If you are a new seller or maybe have already sold a product on Amazon, then you know the importance of reviews. Without any reviews for your product, buyers might not be willing enough to buy something from you.

 Or in case you are a buyer, you also need to know about other users’ opinions and reviews regarding a product that you want to buy.  Reviews help you decide whether to buy a product or not and people who have already used a product in the past can provide useful information.

To make things easy for you, we will introduce you to the 5 best Amazon review sites that will help you decide better and will also help you to buy high-quality products.

So whether you are a seller who needs reviews to promote his products or a buyer who wants to buy something on Amazon but first wants to go over reviews to make a better decision we’ve got some good tips for you in this blog.

What is an Amazon review site?

In a nutshell, it is a place where reviewers mainly people who have already used a product share their opinion about a product’s quality, features, values, etc. Amazon’s review websites help potential buyers to decide whether a product is worth the cost or not.

Such websites also help sellers to present reviews on their products and promote their business. If their products get honest and positive reviews more and more buyers will buy from them.

Why is it important to get Amazon product reviews?

Did you know that almost 88% of online shoppers read reviews before they make a decision on whether to buy a product or not? More than half of those reviews are highly likely to buy a product from someone whose product has got more reviews, especially positive ones.

Let’s quickly review some of the benefits of Amazon product reviews

  • It helps potential buyers to buy your product so you will earn more money.
  • It helps sellers to sell their products more effectively.
  • It helps you to become a high-volume seller on Amazon
  • It enhances search engine optimization, so your product will be shown to more potential online shoppers and so on.

Tips for sellers using Amazon Review Site

Let’s assume you are a seller and you want to sell your product on Amazon, or maybe you have recently launched your products there, in this case, your product needs reviews specifically positive ones.

Let’s be realistic when you launch your product on Amazon you have many rivals there. So when there are some potential buyers, there is less chance that those buyers will buy your product if it has not gotten any reviews. Instead, they will buy a product that has received many reviews like 200 or so.

So as you see, it is very important for your product to get reviews, otherwise, you may not be able to sell them at all.

 Here I’ve provided some tips for you to follow if you are a seller on Amazon. These tips will help you to get the first initial reviews or increase the number of your customer reviews on your product.

  • Ask your friends and family to give your product some positive reviews.
  • Give or offer the buyer a good incentive to leave your product a review. For example, offer them a free Amazon gift card or something.
  • Use Amazon review sites to increase your Amazon ranking and get reviews. You can use some of the websites we’ve provided in the next section. They don’t just offer reviews and opining on a product to buyers. They also provide sellers with different ways to get reviews on their products and promote them.
  • Make sure that your product is worth it and that it is valuable in your customers’ eyes
  •  Offer your customers high-quality products.

What are the 5 best Amazon review sites?

When it comes to Amazon review sites, there are thousands of review sites that you can use. Here we only address 5 of them which in our opinion they are among the best.

  • Best by website

This is really one of the coolest review sites out there. There are tons of Amazon products that have gotten reviews on this website. So a simple search will help you find an item that you want to read reviews on. By the way, there are tons of reviews available for each item on the website

  • Myvipon website

Myvipon is among the oldest review sites and it offers some remarkable features. You will highly likely find reviews about a product you want to buy from Amazon on that website.

This site is not only helpful for buyers who need to read some reviews, but also it is helpful for sellers. There is a section called Seller Center which is specifically designed for sellers. So if you are a seller you can easily increase your Amazon ranking, get more reviews on your product and promote your business via this site.

  • PCMag website

This is yet another great website for reading reviews on products that are sold on Amazon.

You can type the name of the product in the search box. For example, let’s assume you want to buy the product “Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite”, you can simply type it and this product will show up, then you can read its reviews.

  • iReviewHome website

iReviewHomeis a great place for you to search for reviews on Amazon products. For sellers also this is a great website to get reviews and promote their product.

  • Gizmodo

Like the previous ones on the list, this one also provides its user with many reviews on Amazon products. All the websites that we have provided on the list work kind of the same and they are easy to work with.

Final Thoughts

If you are a buyer you may not necessarily need to read reviews before you make a decision, but doing that might be helpful. However, if you are a seller, in most cases you need to use Amazon review websites to get reviews on your product and rank them higher on Amazon.


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