Today, social networks have a strong presence in everyone’s life. These social networks have provided a virtual platform for users to communicate with others and share content, comments, and opinions. Establishing such a connection is easy. There are no distance restrictions, and the connection cost has been reduced. Facebook is one of the most popular social networking platforms.

You need to add other users to your friends list to use Facebook and connect to it. A friend on Facebook can be your friend, colleague, friend of friends, family member, and anyone you know. Based on the information you entered in your profile, Facebook suggests people have something in common with you. So, if you know them, you can add them to your friends’ list. For example, this commonality can be the university where you studied.

To add friends, you must send them a friend request. But sometimes you can’t do it, and you ask yourself: why can’t I add someone on Facebook? Stay with us to investigate the cause of this problem and solve it.

Reasons for not being able to add someone on Facebook

One of the goals of Facebook is for users to communicate with each other there and to make this circle of communication wider by adding more friends. If you are active, you try to fit more people in this circle by pressing Add friend. But if you can’t see the Add Friend button on someone’s profile, you may want to find out why.

There is a limit on the number of Facebook friends

According to Facebook rules, each person can add a maximum of 5000 friends. Therefore, if you want to add more than this amount, Facebook does not allow you to do this. You can unfriend some old ones and add new people instead. Or follow them instead of trying to send a friend request. By doing this, you can see their page contents. But that person can’t access your Facebook page. So, they should follow you if they want to see your page.

What if someone sent you a friend request and their friend list reached 5000? In this case, you cannot accept their friend request.

They haven’t yet accepted the friend request you sent them earlier

If you have sent a friend request before and have forgotten it while they have yet to verify it, you cannot send them a friend request again. To solve this problem, you need to cancel the previous friend request. So, first, check if your friend request is Pending or not.

For this, go to their profile, cancel your request, and resend it.

They have restricted their privacy settings

Facebook has designed many settings for the privacy of its users. One of these is limiting friend requests. So, users can set their settings so that only friends of friends can send them friend requests.

Hence, if you can’t make a friend request to someone you don’t have any mutual friends with, it might be because of their Facebook account settings. Of course, you can fix this problem. You can add many people to your friend list if you think they are friends with the person you want to add as a friend in order to find mutual friends with that person.

Their account has been deactivated

One of the features of Facebook is that its users can temporarily deactivate their accounts without their information and data being cleared. If you deactivate your account, most of your data will be hidden from friends and other users. So, one of the reasons that can prevent adding someone on Facebook is the possibility of that account being deactivated. However, when that user deactivates their account, you can’t send them a friend request.

One of you has blocked the other one

If a user has blocked you, you cannot send them a friend request. Also, if you have blocked that person, you will have trouble adding them to your friends’ list. So it is better to check the list of blocked people on your Facebook. If that person’s name was on the list, unblock them to get permission to send a friend request. But if the blocked person is you, there is nothing you can do about it unless you ask them through another communication channel whether they have blocked you.

Your friend request has been canceled

If you sent a friend request to someone some time ago, you may have canceled that request but do not remember it. Or even that person may have accidentally deleted your friend request. To check this issue, go to that person’s profile and check if your friend request is Pending. If not, send your friend request again.



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