Wu-Tang Name Generator

Wu-Tang Clan is the name of one of the largest rap groups in the world. The group has released more than a few unique rap pieces and has even been seen in many videos or TV shows. You may be wondering what a Wu-Tang Clan Name generator is? If you want to find a name for yourself in the world of rappers who will call you by that name from then on, you can use this program. This web application allows you to have a proper name with the world of rap. It is interesting to know that many rappers like Childish Gambino have chosen their name from such a program.

The Wu-Tang Name Generator

Name Generator started in 2002, but in the 2010s, it became one of the best systems for choosing a name in the world of rappers. Donald Glover has also chosen the name of his rapper, Childish Gambino, through this system. He says we got together one night and drank and suddenly said let’s launch Wu-Tang Name Generator. At first, it seemed ridiculous, but when the correct names came out, it became more serious.

Donald Glover used it to Get His Rap Name ‘Childish Gambino’

You may have hear childish Gambino many times. But did you know that Donald Glover officially introduced this name in 2011 to be his real name in the world of rap? In this system, very interesting names are created and introduced, which can include the following:

  1. Bandit small
  2. monkey Bitter
  3. Demon Quiet
  4. Ambassador Erratic
  5. Ninja Quiet

And many other names that you may not even think about but are very interesting.


Using Wu Tang Name Generator, you can choose very new and attractive names to enter the world of rap. This system uses an intelligent algorithm to combine different names and can give you names that fit the world of rap.