When you try to contact someone several times but get no responses, the first thing that may come to your mind is that that person has blocked your number. In such a case, you may think about what happens when someone has blocked your number or how to find out that someone has blocked you. There is nothing to notify you when someone has blocked your number. If you want to know if you are blocked, you can use simple tricks to be sure about it. Join us to get to know the methods of noticing being blocked.

  • Make a call and send messages.

If you have sent messages and called a person several times but did not receive an answer, this may indicate that they have blocked you. You may see that your messages have been sent. But the recipient doesn’t see any of them. This silence and the fact that the recipient does not give you an answer can be a sign. A sign that you are blocked. But it is impossible to be sure they have blocked your phone number. Check out the next steps to learn more.

  • Check the notifications after sending the message.

This method is more valid and reliable in iOS phones because some Android phones do not have this feature. When you send a message to someone, one of two notifications, Delivered or Read, will be inserted at the bottom of each message. Delivered means your message has been sent, but the recipient has not read it yet.

The Read indicates that your message has been sent, reached the recipient, and has been read by that person. But if you are blocked, no words will be written under the message, and there will be a blank space instead.

Of course, you should not be sure you are blocked. Because if the receiver has put phone settings on do not disturb mode, this can happen too. But if that person doesn’t answer your phone calls or messages after a few days, you might be blocked.

  • Count the number of rings.

The methods we have provided to detect blocking are not definitive, but you can use them as a clue. One of the methods is to call that person and count the number of rings before hearing the voicemail. If that person has blocked you, you will only hear one ring sound or a half. But remember that this may happen in other cases, for example, if the receiver of the call has sent the Call directory to voicemail, turned off their phone, or is talking to another person on the phone at the same time you call. You will also hear a ring before being redirected to voicemail. The solution is to call again after some time and check the number of ring sound you hear before the voicemail.

  • Call that person using *67.

If someone blocks your number, your call will be rejected as soon as your number is on that person’s phone. If you type *67 before that person’s number to call, your number will not be displayed on that person’s phone. So, if you make a call this way and hear the ring sound several times, it may mean your number is blocked.

  • Call them using another phone.

You can’t call someone with your phone, but you can do this using another phone. So you are most likely blocked. Hence a simple way to try is to call that person using another phone and check you get to voicemail after how many rings.

  • Message or call them using social media platforms.

If someone blocks your number, the account you created on social networks with this number will not be blocked for them. If that person has not blocked your number on these platforms, you can contact them through these services and ask if they have blocked your phone number. Or you can resolve the issue between you.

Other reasons for problems in making calls

If you have a problem making a call to someone and can’t call that person, this problem may have other reasons. One of the factors why your calls aren’t going through can be a network problem. Or maybe they didn’t pay their bill, or their phone is turned off. However, if you are sure that the person has blocked you, do not try to harass them by contacting them in other ways.

Final word

In this blog, we have explained the methods of determining whether you have been blocked. It is worth noting that there is no definite sign to recognize that your number is blocked, and you can only notice that the person has blocked your phone number from some clues. In this blog, we examined six main clues. If you call a person several times for several days in a row and see these signs, that person probably has blocked your calls.



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