TikTok has become one of the most famous platforms in previous years, with over 1 billion users. Although this entertaining app has achieved one of the most popular social media apps that allows users post videos and watch, it still has some log in issues. One of most common issues that TikTok users receive is the “TikTok not sending verification code”. In this article we will look why don’t you receive the code and how to fix this problem.

Why TikTok is not sending me the verification code?

The reason why TikTok not sending the code depends on the number of factors, however entering the wrong number or down status of the servers, and going the code into spam section of email are the main reasons why you don’t receive the code. Here are the main reasons:

1. TikTok is down

The other reason that TikTok doesn’t send you the verification code is that the app itself is down. When number of users report some issues that they cannot post videos in TikTok, it means the app is down. The best way to figure out if TikTok is down or not, go to downdetector.com and type “TikTok” into the search bar. In that case there is nothing to do except waiting.

tiktok not sending code to email and sms

2. Unstable network or Interrupted Internet Connection

If you are connected to a slow internet connection you won’t receive the code. Check your internet connection source. If you are using a WIFI, turn it on and off and if you are a cellular data user, make sure there is enough data left.

3. Incorrect phone number

Make sure that the number you entered is correct. one of the most common mistakes that people make is entering a wrong phone number and because your system doesn’t recognize it as valid number it can show you as an incorrect number. Tap on “+” and enter your country code and then phone number.

4. App needs Update

Check apps version through setting. Make sure it is the latest version of the app. If the app needs an update go to you phone store and update the app to its latest version. After updating request, the app for a new code again.

5.Third-party massaging app

If you are using a third-party app, TikTok may not send the code. Because TikTok cannot send code to your third-party messaging app.

6. Check spam section in Gmail

Sign in into your email from Gmail app. Click on three lines menu. Tap on spam option. If TikTok send you the verification code as spam it should be appeared there.

7. SIM card provider’s server is down

One of issues is SIM CARD PROVIDER IS NOT WORKING. For checking if SIM card is the reason why you don’t receive the verification code follow these steps. Turn your device off then remove the SIM card (You can also clean the SIM card tray and the card itself). Reinsert the SIM to your phone and turn your device on.

8. Something is the wrong with phone

Delete the app and install it again that all of the operating system are installed correctly. Then try for verification code again.

FAQ about TikTok not sending verification code

I’m not getting code on my iPhone, how to fix?

There is no difference between other devices and iPhone about this issue, so you can follow the same steps as other devices.

Why does TikTok use my number to send me a verification code?

While you are creating your account you can use the “Use phone or email “option. This option is the only one which requires a phone number. The other options such as twitter or google and others do not need your phone number. Media sharing apps such as twitter, TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram use phone number as a tool to link your profile to people you know. It is the easiest way to create a new account on your phone.

Why does TikTok say my phone number is already used?

This means that the number you are trying with is unavailable because it has already used by another person or you created another account with your number.

Why won’t my email verify on TikTok?

Because you used your email to create a TikTok account and you can’t use the same email address to create multiple accounts. If you want to make a TikTok account you should use a different email address.

Why did I get a random TikTok verification code?

There is more than one answer for this question if you receive the verification code without trying the code yourself. Someone is attempting to access your account or reset your account’s password or a user trying to verify their number and they enter their number incorrect.

Can I contact TikTok customer service for help?

You can ask for help from TikTok if you face a technical problem while using the application. You can also write to the TikTok’s support team.

How to contact TikTok support?

One of methods for TikTok users to get help is click on the “Help center” on the TikTok website. The help center provides several troubleshooting guides to common issues. If you are not able to find the suitable solution to the issue in the Help Desk, you can contact TikTok services through email. For reporting a problem use info@tiktok.com .


If you have already tried all these methods which have mentioned above and none of them work, wait some time and request TikTok to send the code for you again. If it doesn’t work either contact TikTok’s support team for help.


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