clicking on such links, you will encounter a “sorry, this page isn’t available” error. Of course, if the link does not open, it is because that is not working. Of course, to check whether the link is working, you can test it with another account.

Security reasons

Instagram has many features that help users have a better user experience. One of these great features is that if a user shares inappropriate content, this platform can limit access to that person’s account and show others an error. If you tried to view the content of that page using another account, but this error was still shown to you, it means that this page is blocked.

Wrong Username

If you click on the wrong username, you will get this error because there is no page with that id. When a username is tagged with a misspelling or a user has deleted their account or changed their ID, you will get an error by clicking on it. So, if one of the users changes their username, you will not get results by searching for that person’s previous username. How can this problem be solved? This issue can be fixed by asking for access to the new profile features. If that user provides their new username or URL, users can contact that person using that link.


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