You are visiting this page because you want to know How to use TikTok without an account. But why should anyone look to watch TikTok without an account?

It is because they don’t want to waste a lot of time on TikTok and become addicted to it or because they are embarrassed that others will find out that they are spending their time on TikTok. Moreover, some people may don’t like TikTok.

In the world, everything that has a fan will also have a hater. Billions of people use TikTok. Persons who hate TikTok are not interested in creating an account on that platform. But sometimes, they may want to watch the TikTok videos of their friends or celebrities.

But why some people are against this platform?

Because they don’t like some challenges and cringe content. Or some of its challenges may be associated with violence. For example, imagine a man holding a glass bottle and splashing the liquid inside it on a woman’s face. Indeed, the liquid in it is not acid and it was only for fun or that person wanted to show in the video that he did it because that woman rejected him. In general, many people produce problematic videos on TikTok and many people may not like to see these scenes.

In this article, we will discuss to help you know do you need an account for TikTok or not and how to watch TikTok videos without an account or app.

Reasons behind using TikTok without logging in

One of the advantages of watching TikTok videos without having an account is that you can access them without giving your email and personal information. But in addition, several other reasons make a person look for methods without the need for an account.

1-     Privacy considerations

Very cautious users do not like others to know that they have an account or that they are online. Therefore, they resist creating an account and like to see TikTok content without logging in.

2-     TikTok restrictions for some countries

TikTok is banned in some countries like India. In addition, the app itself has restricted users from some countries. Therefore, users who cannot see the content on TikTok due to these restrictions, are forced to use other methods such as using TikTok without an account.

3-     TikTok insight

Maybe your purpose for using TikTok is not for entertainment and you want to use it for reasons such as analyzing some hashtags in this app or checking some creators. So you might want to watch the videos and study the creators anonymously.

Can I watch TikTok without account?

It is time to get to the point. Is it possible to watch TikTok without using the app?

Yes. You can watch videos without TikTok App and creating an account. You can do this just by using an online TikTok viewer tool. In the following, we will examine the three available methods.

How to use TikTok on mobile without the app

1. Use your mobile browser and search the TikTok website (

2. Tap on the Aa to the left of the address bar.

3. Some offers will be displayed to you. Among them, select Request Desktop Website.

Now you can watch the desired video without the app.

How to use TikTok for watching videos without an account on a PC?

Go to the TikTok website using a PC browser.

When you enter TikTok, you are in the home section, and all the videos are there for you.

If you want to see videos related to a specific person, you can search for their names from the account search box above.

By the way, you cannot like content or insert a comment without having an account and logging in.

You can use an online TikTok viewer tool

TikTok Viewer is a website or app you can use to view videos on TikTok without an account. We will review some of these websites later.


In addition to searching for creators, you can use this tool to download TikTok content. You cannot insert a comment and like a post. Uploading and sharing content is also not possible in this tool.


This website is one of the online tools that is hosted on TikTok servers and allows you to watch and download videos and explore hashtags.

You cannot upload and share content in this tool either. It is not possible to add comments and likes.

The use of online tools to view TikTok videos is almost similar. Therefore, we limit ourselves to introducing them only by saying their names:

  • ·
  • ·       Private
  • ·
  • ·

Limitations in TikTok without having an account

  • You cannot follow anyone.
  • You cannot like videos.
  • You cannot leave comments on the posts and see the comments.
  • You cannot upload or share content on TikTok.
  • You cannot watch TikTok Live videos.


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