It may have happened to you that you want to block people on social media for reasons such as causing a disturbance by others or cutting off communication with people. After blocking, those people will no longer send messages and view your published content. We will explain what happens when you block someone on Snapchat. So keep reading if you are interested in this topic. Snapchat is a multimedia app that you can install on iOS and Android phones. This app is designed to publish short content called Snap. Users’ content can be videos or photos, which will disappear automatically after 24 hours.

Fortunately, it is possible to block people on Snapchat. Join us as we explore all aspects of blocking people on Snapchat.

Differences between unfriending and block

If you unfriend someone or, in other words, remove that person from your friends’ list, the contact will be deleted from your account. If you regret it, you can search for that person’s username and add them again to your friends.

Blocking people also removes their names from your friends list, and you cannot find them by searching for their names. Even if the blocked person searches for your username, they will not get results and won’t find your account. To add them to your friends list again, unblock them first.

The same feature of blocking and unfriending is that user chats will be deleted from your account. Both methods will delete the chat between you and them and the saved messages from your Snapchat. It is worth noting that your chats won’t be deleted from the blocked people account. When you unfriend users, they can send you messages based on your Snapchat privacy settings, but they can’t do this when you block them.

As well as messages, Snap is blocked from being sent for you after blocking. But the ability to send snaps after removing friends depends on your account privacy settings.

How to block contacts on Snapchat

Follow the steps below to block your friends on this platform:

  1. Enter your Snapchat profile. To do this, tap on your avatar.
  2. Select My Friends. You can see all your friends on this page.
  3. Find the person you want to block and tap and hold their username.
  4. First, tap on More and then tap on the Block option.

What happens when you block someone on Snapchat?

There are many reasons to block people on Snapchat or other social media. Maybe they spam you with unwanted content, or you don’t want to see anything related to them. But before you block someone, you may want an answer to your questions about what happens after you block someone. For example, do you want to know if the other party will know that it is blocked? Or will your chat history be deleted after blocking? You can block anyone on Snapchat, whether they are on your friends list.

  • The messages that person sends won’t be delivered to you.

The chat history will be deleted for you, but it remain in the blocked person’s phone. But this does not mean that the person can send you messages. They send you messages, but you don’t receive any messages or notifications.

It’s worth noting that if you later change your mind and decide to unblock that person, the messages they sent you while they were blocked won’t be delivered to you.

  • The snaps sent by the blocked person will not reach you.

First of all, it is better to know one thing. If you accidentally send a snap to someone and want to prevent them from seeing the snap, you might consider blocking that person. But know that this notion is wrong. By blocking the person, you cannot delete the snap received on the recipient’s phone. But if you block someone, that person can send you snaps, but they will not be delivered to you.

  • Your stories on Snapchat are not visible to the blocked person.

If you block someone, they can no longer see your stories. Note that if your goal is to prevent that person from seeing your stories, your only option is to block them. By unfriending someone, that person can still see your public stories.

  • You do not receive screenshot notifications.

If someone takes a screenshot of your Snapchat content, such as your stories and messages, Snapchat will notify you. But after blocking some users, you won’t be notified if they take a screenshot of this section, given that they still have access to your past messages. Even if you later decide to unblock that person, you will not receive the notification of previous screenshots.

Blocked people will be removed from your friends’ list. After you decide to block people on Snapchat, by tapping on the block option, Snapchat will delete those people’s names from your friends’ list. If you later regret and unblock them, you will find that they have also become unfriended, and you will have to add them again if needed.

  • Blocked people cannot find your account by searching.

Users can find people by searching their usernames and adding them to their friends list on any platform. If a blocked user by searches for your username, no results will be shown to that person. One of the ways to detect blocking is to use the same method. If you suspect someone has blocked you, search for that person’s ID with your account. If you did not find any results but could find that person by searching for the same ID with another account, it indicates that you have been blocked.



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