Tiktok Comment Picker is a free and online tool where you can Pick a Winner for your Tiktok Giveaways, raffles, contest or sweep-stake.

The Tiktok Comment Picker tool will allow you to pick one or multiples winners from your TikTok video comments.

  • It’s so simple. All you need to do is create a giveaway or contest on TT and ask people to follow your account and then leave one comment or more on your TikTok video giveaway.
  • You can choose different stuff for the giveaway. It can be money, iPhone, Xbox, or anything else.
  • After your TT giveaway is over, you need to find the video giveaway URL and copy it, and then paste it into a random comment picker tool.
  • If you don’t use such a tool you’ll need to spend a lot of time and it’ll be so tough to choose the winner from the thousands of people who left a comment on your video. So using such a tool makes things a lot easier.

As I said before, by holding a giveaway or contest and using a TikTok comment picker you can grow on TT and even go viral. So if you want to grow your account or your business make sure to use hold a contest and use such a tool.

Best TikTok comment picker tools

There are different apps and websites that you can use to pick the comment winner. Here I will show you two of them which are the best.

1. App-sorteos.com

2. Pikkik.com

How to create a Tiktok Giveaway online

Follow this simple steps to get winners from your Tiktok video comments

  1. Download the AppSorteos Chrome Extension from your Chrome Browser on PC
  2. Go to tiktok.com and login to any account
  3. Back to AppSorteos, and you will see the “start” button enabled
  4. Paste the video URL in our Tiktok Giveaway Picker App, or here in this page.
  5. Start picking winners from your Tiktok video comments

How to find Tiktok video URL

Follow the steps to find the right Tiktok post url via mobile or desktop. It works for Photos, Videos and IgTV posts.

  1. Go to tiktok.com in your web browser
  2. Go to your profile and find your video
  3. Click on the share icon button, on the bottom-right corner of the video
  4. Click on “Copy link”
  5. Paste the URL in our Tiktok Comment Picker App, or here in this page.

Create Tiktok Giveaways

Are you familiar with TikTok comment picker, do you know what it is? In fact, a TikTok comment picker is a social media tool by which you can pick a winner for your TikTok giveaways.

You may wonder what it is good for anyway. Well, it can help you to grow on TT. Let’s say you have a business account on TT, you can hold a contest or giveaway to encourage your followers and other users on TT to engage with your videos and leave a comment on them. Then you can use a TikTok comment picker to pick the winner or winners from the people who dropped a comment on your video. Holding a contest or giveaway and using a comment picker helps you in many ways.

This is one of the methods that people on social media like TikTok use to gain followers. You can also promote your product and brand, and you can even go viral.

How to pick the winner’s comment?

In order to pick the comment winner or simply the winner, you need to copy your video URL first. I’ll walk you through some easy steps and show you how to do it.

  • Go to your TikTok account in a web browser.
  • Find your giveaway video.
  • On the bottom right-hand corner of the video you will see a share icon button, go ahead tan tap it.
  • Then tap Copy link.
  • Go to one of the websites that I showed you in the previous section, you can also see them in the photo, and then paste the URL link in the search bar on the website.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is a TikTok giveaway or contest?

It is a strategy that people on TikTok use to attract followers to grow on this platform. This also helps them to go viral and get many likes and comments. In exchange for the actions from followers, you give a gift or free prize to the winner.

  • How to pick a random winner for a giveaway?

All you need to do is copy the video URL of the contest or giveaway and paste it into a TikTok comment picker.

  • What is a TikTok comment picker?

This is simply an app or website that you can use to pick a winner from a contest or giveaway on your TikTok. If you hold a giveaway and do not use a TikTok comment picker to pick the winner, then you have to do it manually which is time-consuming and hard.

  • How many winners can I pick randomly for a giveaway?

All of it depends on you. You can rather choose 1 winner or more. Once you’ve pasted the video URL in the TikTok comment picker, you can adjust it manually.

  • How much does a TikTok comment picker cost?

Some apps or websites that you can use to pick a winner comment are free, some of them aren’t. However, the websites that I’ve shown you are free to use and they do their job well.


There are different methods you can try to grow on TikTok and become famous. Holding a giveaway or contest and using a TikTok comment picker to pick a winner from the comments on your video is one of those methods.

 In this article, I’ve provided you with some helpful information about giveaways and TT comment pickers. Whether you want to grow on TT or you need some information about TikTok comment pickers, this article is for you. So if you have not read the entire sections, please go back and read them. Anyway thank you so much for reading this article and I hope you have found it helpful.


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