There is more to car safety than airbags, seat belts, anti-lock brakes, and traction control. These are old features, though are necessary. Car safety features have traveled a long distance since the 1980s. Modern cars come with advanced safety and security features. With everything being connected via the internet, keeping your car and car ride safe is easier. For example, you can be sitting at home and know your car’s location. 

However, when you are investing a big amount of money in your car, make sure that it keeps you and your loved ones safe during their car ride. So, to assure the security of everyone, make sure to not just invest in a good car but a fast and reliable internet connection, such as Mediacom to get real-time updates about your car. Dial Mediacom customer service number right away and get detailed information about its fast-speed internet plans. Make good use of technology while being careful and you will never have to worry about your car.

Read below the list of modern car safety and security technologies that are a must to have in your car.

1. Connection to Emergency Services

Even if you are good at driving and are careful on the roads, there is always a chance that you can get into an accident. In case of getting into a crash, you need emergency services right away. But depending on the severity of the accident, you may not be able to get your phone out and dial the emergency numbers. 

You may also lose your phone in the crash. Modern cars come with a feature that can contact emergency services in case there is a collision. There are sensory features attached to these cars that know when the accident has occurred and it is time to call in the emergency responders. Some features can tell you if you are about to get into a crash by sensing the forward-moving vehicle’s speed.  

2. Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)

One of the most sought-after features in the new cars is AEB, Automatic Emergency Braking. One of the biggest reasons is that the incidents of getting into accidents because the driver was dosing off while driving is increasing. It is hard to blame anyone because our lives are increasingly becoming busier while we get less time to get a good sleep. 

With this feature, the car can sense that an accident is about to happen. This is when the car is getting closer to the other vehicle and the driver is not responding. In this case, the car itself will push the brakes. Data shows that 50% of such accidents can be reduced if AEB technology can be inserted into cars.  

3. Blind Spot Warning (BSW)

There is a good amount of data that shows that larger vehicles are more likely to hit the passengers while taking a turn. Only in 2020, the pedestrian crash fatality rates increased by 59% due to such accidents. This happens because there are several blind spots in the car. 

The driver can’t really see things through side-rear mirrors, A-pillar sections, the point where the roof connects to the body, etc. These blind spots get even bigger in bigger cars. With BSW technology, the car can sense movement in these areas and warn the driver of a possible accident. These warnings increase especially during braking, changing the lane, and steering when these blind spots have people or vehicles along.   

4. Adaptive Headlights

The dazzling headlights of the coming cars are one of the most annoying and dangerous things while driving. This is especially when you are out during the night. We don’t need the same brightness of headlights all the time. This means that adaptive headlights can change their brightness depending on the situation outside. 

So, you won’t become the reason someone is driving blindly because your headlights are so bright. These headlights can also turn. This allows you to get a better view because now the lights aren’t just shining on the front. The best thing about these lights is that they are not very costly. Their availability has also increased in the past years so you can easily get them.

5. Facial Recognition Software

Zoning out while driving the car is one of the biggest issues faced by drivers. With facial recognition software, the car can analyze if the driver is not paying attention. When this happens, the car can alert the driver. At the moment, these warnings are in form of beeps and sounds. 

In the coming time, these might become vibrations that can buzz certain parts of the seat. This feature is rather expensive and is currently only available in costly cars. Subaru Forester is the latest car with this feature. But it is expected that other automobile companies will follow suit.


These safety features are important to have in your cars that can assure the safety of you and your family in the car. But this doesn’t mean that you can become careless if you have these features. Driving carefully is always important.


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